The 24th week of the Turkish Basketball League is over.

Balikesi closed the 24th week of the league with 9 wins in the 9th place on the Metropolitan Score sheet and 10 last place in the play-offs, with Finalspor on the relegation line and Fethiye Belediespor just above. The relegation line, with 9 wins in each, shows how balanced and how the league is. It shows that it has been a competition. Although there are only 6 weeks left until the end of the regular league, it seems that the whole balance of the league can change with 1-2 extra wins or losses.

Critical victory from Fetiye

In the 24th week of the Turkish Basketball League, Fethiye Belediespor, who was having a difficult time administratively and financially, his teacher Alkim Kok resigned and Antonio Jackson, one of the foreign players, returned to his country. They won the away match 7-85 against Belediespor.

With 7 wins at the start of the week, Fethiye Belediespor is the 9th win with this score. As of last week, host Akhisar Belediyspor, which is battling only Turkish players, has lost all 24 matches in the league. While assistants were leading the team due to the resignation of coach Alkim Aye in Fethiye Belediespore, Ogun Sevin made an incredible figure with 93-pointers.

Fethiye Belediespor, like many teams in the Turkish Basketball League, feels threatened with deportation and at the same time has a chance to play-off.

The Fethiye team will host Akran Gemlik, one of their biggest rivals in the relegation line, at the Bekaza Sports Hall, in the 25th week of the league, on Sunday, April 3 at 14:00. The Pierre Jemlik team has been described by basketball authorities as the strongest relegation candidate, due to its tough play in the remaining 6 weeks.The 24th week of the Turkish Basketball League is over.

Gold was found in Finalspor Mersin In the opening match of the 24th week of the Turkish Basketball League, Mersin hosted the finals in the BSB Mediterranean away game. The Bursa team, which won the match 61-4 44-45 in the first half, could not get out of the relegation line despite winning 9 finals. Mersin BŞB, on the other hand, has 10 wins with this score and finished the week in 10th place.

Erdem Ilter, who played for Fathier in the Super League last year, contributed 25 points, 9 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 steels to the Finalspor team’s victory in the match, which was broadcast live on TRT Sport Ildiz and played in front. Fully filled stand at Mersin Oedipus Buran Sports Hall. He contributed.

Kokeli Kagitspar won the defense

Participating in the Turkish Basketball League this year, Kokeli BŞB Kağıtspor did not have a good start to the match against Mamak Belediyspor at home, but took control with his strong defense towards the end of the match and was able to win the match with a score of 80-77. .

With this result reaching 12 wins, Kocaeli BSB Kağıtspor finished the week in the play-off hoop and in 8th place. Mamak Belediyespor, on the other hand, finished 13th in the league’s 24th week with 13 wins and 11 losses. Ankara’s Marlene Vale became the star of the field with 26 points (4/10 three pointers), 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

Leader Samsonspor wins

Samsonspor, who have dominated the league since the start of the season, beat HDI Sigorta Antalya Güneşi at home 71-11 in a long-running match. The first half of the match ended 36-36, with Samsonspor paying particular attention to his defense in the second half and ending the week as a leader with this win.

Samsunspor, which still has 18 wins, will be the guest of Kocaeli BŞB Kağıtspor in the next match, having won a great series with 8 wins in the last 9 weeks.The 24th week of the Turkish Basketball League is over.

BSB Ormanspor of Balikesi has been sacked In the 24th week of the Turkish Basketball League, Balıkesir BŞB won the match against Ormanspor in Ankara and the 10th win in total.

Hosts Ormanspor finished the second half of the match leading 48-45 in the first half.
Guest Balikesi, who started well, entered the final quarter with a 63-68 lead and won the match 77-88. Bragg was the star of the match for Balikesi with 31 points and 15 rebounds, while Sedat Ali was the team’s top scorer with 23 points in Ormanspore.

Konaspur is a different winner in Ankara

Beysu Konyaspor, who wanted to continue his Super League claim, left the match with a 78-94 win over TED College in Ankara. Short foreigner Keshun Sheryl of TED College did not play in the match.

Besu Koniaspor, who finished 37-52 in the first half, led 54-76 in the third quarter and finished the match 78-94.

Conaspor, who have won a total of 17 wins with 4 wins in a row and finished the week in 4th place, will face Balike’s BŞB in the next match.

Gamelick is playing with fire Bursa gets easy win over Jemlik: 66 – 80
Despite a break in the fourth quarter, the visitors had a different win after taking a 20-point lead against Pierre Gamelick. Maintaining dominance from start to finish, won the first period 17 – 32, half time 32 – 54, third quarter 46 – 66 and the match 66 – 80, and finished second overall in the 24th week. In 18 wins. Pierre Jemlic player Darnell Edge became the most effective player of the match with 23 points, 3 rebounds and 8 assists. has won its last 4 matches and will face Ormanspor in the next match in Ankara.
With the basketball authorities, Samsonspor and Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, who are top of the league in the remaining 6 games, HDI Sigorta Antalia Gunesi, who are fighting for relegation, Fethiye Belediespor and Finalspor, who are having a hard time in the league, Wants to get a good shot off the hoop. They assess that Pierre Jemlik, who will face off, has a very difficult job to do.
Manisa continues her leadership In the final match of the 24th week of the Turkish Basketball League, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality maintained its lead by defeating Bornova Municipality Karsiyaka 85-78, a strong candidate in the Super League.

The Bornova municipality, which was much better organized on crime in the first half, extended the gap to 14 points for some time. Host Bornova Municipality Corsica started the game with a 7-0 series and brought the score to 18-7 in the 7th minute. Bornova Municipality finished the first half 24-15 and 43-32.

The score was 55-55 in the 8th minute of the third quarter and guest Manisa entered the last quarter with a 56-58 lead. Demonstrating its quality in the last quarter, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality won the match 85-78 and finished as the leader in the 24th week.

The Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, the leader who has won the last 6 matches, will host Akhisar Belediespor, who is guaranteed to be expelled from the league next week.

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