(Private) National table tennis player Abdullah Ozturk: ​​I want to win a gold medal in 2024 and write my name in history

“I want to be a Naim Sulemanoglu from Turkey,” said Arif Daphne, who won the gold medal in table tennis at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games and the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. I want to write my name in the history of Turkey. I want to be Naim Suleimanolu from Turkey. I hope I can achieve this, “he said.
National table tennis player Abdullah Ozturk explained his goal to the Demiroren News Agency (DHA) after competing in the first table tennis tournament in Sivas with the Trabjanspar team. Ozturk, who met non-disabled athletes at the competition in Sivas, said the struggles were a great experience for him. Explaining that his goals and vision have grown with the introduction of the sport 16 years ago, Ozturk said that he is proud to represent his country in this field.
Abdullah Ozturk, who twice won gold medals for his country at the 2016 and 2020 Paralympic Games, said: “We have our first league competition with the Trabjanspar men’s team in Sivas. Our goal is to reach the top league. My adventure began in 2007. I am a disabled person in Ankara While he was still in school, table tennis coaches Ilhami Kilikkaya and Yusuf Kilikkaya came in. He said, “We will teach you the game of table tennis. If you are talented, we will. I take you to the national team and give you a chance to represent our country. “A lot has changed in my life. Thanks to this game I started, I graduated from Gazi University School of Physical Education. Then I became a Paralympic champion. 2016 and 2020 It’s an incredible feeling. Thanks to these achievements, I’ve been appointed by the Presidency as a Sports Adviser to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. And I was worried about whether I would find a job. While experiencing these problems, table tennis suddenly enters my life and sets goals in front of us, our vision expands, our self-confidence increases. Has given us the opportunity to represent our country. We do it right. I currently have more than 75 medals in international tournaments. That’s how we serve our country, “he said. Said.
“I want to be Naim Suleimanolu of Turkey”
“We are trying to bring medals for our country, both at the European Championships, the World Championships and the Paralympic Games. We want to announce our country’s name everywhere and say, ‘We exist and we are successful. This is a great situation for me.’ Experience. At the same time, I think it’s a good solidarity. We struggle. It’s time we win, it’s time we lose, but the important thing is to fight. The Islamic Games will be held in Konya in August. Our country is the host of the Games. ” Want to win a gold medal in games. We have the World Championships in Spain in October. I want to play in the final. There too. I want to get the third gold in Paris in 2024 and write my name in history. Turkey “I also want to be a Naim Suleiman the Magnificent. I hope I can achieve this.”
Pictures from the competition
Statement by Abdullah Ozturk DHA-Sports Turkey-Sivas Arif Daphne Arsenaline Mine EZ
2022-03-29 10:32:50

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