There are problems in this profession that we take seriously.

University of Health Sciences (SBUIn the March 14 Medicine Day program held at the Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Shahane Complex. SwamiOn the occasion of Medicine Day on March 14, he said that he was proud to meet them at this historic institution which trains the doctors of tomorrow.

Minister Koka explained that young people, who have a vision for the future, will grow up as doctors under this roof, they will spread across the country with the education they have received and they will provide health services to everyone. Members of this cherished nation.

Recalling that communities and societies are going through difficult times and there has been a global epidemic for 2 years, Coca said that the epidemic is a threat that everyone feels for their bones, no matter where they are. Mentioning that those who felt the threat the most were the doctors who fought the risk of death, Coca said that the memory of the healthcare workers they lost was in their hearts and he remembered them with respect.

“Know that our state is trying its best for you and it is close.”

Health Minister Fahretin Coca addressed the medical candidates as follows:

“Remember that people who come to us get into trouble and seek redressal from us. The valuable profession you have chosen gives you the opportunity to be the embodiment of the highest values ​​manifested by humanity. It is worth doing and enduring. And as your brother who has dedicated his night to your future, I would like to say this: Even the slightest doubt about your choice of medical education saddens me deeply. It does not lose its luster. Know again that gold and diamonds have value and power, with those who have this value and it is not negotiable. Those who are not capable. Do not forget that we have experienced from time to time with our elders Beyond the word of condemnation, know that our state is trying to do the best for you and why. “

The issue of health violence and abuse

“There are problems in this profession and in the health system that could not be addressed during the heavy epidemic, but now we are dealing with the seriousness of the epidemic. Violence is one of them,” Koka said. Used phrases.

Noting that they had organized a symposium yesterday with the participation of Justice Becky Bozdag and members of the High Court, Coca said that the symposium contained a strong and specific demand for the protection of their rights and the law. “I must admit that the unhappiness and deep concern of my community has made my statement out of the norm.” Coca continues:

“Know that our Minister of Justice and the High Court understand you. Again, know that when the judiciary understands, the announcement of the verdict is approaching. And in your presence. Yesterday, abuse cases, very closely related to our professional life, were abused. I say it is a revolution, and I add that there will be no one to oppose my demand. “

“I attach great importance to maintaining our ethical adherence to medicine.”

Speaking to doctors tomorrow, Coca said, “There is another problem. Doctors’ salaries are appropriate and fair for their profession. I don’t think you will have any problems like today. You will start your professional life without any problems. Compared to your older brothers and sisters.” ” Evaluated her.

“I am very careful not to tarnish the image of the medical profession because of the loss of trust in the medical profession. I want moral allegiance to the medical profession. I want these bright eyes for my people in other goals,” I will try my best for these and continue to do so. ” He said.

Coca celebrates Medicine Day March 14 for its colleagues and medical candidates.

SBU Rector Prof. Dr. Cevdet Erdöl talks about the work and goals of the university to this day.

In the program, a video describing the history of the Mekteb-i Tibbiye-i Shahane complex was seen, and medical faculty students also gave lectures.

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. was present on the occasion. Dr. Kamal Memisoglu, Rector Professor of Istanbul University Serahpasa (IUC). Dr. Nuri Aidin, Dharamsala president Hamza Sebesi, Tuzla mayor Saadi Yajisi and some chief physicians were also present.

At the ceremony, Rector Erdogan presented a painting to Health Minister Koka.

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