Orange lady, lettuce kids!

Birsen Sonkur, Nilufar Kanat, Ozlar Buukmaji.
Have you heard, you know?
They were hit by a car in Adana Sehan, and were then thrown into another lane.
It hit our hearts, did it leave a mark?
They were picking oranges in the middle. By the time they died, the oranges had been left behind.
Have you ever picked or smelled citrus this season?

How can we make “other” people feel?
What does this feeling or numbness tell us?
Can our heart handle all the pain?

Why were they there, to make a living, how many berries, how many bottles of sherbet, how many meat cakes, how many lemons they put in the middle of Ali Bozdoganolu Boulevard?

Our big talk, our non-stop small complaints can be stopped for at least a moment and breathed in the pain of “Bitter Orange”?

“Orange Woman”News took its place among the quality news. One source, one language, one news. We passed them at full speed in the back of the car. Done!

“Orange Woman” Now “Lettuce baby”Bring me. Would it have been better if they had survived, or would they have died?
Who knows how many years, how many articles I wrote, so that I can’t forget, maybe I would remind you. “Lettuce baby”I
“Orange Woman” With “Lettuce baby”Let me introduce you, thanks for an old post.

So let’s talk about healthy eating, longevity and smooth skin.
I don’t know where we come from!

Contains Vitamin A For gums, nails, skin, antioxidants If e Immunity in old age Durable It’s good to be.
B11, Red blood cells are essential for nervous tissue. It provides growth. May cause nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, diarrhea, headache, forgetfulness, palpitations.
Green sap, which cures nerves, insomnia, constipation, digestion, excessive urination, arthritis, kidney, pubic acne, facial beauty, fresh, navel. Height enhancer for kids There is an effect.

Lettuce is like that and nowhere “Lettuce Their children Can kill “ Not tried

Something like this happened in your town:

One. The Kaisari also had the Ersius Soup Kitchen: Soup kitchen for the needy.
2nd. Soup from the kitchen Rotten lettuce Was contained: Lettuce on the way.

3. The market manager said there was “no way for stale products” and declared that “they are working hard to ensure that people get quality and healthy food” and I think they destroyed 250 pieces of “lettuce” one day in March. : Healthy use.
4. The people of Nijip, who collect papers, like many who struggle abroad, emigrate, in the rubbish. Jurnachi family He was looking for a livelihood in Caesarea: For bread

5. Relative children, Long life, long height He didn’t like lettuce, knowing that it was necessary: Kids love lettuce.
6. Here are dozens of discarded lettuce calling to them: Lettuce also loves children.

7. Their approximate age is now closed in parentheses, Turage 7, Vessel 7, Muharram 6, Ali 6, Seren Gul 5, Berivan 5 Lettuce ran; As one elder put it, “they chose the good ones and began to eat them”: They have chosen the good ones.
8. Six of them were killed in a car crash: Death is now selected 4!

9. It’s a market vendor, one of our guests, a driver who didn’t have a driver’s license. “New” Live 25 years It was a 131. His name was Murat: That was not his intention.
10. Opponents have blamed the government, the government is angry; Many were saddened, and some blamed the ignorant family who had many children: Lettuce was innocent.

11th. Ali was alive in the hospital until his last moment. Berevan survives: If this is not the case then what is this life?

If there is a soup kitchen, in front of it waste lettuce, little nomads, “family living on paper”, small funerals in need of the municipality; If this is your country, if they are your people, isn’t all your national, national and religious pride bitter?

I didn’t want to bother …
I wanted to “Lettuce Kids”Give me a little caress with your heart, conscience and mind.
Lettuce is a baby baby, loves babies very much.
There are those who love the country and separate the citizens; Do not separate the children.

“Citrus Women”, “Lettuce Boys”, “Mine Boys”, “Bullet Boys”, “Ash Women”, “Milk Girls”, “Truck Box Women”, “Nylon Tent Dead”, “In Memory of Lifeboat Workers”!

Note: Named after Boulevard, who witnessed the demise of “Citrus Women”. Ali Bozdoganoglu, He was a wealthy farmer, the mayor of Adana in the Democratic Party and then a deputy in the Justice Party. In 1955, when he was elected mayor, the DP at the center received 82 percent of the vote, while the main opposition to the “peasant mayor” in Adana was the “Turkish Peasant Party”.
It was established to keep the peasants away from the “class war”, some time later Osman Balukbasi ‘Its party and the so-called Republican Peasant Nation Party, who read the “May 27 coup statement” TurkishThat team will do MHP in the future.
Founder President Remji Oguz Arik He was a “nationalist, Turkish, Turanist” archaeologist who came out of a forest village, and in 1950 DP Sehan was a deputy.
He died on April 3, 1954, when the Adana-Ankara plane exploded in the air 10 minutes later. “The first crash in the history of civil aviation” Among the 25 people killed in the incident “First Hostess” Guler Karaduman Inside “We lost the first stewardess in a plane crash.” Happened!
From Gular to Ozlar; Every new pain has a painful memory, but we don’t know or we probably forgot it already!

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