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Writes Kunit Arkin, a famous actor from Yesilcom “My hero is the Turkish people” Books Red Cat Publishing HouseOutside of the book, a portion of what Kuniot Arkin says and draws attention to is that he will be shooting a film with Sultan Turkan Soray of Yesilsam and what happened to him after that.

Don’t look into your eyes, you will die

He will be shooting with Turkan Soray for the scene “Don’t look into your eyes, you’ll die …” Cüneyt Arkın writes:

We have a movie about Turkan Surrey. They warn in advance. Don’t look into the eyes of Turkan Soray, you will die! Who wants to die at a young age? Do I ever look into those eyes? I’m wandering around like a rabbit. We meet in the movies. We are talking face to face. The words come to mind. “Don’t look into your eyes, you’ll die …” I stood heroically. I am escaping from death with heroism. Because I’m young. I am not satisfied with life. As I speak, I look at the ears, forehead, and chin of the Turkan Soray. But it is not working. It is a must. Such a scene is seen with the naked eye. Clearly, the discomfort of Turkan Soray is growing. But he is kindly silent. Besides, my game is getting worse day by day. In the end, I could not bear this torture anymore. I rebelled, “If death is death, that’s enough.” I looked into the eyes of the Turkan Soray. This is a great moment. Those eyes were not eyes, they were Gojistan. It was a country. It was a country song. It was endless. It was Starburst. They were luxurious spring flowers. Over time, I realized that many actresses have not been able to look me in the eye for a long time. “Everything goes green from top to bottom, it fills you up,” someone said. I had a green energy. I took refuge in this. Using the power of every particle of my soul, I endured, I did not look away. The balance was achieved. The stage is over … Everywhere you go in Turkan Sore will be warm. He was humble. He was upset like a child. Cherry pursed her lips. He was as happy as a child. We had the best romance in the world with Turkan Soray. We made great, great love movies. It was the biggest business of the time. People were so fascinated that young men and women fell in love and fell in love like us in their lives. We had a dance scene with Turkan shores in the movie “Arım Balım Peteğim”. That dance became fashionable. Turkan Sore was a great actor. He has made everything, situations, events incredibly real in the movie.

Offer from Errol Simavi

In his book, Kuniat Arkin describes the offer made to him by Errol Simavi, the then boss of the Hurriyat newspaper, without naming him:

One day I heard I was called. Caller was one of the most well-known and respected names of that time. We met. He was going to take me to one of the two brothers who owned the best-selling and largest newspaper of the time. He took it. Such noise does not happen in movies. Very beautiful young girls, champagne, caviar, lobster … we were treated like kings. Was our favorite. We were caressed. We went in front of the boss saying “not enough is enough”. He was well fed. It is clear that he burned his face while sunbathing on the beach of the world famous resort. He was wearing a very expensive suit. Long praise finally got points. There was a tabloid newspaper that didn’t catch much, didn’t read. They could not digest it. They had to make a move. They had to create a very interesting, amazing, intriguing event and start all over again … so they needed a scandal. “That’s where you’re going to help us,” he said. I did not answer. Continues. “You will fall in love with Turkan Soray. Crazy sofa. But he will remain indecisive about it. He will not respond to your letter, tears. You are about to die. You will commit suicide.” He paused. His very clever eyes were on my face. There was terrible silence. I extend it. Then he said, “Turkan Honey has a relationship. I am with a woman I am going to marry, “I began. She listened quietly. I continued.” What will happen to them? This kind of situation may suit your character, but for me it is an insult to unity, women and love. ”

You’re dead, boy, you’re dead

Not accepting the offer “You’re dead, my son! You’re dead, Kunit! From now on, all the Turkish newspapers will write bad news about you every day, every moment.” Cüneyt Arkın, who shared that he was threatened:

“I got up, went to the door. As he was leaving, he shouted angrily,” You’re dead, my son! You’re dead, Kunit! From now on all newspapers in Turkey will write. The worst news about you every day. “I went out. He did what he said. Newspapers, big and small, attacked me every day with the most heinous slander. One of them in particular wrote: Having sex with. “I didn’t mind. I didn’t mind. I continued my work. One day an old woman on the street said,” Tell my daughter Betul not to be upset. We know you. “

No one is powerful

After a while Errol Simavir “We made a lot of mistakes,” he said. “No one can carry a favorite artist of the people. We are defeated. ” Cüneyt Arkın, who described the moment as follows:

“Some time has passed. We are shooting a movie with Gulsen Bubikolu at a holiday resort in the Mediterranean. A guest came to the producer of the movie, the boss of Turkey’s biggest newspaper, Turkey’s Inanoglu, who threatened me. We all had dinner together. Face to face. He said for a moment, “We’ve made a lot of mistakes.” No one could carry a popular artist. We were defeated. Then, looking at the crowd that came to see us outside, he said, Money and my energy come together … “I didn’t answer. It’s worth it.”

K erol simavi

After the death of his father Sedat Simavi, the founder of the Hurriyat newspaper in 1953, Errol Simavi took over the management of the Hurriyat newspaper with his elder brother Haldun Simavi.

Errol Simavi left the media world in 1994 to sell newspapers to Aydin Dogan and settled abroad.


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