The war on drugs

The opening ceremony of the symposium, which began at the conference hall of Akdagmadeni Health School and lasted for two days, Yojgat Governor Zia Polat, Ankara Deputy Governor. Ayhan Ozkan, President of Yojgat Administrative Court Murat Iransi, Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karadag, Izmir Katip Celebi University Rector Professor. Safet Kose, Yozgat Provincial Police Chief Murat Esartark, Yozgat Provincial Gender Murder Regiment Commander Halil Basar, Akdagmadeni District Governor Fatih Topuz, Akdagmadeni Mayor Nejih Yalsin, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Senol Akin, Professor. Gungar Ilmaz, Professor. Dr. Yücel Güney, representatives of civil society and political parties, faculty members and many students were present.
The inaugural speech of the symposium was delivered by the director of the Akdagmadeni Health School. Faculty member Suzanne Tech Ayaz. In his speech, Ayaz said: “With the contribution of various disciplines, drug addiction is one of the most important bio-social health problems not only in our country but in the whole world. Science in the war on drugsWe aim to make a scientific contribution to our country in this regard by sharing current developments and experiences, enhancing inter-departmental communication and cooperation.
Bozok University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, Professor. On the other hand, m. Favji Polat said that illegal stimulants and drugs, which are mentioned under the use of drugs but which we focus on, not only negatively affect the personal life and health of young people, but also negatively affect society.
Akdagmadeni Mayor Nejih Yalsin said he was happy to host a symposium organized by academics who specialize in the fight against drug addiction and drug addiction, the biggest threat to public health.
Akdagmadeni District Governor Fatih Topuz in his speech: “Drugs; It is a social problem that affects public health as well as a public order and security problem. It is very important for our esteemed professors to discuss in detail such an important question in terms of keeping a finger on a social wound. Thanks to those who contributed, ”he said.
Rector Professor. In his speech, Ahmet Karadag said that Yozgat Bozok University is a university that has dreams but is not a dreamer and it is a university that seeks to keep its manpower active and active and raise awareness among local internal dynamics. Rector Karadag continued his speech by saying: “Our university strives to conduct not only the educational process but also the scientific process with the slogan ‘Perseverance, towards success …’. Our university, on the one hand, strives to conduct educational processes in the best possible way within the framework of age requirements, on the other hand, makes a serious contribution to the academy and achieves significant success in scientific research, which is the main style of university. Akdagmadeni district and our university are organizing an important symposium today. Anti-drug processes have long been on the world’s agenda. In fact, the main focus of the fight against drugs is to prevent such diseases without becoming addicted. In fact, the best formula for this comes from a strong family. If there is a strong family, there is a strong person. I think that a strong person sets his own outlook on life and the criteria for imposing value on life. In other words, the child manages his life through the upbringing he receives from his family and parents. This nation has a structure, customs and traditions. If he had a good childhood and a good family upbringing with what he bought there, then that child or young person is less likely to face bad habits. So we have to protect our family once and for all so that we do not become addicted to drugs. A strong family builds a strong person, and a strong person builds a healthy future. As educators, we know that universities create knowledge and that universities have ideas and thinking that will raise awareness. Of course, one way to transfer knowledge is to hold symposiums and conferences. Information; It is reported through symposiums and conferences and this information is mixed with existing information and then new solutions are suggested. I believe that the new ideas that will be put forward at this meeting will be blended with existing solutions and the fight against drugs will be conducted in a healthier and more efficient way. I think the results at the end of the symposium will take us one step further in the fight against drugs. I would like to thank the administrators of our Akdagmadeni Health School, the academics and all those who have contributed to the symposium. ”
Yogyakarta Governor Zia Polat, on the other hand, stressed the need for a comprehensive solution and struggle proposal that would be reflected on the ground at the end of the two-day symposium. In his speech, Polat said: “I hope that the fight against addiction will be a situation where we just talk and discuss and don’t see or face each other on the field. We should not talk about this in Muslim Turkish society. It is through sports and activities that we can keep our youth away from this problem. I say without getting tired after taking responsibility. Each of our children should play a licensed sport, each of our children should play a musical instrument and each of our children should know at least one foreign language so that they stay away from bad habits.
At the end of the protocol speech, the Vice-Chancellor of our University, Prof. In the first session chaired by Shenol Akin, the head professor of psychology at Ankara Hockey Bayram Valley University, Dr. I am Hatice Demirbaş, ‘How do you know your child is using substances’, said the Deputy Governor of Ankara. Ayhan Ozkan ‘The Role of Local Government in the Fight Against Drugs’, Opium Cockatoo University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Faculty member Aye Jeannepe Aquin provided information on ‘substance abuse treatment’.
The session was chaired by our University Vice-Chancellor Prof. In the second session of the University Vice-Rector Professor. What is Güngör Yılmaz ‘Flax? What is not? Faculty member Suzanne Tech Ayaz on ‘Health Problems of Addicted Children’, Atti. Remzi Toprak, ‘The Crime of Facilitating and Encouraging the Use of Drugs and Stimulant Substances’, Dr. Dr. Favji Polat has made a presentation on ‘Analysis Methods Used in Substance Addiction’.
Vice-Chancellor Prof. The third session was chaired by Güngör Yılmaz, patent-trademark attorney att. Dr. Alp Arslan ‘Toys Incorporating Children to Use Drugs’, Dr. Adnan Menderes, Dean, Faculty of Business, University Faculty Member Ayşe Zeynep Akkoyun, ‘Factors Causing Addiction, Communication Language Against Substance Users’, Secretary General of Forensic Scientists Association Atty. Debrim informed Karakulah Hall about the ‘legal ban on addictive substances’.
Izmir Katip Celebi University Professor of the Faculty of Dentistry. In the last session of the day chaired by M Irfan Karadede, the director of Erzurum Technical University Health Sciences Institute, Prof. Dr. Aye Gurol ‘Addiction, Crime and Violence’, Dean of the University of Health Sciences Professor. Sevin Polat ‘Attitude of Addicted Parents to Their Children’, Kirikkale University Faculty member of the Faculty of Health, Professor. Yurdagül Erdem presented on ‘The Role of School Health Nurses in Combating Drug Addiction’.

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