Rector Krishak Dr. inaugurated the publicity fair of Ankara University

Speaking to the youth at the opening ceremony of the Ankara University Promotion Fair, the rector of Kankiri Karatekin University, Prof. Dr. Dr. “We see you as a person who builds the future,” said Aaron Siftasi.
Ankara is delivering the inaugural address of the University Publicity Day at the ANFA Altinpark Fair and Congress Center. Dr. Aaron Siftasi gave an important message to the students in his speech about the exam marathon that the students who will take the university exam and then what they should pay attention to make the right choice.
Rector Haroon Sifatsi, who started his speech by expressing the belief that the fair will touch all the participating students, said, “We have plans and programs for the future. In this sense, our main purpose and goal is to raise the generation that will shape our future in the best possible way. Because universities are institutions that build people on their foundations. This is the reason why every place where there are people is occupied by the university. In short, every institution that deals with people is a stakeholder in the university. In this regard, we accept all organizations, including fairs, who want to take care of our students and guide our students as a stakeholder. A very nice event was organized to guide our students. Times are changing and university rectors now come to you and tell you about their university plans, projects and prospects. This is an important event. We live in an age where we have to tell you about them in terms of competition. ”
Continuing his talk with the information he provided about Cancিরn Karatekin University, Çiftci said it was a young and dynamic university founded in 2007. Rector Çiftçi underlined that the university has 19,000 students and about 4,000 of these students are international students from around the world, and said that KAKU has made a significant contribution to Turkey’s internationalization in this sense. Rector Çiftci added that they not only provide education to international students, but also send volunteers to their hometowns as Turkish ambassadors after their education and graduation.
In his speech, Çiftci said that they are a leading university in the field of health, and they are making necessary preparations to open the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Pharmacy in addition to Eldivan. Health Services Vocational School and Health Sciences Institute, and by opening this faculty as soon as possible, ÇAKÜ. He said they would strengthen its skills in health. Çiftçi says that Çankırı Karatekin University is a university that attracts the attention of students because of its location as a university located on the surface of Ankara. Harun Sifatsi, who said that this situation is especially evident in the law faculty, is consistent with some of the statistics provided by him. It is located in the city. We accept more than 200 students in our faculty. While we consider the possibility of our students moving to other universities as a result of the subsequent relocation, on the contrary, we continue to increase the number of students in our faculty. We accept 275280 students in our faculty every semester. This is a clear indication of the interest of students at Kankiri Karatekin University. “
Rector Çiftçi says that the letter faculty is a faculty which is highly preferred by the students; He further emphasized that the faculty has some departments, such as psychology, which has recently become very popular in terms of choice.
সঠিকiftci stated that সঠিকAKÜ is a distinguished university in this regard, noting that their relationship with university students should be considered in addition to their physical well-being in making the right choice. Referring to a student-oriented university, Rector Sifatsi said, “How much student-oriented can we be? How much of a mark can we leave on our students’ minds, worlds, souls, and senses? How effective can we be in managing its future? It would be good to see the answer to this question on the site. Our university is very close to Ankara and we will be very happy to host you in Cancিরn. We see you as the person who builds the future. “
He ended his speech by thanking those who have contributed to the fair, the knife rector Professor. Dr. Aaron the farmer; Istanbul Galata University Rector Prof. Dr. াহzgür Çengel Sabah Newspaper Education Writer Sait Gursoy and EKET Fair General Manager M. Ugur cuts the opening ribbon of the fair with Tok.
After the inauguration, Rector Siftasi went to the েলারAKÜ stand of the fair and answered the questions of the students.

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