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Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi Mersin has attended the 30th anniversary of the Beşiktaş People’s Association.

Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seker, Besiktas President Ahmet Noor Sebi, Mersin Besiktas People’s Association executives and members took part in the ball held at a hotel. President Vahap Sekar, speaking on the ball, said he was with a very large community.

Mentioning that his father was a bigoted Beşiktaş fan, President Seker said, “Everyone has a role model. My role model was my dad. He fascinated me in every way, but that didn’t stop me from being a fan of Fenerbahce. However, he was a very good Besiktas fan. Honesty, dignity and respect. It is still needed today, especially for managers. “We all want to have these qualities. This community is a very important community. You are already proud to be a member of this community, but this pride is justifiable for you. “ He said.

Ahmet Nur Sebi: Basictas has a position

Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi says Beşiktaş’s rivals are valuable and important to them.

Beşiktaş is a position to be a fan, emphasizing a style, said Chairman Chebi. “This attitude and position has taken a very important place in Turkey. We are not very involved in politics, but we value our politicians. We are not very involved in science, but we value good scientists. We value good mayors. Even Even if they are from Fenerbahce, they are important to us. Beşiktaş ‘”has a public face, a conscientious face, a nationalist and a democratic face. So we have all kinds of clean faces. “ He said.

“I know that those who love the basics miss out on success.”

Chairman Sebi said that being a Beşiktaş fan does not mean winning or losing matches, “This situation may make some people happy, but for us, the greatest joy is to be useful to society and our environment. If we can put today’s and tomorrow’s mayors in a position to become Besiktas fans, we can do it. Our greatest duty. Sports success.” It’s very important. Because it’s the sports community that brings us together. Success is great too. ” Last year, we won 4 trophies. All of them were important, but the cup that our women’s soccer team won was very important. We are successful this year too. We probably have no desire to give away trophies to others in women’s football for many years. “ Used phrases.

“Either our players explode or we head towards the trophy.”

This year, they have made the best team of the last 35 years, said Sebi. “There are misfortunes and misfortunes in sports. So, we are in a position that we don’t enjoy very much. The misfortunes started with an injury. But I think our team and our football players are very important and we play good football. Only “We are sorry for not winning the match. Our new teacher has come. Choosing a new coach. It was very difficult. There were 2 months left. We were saying let’s get elected. Come on. Unfortunately, as a result of our sacrifice not to harm Besiktas, 2 of our most valuable Besiktas teachers have been replaced. Our Teacher Surgeon was the owner of our trophy. We wanted more, but the things he felt and heard made him a little less. There are some Beşiktaş people in particular. Inform and appreciate your teacher. One day later, the same person eats the same teacher. He does not give much to the society. Exists are part of us, and we will not put them aside. We brought in a teacher named Valerian Ismail who was influenced by them and our teacher resigned. I talked to my colleagues on the way. This is the kind of teacher we are not used to, who started work at 5.30-06.00 in the morning. God bless us last. “Either the players explode or we head for the trophy.” Evaluated her.

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