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Everything will not change today, but after today’s evolving events, a new process will begin in your life. Hearing is one thing, feeling is another.

The Moon passes through Cancer and at 19.32 goes to Leo. Gold and Neptune meet in Pisces. Expectations about love can grow. If you don’t think it means nothing, then some things start inside a person. Don’t lose your love and trust. Be prepared for a great change in the world of your love or affection. Something is moving inside you, and it’s not something you can resist. Do not be afraid of it. Neptune is working very hard for you in your sky right now. In the future, this means that it will interact with many planets at the same time, creating different aspects that will change very quickly and therefore affect you. Your love life will also change very fast.

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Inspirational Quote: “Time does not separate a person from him. The only thing that makes a person different from him is love. “Paolo Coelho

Astrology helps you restore your insights!

A birth chart is a form of acceptance of a person’s own developmental conditions.

If you accept the world you have created in your mind, you will move away from social life.

It isolates you. When a person accepts the truth, he can overcome problems. It’s something that very few people can achieve, in fact, I know it’s not easy.

Sometimes something happens and you don’t understand why. It is becoming so difficult for people to empathize with people …

While a person has to struggle to manage himself, protect his mind and not lose his insight into this world situation, there are battles he has to fight for survival such as earning money, work, love and affection. There are also those who sound the horn in traffic, try to displace them at work, and fight each other in meaningless power battles. Is it hard for people to put all their pride aside and embrace each other?

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Because you want to understand life and their experiences. This is your most natural right.

What is the most important insight that needs to be developed today?

Let’s get to the story of that day;

The carpenter I hired to restore his old farm barely made the first day of the job. The flat tire of his car delayed him an hour for work, his chains failed and he refused to turn on his now-worn turntable.

She was sitting next to me like a rock when I took her home.

When we arrived at his house, he invited me to visit his family.

As he walked towards the house he stopped for a moment in front of a small tree, touching the stalks with both hands.

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When the door is opened; The man has changed dramatically. His burnt face was covered with a smile, he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a big kiss. Later when he came to pick me up in the car; As I walked past the tree, my curiosity was piqued, and I asked him about what he had seen on the way home.

“It’s my tree of trouble,” he said. “I can’t help but bring some problems to my job, but I’m sure these problems are not for my house, my wife and my children.

So when I enter the house every evening, I hang these problems on that tree. I picked it up again in the morning.

But you know what’s funny?

When I went to pick them up the next morning, I found that there was not as much as I had hung up.

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“Every minute you spend with anger is 60 seconds of your happiness.”

What we say is; When you are multiplied by “zero” which can disguise as slight anger, a meaningful vision, a momentary excitement, you become zero.

Millions of digits become zero when they hit a tiny zero.

This is why all you can do is not lose your faith in dealing with these challenging processes.

Faith is the catalyst that enables the concentration of material and spiritual energy together.

When faith is insufficient, concentration is insufficient.

Day weather report according to your zodiac

Instructor: Today, you may want to innovate about your home. It will be good for you to take new steps or bring order to your place of residence. You can no longer tolerate manipulation or pressure. You can distance yourself in terms of your relationship with authority statistics.

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Taurus: You go into deep thought. When you focus on your responsibilities and the goal you want, you get results from here. When thinking about finances, you may decide to change direction at any time.

Gemini: This is the day to make some financial decisions and make new earnings. If you like to reflect your will and energy in your environment today, you can get good returns here. You can get wonderful news and take action.

Cancer: Sudden and difficult exits should be avoided. Emotional satisfaction may be very important to you today, but you may experience some frustration if you leave hard. In this case, do not let it discourage you. Decide exactly where you want to go.

Leo: You can stay awake with uncertain thoughts and stuck emotions. In the face of a few more incidents, your immediate response should be to move forward positively. The decisions you make today will move you forward with greater awareness and greater strength.

Virgo: You can make significant money. Make sure there are no mental errors. Maybe some critical speech against your environment can make you tired. You must present your reasons correctly.

Tula Rashi: The day may come when you are setting some fine balance around you. Whenever possible you should have your hard work and skills presented. Be more sensitive today in keeping your promises.

Scorpio: You can get the result of any important thing done in the past or delayed information. It would be wise to ask a few more questions today.

Sagittarius: If you want to review your relationship today, you can open the old notebook. Instead, you should make more futuristic efforts. Having social support instead of focusing on personal relationships can make you a more positive person today.

Capricorn: You can be sensitive to your emotional relationship today. You may want to feel in your life with people who accept your ideas and support you. You should spend a little more time today and evaluate their thoughts about your partner or your partner’s relationship.

Aquarius: There may be a day when you need to be a little more romantic or more affectionate in your love and relationship or you may feel that your partner is treating you like this. If possible, try to use such feelings in a more balanced way today.

Pisces: You should be a little more careful about any problems or tensions that may arise with your friends. You are in a day when you really have to feel responsible for yourself. Present better if possible.

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