The Institute of Health Sciences trains effective and qualified researchers

Graduates who can use up-to-date information in health research, pursue technological advances, and direct scientific studies draw attention to their effectiveness in patent studies, entrepreneurial projects, and sectoral activities. Director of the Institute of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Gülşen Akalın Çiftçi says, “Our biggest goal is to bring undergraduate and doctoral students into both the healthcare sector and academia.”

Anadolu University Institute of Health Sciences Director Prof. Dr. Gülşen Akalın Çiftçi emphasized that the Institute of Health Sciences is an institute that can meet the needs of the society in every aspect of health, bringing undergraduate and doctoral students in both the sector and the academy and continues as follows:

“Our institute has 9 doctoral programs, 15 masters programs with thesis and 2 secondary education non-thesis masters programs with 14 departments and 4 disciplines. Our academic staff of 82 faculty members transfer the deep-rooted and quality teaching experience of Anadolu University to our students. In addition, a total of 566 students are studying at the Anadolu University Institute of Health Sciences, of which 272 are masters with theses, 156 masters without theses and 138 doctorates. 88 foreign students from 28 different countries are continuing their education in various undergraduate programs at the institute. Also, our students, who study at the Institute of Health Sciences, take an active part in many academic and scientific studies for the education they receive here and bring Anadolu University to the forefront in the field of health sciences. It is a source of pride for both us and our students. One of our biggest goals is to see our graduates as health professionals and academics in particular. “

The Institute of Health Sciences conducts universal educational life through scientific research in various fields.

Areas of research at the Institute of Health Sciences include the synthesis of antecedents, the study of raw materials of natural origin, the in vivo model in drug research, the study of cell culture, the development of analytical methods in pharmaceutical research, pharmacological and pharmaceutical development of medicinal plants. Systems, Biotechnological Drug Research, Cosmetic Product Research, Preclinical Studies, Clinical Pharmacy Research, Toxicological Examination of Drugs, Evaluation of Microorganisms in Pharmaceutical Fields, Language and Speech Disorders and Ethnography.

Returned with an award from ISIF’21

The Institute of Health Sciences draws attention to the achievements of its students. Student firm in the Masters program of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Nalan Ilmaz and his advisor Professor. Dr. The thesis entitled “Synthesis and Biological Effects of New Triazole and Triazothidiazine Derivatives” completed in Mehlika Dilek Altintop 2020 has received a Turkish patent, a PCT application for a European patent has been filed. PhD student of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Ulviye Sevik Akar and Adviser Professor. Dr. The thesis work entitled “Synthesis and Investigation of the Biological Effects of Benzimidazole Derivatives” – 2- (substituentiphenyl) -5- (substitutedheteroaryl) -1H- Benzimidazole Derivatives, completed by Yusuf Oz in 2019, has received Turkish patent, while international innovation has been organized. Won the bronze medal at the 6th Istanbul International Innovation Fair (ISIF’21). Student of the PhD program in the Department of Pharmacognosis, Express. Biologist Nursenem Karaka and his advisor Professor. Dr. The thesis entitled “In vitro assessment of the effect of essential oil emulsified system on the central nervous system” completed by Fatih Demirsi in 2021 was adopted as a young entrepreneur in TUBITAK-1512 Entrepreneur Support Program 2022-1 BIGG.

Research also contributes to the country’s economy

Parveen Soyer, who graduated from the Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, and his advisor, Prof. Dr. Dr. The first call in the 2021 term between TÜBİTA technology and the structure of SÜBİTA technology is entitled “Oral Spray Development with Natural Content” by Yagmur Tunali in 2019 entitled “Actinomycetes from the Soil and Investigation of Some Biological Features”. Program (TEYDEB) 1512 – With the Entrepreneur Support Program project, a local mouth spray with a natural and unique formulation will be created to support oral health. This way; Although hyaluronic acid and probiotics, designed from the most important ingredients for oral health, are planned to support oral health as a whole, it aims to contribute to the country’s economy by developing a product with high added value through R&D research, taking into account consumer demand. At the end of the project, which is planned to run R&D studies at the Anadolu University Faculty of Pharmacy, a dietary supplement formulation useful for scientific literature and industry will be available. Considered worthy of the 2021 Studies in the Field of Entrepreneurship Award at the Anadolu University R&D Women in Innovation Summit Awards, the project will also pioneer various R&D research.

The first non-thesis master’s program in this field: music therapy

The Institute of Health Sciences is also laying new foundations by admitting students to the Music Therapy Non-Thesis Masters program, the first program in its field in Turkey in the spring semester of 2021-2022. Students graduating from this program may be employed in hospitals, centers, units within the framework of legal regulations implemented by the Ministry of Health and other relevant official regulations and may also be employed as music therapists (or music therapy practitioners). For the purpose of working in other care, rehabilitation or private educational institutions if government permission is given.

The European Journal of Life Sciences also began its publishing life within the Institute.

The European Journal of Life Sciences, which aims to share academic knowledge in a standardized way and was opened within the Institute of Health Sciences, was also registered with the Dargipark system in January 2022 and was recognized for publication. The European Journal of Life Sciences, whose first issue is being prepared for publication in April, will provide many academic articles and scientific research in the field of health sciences.

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