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In Hande NAYMAN / İZMİR, (DHA) İZMİR, children with autism and Down syndrome come together to interact with elementary school students. With the project, students dance and draw with some choreography. Hussein Kuru, director of Attaroglu Primary School, said: “Our main goal in this project is to compare autistic students with other students, to bring them together and to enable them to move forward together.”
Children with autism and Down syndrome who have special needs, who are educated at the Shaheed Sevda Gungo Special Education Application Center, visit Attaroglu Primary School students every week for 3 years so that they can adapt to social life. With the project, students dance and draw with some choreography. In activities conducted under the supervision of academics; Students who support each other learn to be empathetic and to have a good time.
Senator Dogmaz, a classroom teacher at Attaroglu Primary School, who started the project, said: “When we started our project, we set out to bring together two different groups. We wanted to socialize two different groups at the same event. Need to talk about children and show that they are like themselves. “
‘They can’t sleep because of the excitement’
Noting that children with special needs also enjoy meeting and drawing with other children, Dogmaz said, “They are very happy when they choose colors. Some students with autism want to take pictures while drawing. Special students cannot sleep. Because of the excitement of the day before. What we want to achieve through this project is “Our goal is to ensure the socialization of children with special needs. We want our children to acquire these skills at an early age. We want them to survive. , Learning, and sharing the same feelings with them. Our goal is to get them into social life from an early age, “he said.
‘Our parents support this project’
Hussein Kuru, director of Attaroglu Primary School, said: “Our main goal in this project is to compare students with autism to other students and to help them. Our students also reunite with visually impaired students on certain days of the week. Parents of students with autism are very pleased with this project. Parents want their own children to be involved in the flow of life. I am very pleased with such activities. The parents of the students also support the project. All the parents allow the students to participate in special education. He wants them to meet the students, “he said.
Aaron Yasser, director of the Şehit Sevda Güngör Special Education Application Center, says they are continuing the project to bring together children with special education needs and other children to develop their business ability, adding: It feeds. “
‘He must come here’
Emphasizing that the project and the sharing between the students made them very happy, Maryam Karadabak, parents of Emirhan Karadabak (13), who has Down Syndrome, said: “This is a very good project for our children. Amirhan is dying to come here. She loves painting. “
Kanan Kuyuku, mother of autistic Derin Bahadur (10), who said her daughter could not speak but showed that she enjoys meeting and interacting with other students, said, “We are very happy that they support and work with each other. .Touch. They’re a bunch of friends here too. “Deep loves school and the show. He can’t talk, but he shows by his work that he loves this place, “he said. (DHA)
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