The children’s festival, organized by the Mediterranean municipality, has begun, and many children have participated in the first day of the festival, which will run for 3 days in the country gardens, and have fun with the contents of their hearts.

Mediterranean municipality; The ‘Mediterranean Children’s Festival’, which was organized at the National Park with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Mediterranean District Governorship and the Akdeniz District Directorate of National Education. On the first day of the festival a large number of children participated and enjoyed themselves, which will last for three days and will organize colorful programs and activities for the little ones.
The central district of Mersin, the municipality of Aachenes, has organized a free ‘Children’s Festival’ with an entertainment content with the contribution of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Hundreds of children from primary schools and kindergartens in the district of Aqdenez had the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational activities, including stage performances, educational workshops, theater performances, racetracks, playgrounds, face painting and more. Mediterranean District Governor Muhithin Pamuk, Akdeniz Mayor Muhammad Mustafa Gultak and Akdeniz District National Education Director Adam Simsek attended the opening of the festival, which was held in the seaside section of the Nations Garden, on the first day, with young students, teachers and together. Parents

“Games are very important for the education and development of our children.”
Speaking at the opening of the festival, District Governor Pamuk said that 2 tedious and tedious years have passed due to the epidemic and this process connects people to more screens. Pamuk said, “Especially in this process, the addiction of the screen has started to increase a lot. It negatively affects the social and emotional development of our children. We have to move away from this. It is very important for our children to be with their peers and to receive peer education in their education and development. For this, it is important to create an environment where children can play games with their peers, so that they can learn new things and develop their psychology. ”

“We are organizing our festival in the most beautiful national park in Turkey”
Mayor Gultak, on the other hand, said they were happy to host a children’s festival at Mersin Nations Gardens, one of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey, which is 140 days wide and surrounded by sea and greenery. “There is not much room in the Mediterranean for our children to have fun,” Gultak said. So we take care of our garden. In the Mediterranean, there was no pool for our kids to go. So what have we done? We have taught and taught thousands of our children free swimming lessons, including portable swimming pools. We will also have a semi-Olympic pool at Yılmaz Güney Park, which will be completed in a few months. In collaboration with the Department of National Education and our principals, we will teach our children to swim if they wish, ”he said.
By emphasizing the positive inequalities in the education of Mediterranean children and youth, Gultak explained that they provide free courses and training to hundreds of students in high school and university preparatory exams. Gultak added that on Friday, April 1, they will officially open the study center on the 29th floor of the Metropol Skyscraper building, which prepares students for university exams.

“A beautiful festival that will take our adults back to their childhood”
Simsek, District Director of National Education, said, “We create multiple services for the academic success of our school. However, we needed such an environment to spend the winter days and the arrival of spring. The festival will go a long way in helping our students learn about psychosocial, psychomotor and social self-confidence, socialization and the environment. I wish that such events and activities would take our adults back to their childhood, ”he said.

The Mediterranean Children’s Festival will run for 3 days
The Children’s Festival, which will end on Thursday, March 31, in the coastal section of the National Park, will be open to the public from 10.0015.00. The festival will feature a variety of stage shows and educational workshops, theatrical performances, a race track, playground, face painting, as well as many more entertaining events and activities.

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