The cure for the father caught in Kovid-19 came from the doctor’s daughter

First in Turkey Covid-19 Thousands of health workers have taken their place at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, putting aside their children, families and social life since the first case date.

While the disease is almost a breath away and thousands of lives are being cured, health workers, who have been yearning month after month for their families and loved ones to protect their families, continue to work hard to bring life back to normal.

Internal Disease Clinic at Health Sciences University (SBU) Umraniye Training and Research Hospital Assistant Senem Kuşaksızoglu Kara He is one of the health workers active in the fight against Kovid-19.

The team he worked with tried to cure thousands of patients during the fight against the epidemic, who gave a tough test when the disease spread to his family.

While Cara was fighting as a physician for his parents who were infected with Kovid-19, he had a painful day as a son after his father, Levant Cusackizolu’s health deteriorated.

Dr. Cara supported the survival fight against her father’s covid-19, where she worked with the contribution of a team of hospital specialists. Father Kusaksijoolu regained his health through the efforts of his daughter, who became a physician, as well as all health workers, and one of the thousands of patients who defeated Kovid-19 to say “hello” to life, probably the second time.

“Dad, out of friendship”

Dr. Senem Kuşaksızoglu Kara, “I am also in front.” During this time he shared his experience with the AA correspondent.

Mentioning that he started working at the Covid service as soon as the epidemic began, Kara said he was among the healthcare professionals affected by the disease.

Expressing that the process was very difficult for them, Kara expressed the process that he went through in the following sentences:

“We were exhausted both mentally and physically in the process. Besides, we were mentally exhausted. Every day, we received news that a friend of ours had contracted Kovid-19. At the same time our families were also infected with Kovid-19. Covid was. I lost my father in the process. I had to be hospitalized. In this corridor where I worked as a doctor, I was also a relative of the patient in that situation and witnessed the incident through that window. I wanted hours and days to pass. I wanted to hear the full sound. Because at any moment everything comes to mind. We think of both possibilities. It was difficult, but we were finally released through healing. I don’t want those days to live again. We can define it as a time that has passed, as if there was nothing but covid in that process. Done, no change. While we have achieved satisfactory results in some, we have achieved what we wanted in others. We didn’t get it and there were times when we couldn’t get out of its effects. Witnessing the deaths of young men and women who had no disease. Having a mental bond is already something else, Dad, above all, it’s more than sincerity. “

“The day is not over”

“There was a young man who was 22 years old. We took him straight to the intensive care unit. He was then discharged. It was an advantage that he was young,” said Cara. There was probably no disease, but he was 22 years old and had no disease. The fact that the child was in intensive care affected people. ” He said.

Her father was treated at the hospital for 15 days and the procedure was not passed on to her, who described her feelings as follows:

“One more day, I wanted to see if it was better. Everything came to my mind. I always wanted to hear good and optimistic words from my teachers. I want to take this opportunity to thank those who are with my teachers and health workers. And with support. “

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