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Speaking on behalf of the Veli-Der Edirne branch board of directors, board member Zia Gokar Kuchuk said in a statement titled “Poverty and Children”: In fact, we’ve been informed that some of the parent-teacher associations in these regional schools will be organizing a campaign for school items such as school uniforms, tracksuits and bags early next year.
The statement included the following statements: “Wherever poverty is on the rise in the world, children and women have always been the most affected. The effects of the epidemic and the recent negative consequences of conflict, occupation and war, as well as the economic crisis in our country, first impoverish children and negatively affect their lives.
When the distribution of income in a society is unequal, the situation of poverty increases. We can say that poverty is as old as human history. However, it became a social problem with capitalism. The poverty of capitalism, whose individual freedom, has become mass.
World situation
In a world where poverty has increased comparatively, the time of the epidemic has increased. It affected our kids even more. Various international organizations have identified the deep impact of COVID-19 as increasing poverty, deepening inequality and threatening children’s rights at an unprecedented level.
Although the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that the best interests of the child are taken into account, it is known that more than half of the world’s children face problems such as illness, poverty and war. Experienced poverty in childhood is often the refuge of experienced poverty in youth. Thus, a vicious cycle is formed and poverty is passed on to future generations.
The situation in our country
According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, one out of every four children in Turkey is poor and data shows that the number of child laborers exceeds 2 million. Although 2018 has been declared the “Year of the Abolition of Child Labor” in our country, many experts say it is just a rhetoric. In contrast, child labor has increased with the economic crisis.
According to official figures, more than three and a half million Syrian refugees, and the children of refugees and migrants, who have reached an estimated four million, are also rapidly joining child labor.
Again, based on TUIK data, the study paints a grim picture based on the EU’s definition of deprivation. The report says that 7.5 million children in Turkey are condemned to live in homes where there is extreme poverty and where their basic needs such as nutrition and heating cannot be met. The new education system called “4 + 4 + 4”, which the government started implementing in our country in 2012-2013 where poverty has increased, has also been effective in increasing child labor.
Through this system, after the first 8 years of compulsory education, 15-year-old children can choose open high school, even their education can be cut off from life and they can be legally included in the job. This is evident from the fact that 22% (715,683) of the university admissions this year will be from Open Education High School. In short, families in our country hope to get out of poverty by adding their children to the workforce.

And our city
According to the TUIK 2020 Income and Living Conditions Survey, Istanbul has the highest income, followed by Edirne, Tekirdağ and Kırklareli. Again, according to this information; In our area, the household’s disposable personal income was set at 33,141 TL (!). It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. This obviously means that 7 neighborhoods are struggling with poverty and deprivation.
In previous years, we have received requests for help from disadvantaged regional schools, but recently, requests for assistance have started coming from regional schools where the middle class lives. In fact, some school-parent unions in these regional schools have been told that they will launch a campaign for school items such as school uniforms, tracksuits and bags at the beginning of next term.
Again, while families preparing for exams could easily buy test books in previous years, there was a recent statement from teachers that ‘children will no longer ask if you can suggest a book because they can’t’ so middle class No. You are either rich or poor!
The demand for water for children in school increases with the heat. The selling price of water in the school canteen was 2 TL. We hope that healthy, potable and accessible water, which is of vital importance, will be available in our schools as soon as possible. Our children, especially the underprivileged regional schools, should be given free breakfast and lunch. Fruit and milk needs to be met as food. Children’s health follow-up should be done with caution, and these reports should not be on paper if problems caused by malnutrition are identified.
Poor child is a poor child. A child who needs protection at high physical and mental risk. If our future is a child, what kind of future awaits us? We, as Valley-Day, hope to overcome the economic crisis as soon as possible and take steps to address parental poverty. Because just as parents will be freed from poverty, our children will live in a healthy, safe and happy environment.

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