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Starting with Micic and Bryant’s scorer game, the dark blue-and-white team took a 12-point (19-7) lead with Larkin’s 3-pointer in the 6th minute. Anadolu finished the first quarter of the Ephesus fight, which continued in a reciprocal basket, 23-14.

Entering good defense in the second quarter, the home team took a 5-0 series lead with Bryant and Dunston’s basket and again took a two-digit lead in the 12th minute: (28-14). Collecting their offensive rebound and hitting an outside shot, Anadolu Efez increased the lead to 18 points (36-18) in 25 minutes. Although Fenerbahce Beko, Guduric, Polonara and De Colo tried to blur the gap with their baskets, the dark blue-and-white, who did not allow the difference with their good defense to come down to a single digit, entered halftime with a higher standard. 41-25.

The 6 blocks created by the Anadolu Effes basketball players in the first half were effective in maintaining their good performance and maintaining their score advantage.

Entering the second half with Micic and Larkin’s baskets, Anadolu Efes extended the lead to 21 points (46-25) with a 5-0 streak in the 22nd minute. Continuing with Micic, Nau-Sadara scored 49-27 in the 23rd minute. The yellow-dark blue team, who hit from outside with Pierre and from a short range with De Colo and Polonara, extended their lead to 14 points (53-39) in the 26th minute. Making good use of their opponents’ turnover with Booker, Pierre and Shehmus, the visiting team found a 6-0 series and reduced the lead to 11 points early in the 28th minute: 57-46. While throwing kites against each other for the rest of the day, Anadolu Ephesians finished the period 59-48.

Anadolu Effes entered the final with a 5-0 lead in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of the match and made the score 64-48 in the first minute. Fenerbahce Beko, who got the 10-0 series from Polonara, Gudurik and Pierre in the 33rd and 35th minutes of the match, reduced the gap by 3 points: 66-63. With the support of the audience behind him, Anadolu prevented Beauvois from taking the lead at the critical moment with the basket behind the 3-point line and the basket from the free throw line. Beko failed to take the lead in the 38th and 39th minutes of the match, reducing the gap to 1 point (72-71 and 74-73). Anadolu left the field with a 64-69 win after playing well in the last moments of the match.

Micic was the top scorer for the home team with 24 points, and Beaubois, who took the stage at the critical moment and scored 20 points, played a leading role in the victory.

Pierre’s 19 points and 7 rebounds and Polonara’s 15 points and yellow-dark blue 7 rebounds were not enough to stop the defeat.

With this result, Anadolu Efes won the 14th match of the 26th match of the THY Europa League, while Beko lost to Fenerbahce for the 13th time in the 25th match.

The Navy Blue-Whites have won their second win in a row in this lane, and the yellow-dark blue hopes of winning have gone up to 3 matches.

“No war” message

Before the match, match referees and basketball players demanded an end to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

At the pre-competition event, the referees opened the papers with the inscription “Stop the fight.” The players of both the teams then joined hands behind the referee and said that they were against the war.

Great interest from the fans

Fans of the Anadolu Ephesus showed great interest in the derby with Beko in Fenerbahce.

Supporting the dark blue-and-white team, basketball fans fully fill the 16,500-person Sinan Erdem Sports Hall.

In the wake of a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, home team fans supported their team during the match, where Fenerbahce fans were not allowed.

Living room: Sinan Erdem

Referee: Juan Carlos Garcia (Spain), Fernando Rocha (Portugal), Soulias Reyes (Sweden)

Anadolu office: Larkin 10, Mike 24, Bryant 8, Morman 6, Place 6, Beauvois 20, Dunston 8, Singleton, Anderson 2

Beko in Fenerbahce: Ismet Akpiner, Gudurik 11, Pierre 19, Floyd 2, Polonara 15, De Colo 13, Starkus, Barthel, Booker 6, Metekan Birsen, Shehmus Hazar 13, Melih Mahmutoglu

1. Duration: 23-14

Circuit: 41-25

3. Duration: 59-48

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