Singer Yellies tells the story of her tearful life: Because of Ozkan and Hilmi Topaloglu … ‘Dad, I’m in so much pain’

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* We are students, at Nilufar Secondary School, I was preparing. Back then it was a monastic school. There was a garden between us, the preparatory students were not allowed to go there.

* I could hear a voice from above, those who had beautiful voices singing their songs. When I moved to the middle, Nilufar was also in the middle three. Then I saw, I knew. But then he was not famous. He sang in the middle of the meal. I didn’t mind being a singer, I wanted to be a stewardess.

* Nilufar graduated, so I went to the middle two. If you want to be a singer, you have to get a certificate. I got the documents.

* Then came out ‘The world is turning around’. There’s a pickup at home, I like it, of course, friends from my school. I looked and I can say the same as her. And I immediately called Nilufar. I said, “I want to sing too,” I said. He handed me the DiscoTürk Plak phone at the time and said, ‘Call him and he’ll pick it up right away’. I called and he gave me an appointment.

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* I told the first and last lie of my life. I ran to my mother. “I got an offer from the record company,” I said. I said that Nilufar mentioned and I went to the company that way.

* My first record was published in the middle, I became famous. Nilufar has been transferred to Shili College, so I have been transferred to Shili College. Then the concert started, the absence … then I left too.

* First Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey, Live. Then I don’t know what intro means, I miss it all the time. Our orchestra conductor was Timur Selchuk. I said, “Brother Taimur, when I’m about to enter, you do something light, I’ll start that way.”

* I lost my grandmother when I was younger. My grandmother was buried in ASEAN. I said I would buy the cemetery as soon as I got the first money. I have a nice cemetery next to Tam Minu’s Nuretin and Yahya Kamal Bayatli and my father is lying there.

* I was attracted to my father and my father was a man who had an apartment in Bebe. Bogazisi University had their farm there. My father is also a good friend, friend … I am like that, whether I eat or drink.

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Singer Yellies tells the story of her tearful life: We broke up with Ozkan because of Hilmi Topalogulu ... Dad, I'm in so much trouble.

I have never fed a man money in my life. But at the time of his death it was a metajoi. He had a very dark life, I saw a lot of violence. Everyone already knows. Since then my two cars and my house have all gone. But believe me, I don’t think that’s how it went.

* I like to have fun and I’m a housemaid. I have a lot of yellies inside. I said, “I’m tired. Let me be the lady of the house.” At that time I started working alone in Maxim. Fahri Bay said I will make you a subsolost in a year. And I left the stage.

* Both ‘It’s Not the World’ and Turkish music in Arabic; However, I did ‘who knows’ first. But we could not announce it due to audit. He then said that Kibrie went out on New Year’s Eve and that he had to spend it.

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* Echo Plaque … They ate my rights. They ate my gold record, they didn’t give me my money. I have always mentioned God. Look, I’m here, they’re not.

Singer Yellies tells the story of her tearful life: We broke up with Ozkan because of Hilmi Topalogulu ... Dad, I'm in so much trouble.

Relationship with UFUK DEVECI

* I learned a lot, but I learned with a very heavy price. Now that it’s called violence against women, I’m paying a lot of money. I paid a huge price mentally and physically.

* He used to use prohibited products then. I have been married twice, both were like that. Of course, I don’t know what’s going on with him. I went through a lot of psychopathic violence and torture in his own imagination. Never explained before. He is already dead.

I had such a wonderful family. Dad, Mom. He also shot at my mother’s father’s house. He took everything from me so that I could not work. I didn’t get a job anywhere, they didn’t give me a job.

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* I had so much jewelry that he took it all away. I can’t escape, I can’t get out of the house. We do not listen to our parents; They always told me.

* For example, I ran away from home one night in Istanbul. I was so bad that they admitted me to the hospital, my nervous system was gone. I was in terrible condition, I couldn’t go out or anything. I went to the doctor for a long time after the divorce. My airways constricted due to constant swallowing in fear.

* I immediately stopped breathing in excitement. Even when I heard of Cologne, I couldn’t breathe, he used a lot of Cologne.

* I only dreamed of one thing. I loved the night light, I dreamed of a house where I could live in peace, even if it was a single room where I could turn on the yellow night light with my own key. From the bottom of that well it seemed to me so far. That’s exactly how 6.5 years have passed.

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Singer Yellies tells the story of her tearful life: We broke up with Ozkan because of Hilmi Topalogulu ... Dad, I'm in so much trouble.

How is it established?

* I have such a habit. You do it with me, you do it. But nothing, suddenly cut. I took him to court without knowing it. I have given all the reports, I have cooperated with the police. I caught him, we got justice, he went to jail. After that I got divorced.

* There will be a concert in Gulhan at that time. As I was leaving, I received a phone call saying, “You will be shot if you go out.” I lived with a lot of fear, but after a while, an insane force came to me as brain and soul. I took refuge in my God and there is nothing to fear.

Risk of losing your voice

* I had very terrible tonsils. My doctor was Sedat Katırcıoğlu. Inflammation of my tonsils has pressed on my vocal cords. I had a major operation. First he took my tonsils, then he scraped my vocal cords. I haven’t spoken in 11 days.

* Yes, I got pregnant, but fell due to violence. And after that, I didn’t get pregnant again, I didn’t want to.

Singer Yellies tells the story of her tearful life: We broke up with Ozkan because of Hilmi Topalogulu ... Dad, I'm in so much trouble.

Second marriage …

* Another person has come into my life. How do I know that he was also a lover of those substances. My relationship and marriage all lasted a year and a half. At that point, I moved to the Anatolian side in 91-92. Then I married Vulcan.

* Came from the studio one day. I had a dog that I loved very much. Suddenly my face caught fire. Terrible violence again. At 2 o’clock that day, I went to Yesim’s house in a terrible condition.

* The clothes of my album are lying there, I can’t buy them. I cursed, I took the cover of that album with Yesim’s outfit.

Singer Yellies tells the story of her tearful life: We broke up with Ozkan because of Hilmi Topalogulu ... Dad, I'm in so much trouble.

Relationship with Ozkan Deniz

* Working, returning at night. She was waiting for me. Then our break up. Because it’s just coming out. It was not as comfortable then as it is now. The late Hilmi Topalolu said, “You are right at the beginning of the road. Why are you with a woman 10 years older than you?” We broke down for him. After leaving, I called my father. I remember lying there on my father’s knees and saying, ‘Dad, I’m in so much pain.

* I made an album before the 99 earthquake, sponsored by a businessman. And the music director of this album is someone whose name I will never give. Because he will answer as soon as I give, I do not want to premium.

* I always say, do not give life or death to two people in this country. A female singer, one of these men. They both played with my bread. These are the events that took place before the 99 earthquake.

* I made an excellent album with 12 songs. I was scattered because of the disagreement between the music director, the composer and the sponsor. And it was thrown away, I was totally upset there. My album, the longplay of great songs, is ruined by someone’s arrogance, someone’s arrogance, someone’s saying “I know”.

* A venue will be opened in Bodram. At the time, he was Castelli’s son, he said, ‘We want to open up with you Mrs. Yellies,’ I said okay. We studied music. I went to the bedroom for three months. The place is open, we are working. After a while something happened. The saying goes “no work tonight”.

But one day a singer came to hear me. I invited him to the stage. “Good courage you call me on stage,” he said. After a while, I saw and they said no work, I ran out of money again. I stayed in the bedroom. I looked and the ad for that woman came out. The scholar used me and made my bread. But then it was already closed and I was back in Istanbul.

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