The “Child Rights Workshop” begins

Under the auspices of the presidency, the “Children’s Rights Workshop” began, led by Sibel Tatar, the wife of President Ersin Tatar. The two-day workshop, organized in collaboration with Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and Tangül Çağıner Children’s Aid Foundation, will cover issues such as juvenile justice system, legal regulations, health, education, neglect and abuse, and protective / preventive measures. .

President Ersin Tatar and his wife Sibel Tatar, National Education Minister Nazim Kavusoglu, Health Minister Ali Pili, Labor and Social Security Minister Hassan Takay, some deputies and civil society, inaugurated the workshop, which began at 10:00 am. Organizations, police forces, institutions, agencies and relevant ministries took part in Acapulco Resort Girne Academy Hall.

Great leader Mostafa Kamal Ataturk, community leader. Fazıl Küçük, Founding President Rauf Raif Denkatas, Dead Academics and All Martyrs, The workshop began with a minute of silence and the national anthem and continued with the opening speech.

Tatar: “Children will get what they want”

In his speech at the workshop, President Ersin Tatar stressed that there was a lot of effort at the workshop and wished that the work would be beneficial.

Explaining that everything in the world changes rapidly and a child communicates with the whole world at a very young age, Tatar said that on this occasion children learned rights and laws at a very young age.

TRNC is one of the first countries in the world to have adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to have shown the necessary sensitivity to it, “said Tatar. Sacrifice for their education. It’s part of our customs and traditions, ”he said.

“If we eat too much today, we leave the debt to the children. You have to think about everything. It’s not just shelter, education and health … If we pollute the environment and nature so that we can live well today, what will we leave for children? We will deprive them of their rights for our own needs, “said President Tatar.

Noting that he trusts TRNC institutions and organizations, Tatar said he believes the desired arrangements for children will be achieved.

In his speech, he touched upon the Russia-Ukraine war, referring to the grievances felt by children due to the Tatar war, reminded that there was also a war in Cyprus, and pointed out the TRNC’s blessings, peace, law, security and its importance. Opportunity for children’s future.

Cavusoglu: “Our goal is to provide equal opportunities.”

In his speech, National Education Minister Nazim Chavolu thanked the presidency, Sibel Tatar, the wife of the president, and everyone who contributed to the organization of the workshop.

Cavusoglu said he believed the workshop reports would shed light on the way forward and underlined the importance of the principle of equality, fairness and respect when raising children.

Cavusoglu said “this geography is a suitable area for the Convention on the Rights of the Child”, explaining that psychological counseling and guidance (PDR) services have not been provided to primary schools for years, adding that they have established a very good PDR center. The building belongs to the state and has strengthened the staff at this center.

Referring to equality of opportunity in education, Minister Chavolu said, “I cannot say that we offer the same opportunities everywhere, but our goal is to provide equal opportunities” and said that they are working to establish a standard for school standards and these standards. Equality of opportunity will also be the basis.

Pili: “There is no problem in transporting children to hospitals and polyclinics and getting health services”

Health Minister Ali Pili expressed confidence that the workshop would be a success and began by thanking all those who have contributed to the organization.

Emphasizing the importance of children growing up as healthy and beneficial individuals for society, Pelli said, “It is our duty to prevent all bad behavior against children intentionally or unintentionally.”

Noting that the rights of the child are a universal right and the protection of these rights is of utmost importance, Health Minister Pili believes that important lessons will be learned from the child rights workshop.

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Noting that there is no problem in the country in terms of children’s access to health care, Pili said, “As the Ministry of Health, childhood vaccinations are routinely administered in both our schools and all our polyclinics. Children are provided with regular check-ups. School screening is done if necessary. We train families to nurture and care for our children. There is no problem in taking sick and healthy children to hospitals and polyclinics and receiving health care. We are working very hard on this, ”he said.

Takoy: “It is the responsibility of the government to protect children as it is the responsibility of mothers and fathers”

The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Hassan Takay, emphasized that children are the future of the country and said that it was the responsibility of parents as well as the state to treat and protect children as they deserved.

Taco stressed the need for a state to prevent child abuse and child labor, protect children’s right to education and life, and enable them to grow up in a healthy and safe environment.

Touching on child-related laws, Taco says 18 children were in prison in 2021, indicating a lack of reform.

Touching on the problems caused by developing technology, Taco also mentions the risks of social media.

Noting that a child monitoring center should be set up for children who are victims of abuse and violence, Taco stressed the importance of rehabilitating at-risk children.

Tacoy expressed his belief that such workshops would be very helpful and thanked all those who contributed.

Sibel Tatar: “Our ultimate goal is to ensure equal rights for all our children, regardless of religion, language or caste.”

Sibel Tatar, the wife of President Ersin Tatar, recalled that the family workshop was held a month ago and said that these workshops should pave the way for the state and related institutions.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted by the United Nations on November 20, 1989, was adopted in TRNC in 1996, is a part of the domestic law and states:

“Of course, the important thing now is to bring our legal regulations in line with the Convention on the Rights of the Child. But when we look at it, the juvenile delinquency law under Chapter 157 is an old law. Therefore, we wanted to implement our Child Rights Workshop to amend this law and enact a new draft law, as well as amend articles that need to be regulated in relation to children. “

Noting that many problems have been encountered in the practice, Sibel Tatar said he believes the announcement to be made at the end of the two-day workshop will shed light on these issues and the rest will belong to the state and relevant authorities. . Sibel Tatar stressed that they would follow the continuation of this study. Noting that they have prepared a bill that they could propose instead of Chapter 157, Tatar noted that the bill will be discussed at the relevant table in the workshop.

Under the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child and all persons up to the age of 18, children and Tatars have explained that the TRNC laws limit the child to 14 and 16 years of age and emphasize its importance. Bring it to the level of universal law as soon as possible.

“Our greatest goal is to ensure that all our children, regardless of religion, language or caste, benefit from equal rights,” she said, stressing the importance of teaching children their rights.

Tatar also announced that they were preparing a “Happy Children’s Parent Handbook” and that the book would be released next month.

Sibel Tatar ended his speech by thanking all those who contributed to the workshop.

The report will be shared with the public

After the speech, President Ersin Tatar, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Tangul Kagina, Chairman of the Children’s Aid Foundation, Isim Kavuklu, who was the main sponsor of the workshop, and EMU Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. The commissioner presented a gift to Hokanin.

Then come the ‘Child Rights Workshop’, the coordinator of the workshop. Dr. It started with a presentation by Suheila Üçışık Erbilen.

The report that will be published at the end of the workshop which will be completed tomorrow at 17.30 will be shared with the public in the coming days.

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