What is waiting for you in March? What does your zodiac sign mean, money, love, health, family, occupation …

Some will travel the zodiac, some will make big money, start their own business; Some will start new relationships. What does your zodiac sign tell you in March? Here are the monthly horoscopes of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Cotton, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces …

During the month, Uranus will help you out of your financial home. Saturn supports your career from your spiritual home. Fate will help you in everything. Your performance in your career will provide the positive development you want in financial matters and you will show a harmonious unity with those with whom you work. You will get the idea of ​​your loyal friends and you will cooperate on the basis of mutual trust. This month; By working in a very strong position, you will influence your colleagues with your thoughts. Mars and Venus move together. Others may also be emotionally involved with one of your coworkers. Because during this time, you are after an emotional relationship and do not want to limit your freedom with rules, you are running after strong love. In particular, the person with whom you agree on the basis of ideas and thoughts must be special. Your love, which will provide emotional satisfaction, will occupy the agenda. Remember, as long as you feel free, you feel good.

Venus and Mars are in your career house, Neptune is affecting your spiritual house. You communicate with a loving heart and listen to the concerns of your friends. You get along well with the people you work with. Venus; Since it also manages beauty, during this time you will hear the problems of your colleagues and friends from your heart. Since your inner state is in the midst of a positive psychological response, you will be in harmonious spiritual association and partnership with your environment. Although Pluto controls your mental balance, it will be effective if your sexual energy is concentrated. Because the environment you enter will attract the attention of the opposite sex. You look forward to new projects that will open up positive horizons for you in your social life, but you are also afraid of risk. You must rely on your courage and give yourself a new chance. The event will develop the direction you want. Your sleep pattern is important this month. You work hard, you should take care of your rest.


Don’t be afraid of anything. You will definitely get the smell of money from afar. To be more aggressive and agile, be sure to have all kinds of support by your side. There will be stability in your demands on material things. As soon as you work with a visionary mindset your horizons about money are exposed. You will create bigger projects with the people you work with and you will start to see life more mature and different. You are in a month where you will be more confident than ever. Only rely on yourself, you will politely reject those who want to contribute to you. You are very determined to achieve your desires. You are in a month where you will get attention through your physical and mental activities. During the month, you become attentive, enjoy the relationship and choose your friendship accordingly. During this time, you will be very consistent with your surroundings and engage in activities that will make you happy. Friendship and camaraderie are gaining importance and being for noble feelings will put you in a positive position.


This is a good time to start your own business. The business you set up in this period will bring you a profitable investment. You can choose a job that your seniors think is suitable, or you can choose a job from the family. You can partner with someone older than you. You can consult and manage. During this time, the onset of guilty feelings about having the affair, in the first place, further zaps whatever energy the partner having the affair might still have left. You will be with people who think deeply and question life. They will give you the practicality you need in your collaborative work and help you think faster. March 18, Purnima takes place at your contact home. The more energy you give to those you think about, the more strongly your ideas will move forward. You can bring your creativity to life by adapting to the conditions predicted by the movement. This is an important time for thinkers and philosophers. Don’t hang on to old things anymore. The past is the past. Your front is clean and beautiful.


With the new moon on March 2nd, Neptune and the Sun will move through the 8th house of your meaning and change. By acting calmly, you will try to prove yourself consistent with your personal ambitions. You enjoy doing the things you love, but; Since you expect the same performance from the people you work with, you may encounter some problems. March 7 Mars will start to go through your opponent’s house. You want to work carefully and meet the requirements in the smallest detail. When you are brave enough, you will travel for things that no one else dares to do. The people you meet will be the people who will support you about your career. Some of you may be involved in work that brings beauty and artistic events to the agenda with your close friends. After March 7, Venus and Mars will go to your opposite house together. Convenient days of working consciously in line with your goals are waiting for you. The possibilities of life parameters are at your disposal.

On March 2nd, the new moon rises in your opposite house. When Mars moves to your work house on March 7, Mercury moves to Aquarius until March 10, you take care that the people you meet or collaborate with are strong and active. The middle three days will be important for you. You will especially want friendships that will open the door to financing for you. There will be exciting relationships with some people. You will have a secret love affair with someone older than you. During this period, with Venus in your love and social home, you will feel your social life suddenly revived. The crowds in your environment will not surprise you and you will not let your inner discipline be broken. Increases your organizational capacity. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. On March 18, the full moon rises in your private home. You will value all the beauties who open the windows of your life. Your long-term issues will change with the powerful cosmic influences you receive. You are open to any kind of work that will express your creativity.

Most of the moon in your love and social home is located on Venus. With your fluent speech, you influence other people without giving them a chance to defend themselves. You will strongly express your mental activity. People around you may wonder how you came up with such an intense project. You will lead a lot of people around you who will benefit from your intelligence. You can make a lot of money, especially when it comes to finances. With the formation of a very ambitious character, you will succeed in things like politics and trade that you have not tried. . As you go along with these positive developments, be sure to focus on increasing your spending from time to time. March 20, the sun goes to your opposite house. You are ambitious as if you are proving your strength to yourself. You decide what you will focus on and you are very bold about getting started. When you are overwhelmed, you have to be alone.

You will want to be with your friends who will appreciate your thoughts. You need an energetic group of friends as supportive elements of your ambitious and creative side. But even in this particular case, you are open to discussion. Always be mindful of your own inner ego in the environment you are in. Your partner may also have difficulty understanding you. An antisocial personality structure can also show your interest these days. You learn to face the truth, present your feelings without expecting anything in return, and examine the terms carefully when signing a contract. In addition to being deceived by your dear friends, you may get a chance to see their true selves. Although it is not directly related to you in your social circle, there will be heavy arguments. This active environment can cause confusion in your love life. You will then begin to evaluate the events more objectively and logically. Your health is usually very good. You will not be quick to make a decision. You will prioritize your basic needs and wants.

You should not forget that small talk is the shelter of big things. You can benefit from the different ideas of the people you work with. . When you get support, your confidence increases even more. You are extremely satisfied with living with your ideals and do not like to interfere with it. You can find ways to express yourself without rushing your expectations. Some things that you think are worthless may be important to others. Order and system will be important to you. Your bright mind and strong senses will lead to your excitement. This month you will be in a very peaceful environment. You have the potential to be different in the environment you live in. You influence your environment with your confident attitude. You will be happy that your wish will be granted.

March 2nd, the new moon is born in your contact home. Neptune expands your dreams and you miss the old. You can reunite with your old friends. During this time, conflicts may arise due to racial differences between the concepts. You will gather some of your upset friends. You will live in an environment where old and new friendships coexist. During this time, your long-term relationship may come to an end. Now you are testing and testing everything. Although Neptune expresses a lot of beauty, it also irritates nostalgic feelings. This month; Your life process will be determined by a combination of your emotional obsession and personal desire. March 18, the full moon is spiritual and the journey takes place in your home. It receives interactions from Mercury and Neptune. You will travel to support your personal study and make sure that your travels are of foreign origin. You will be careful about innovation. They will read less because you stubbornly defend your opinion.

In the first week of the month, Mercury and Saturn will go together in your private home on Friday, March 7th. Problems can come to a breaking point if you have an ongoing relationship during this time. Things can get messy if you ignore your partner’s wishes until that moment. The issues that you neglect can come up on the table and all the secrets related to your relationship can come up. If you want to start a new business, you can set limits on yourself. You can do a job that you planned before. Mercury will help your old business by creating new business problems. This way, you can solve some of the old problems in your relationship during this time and improve your communication problems. You will learn to value and listen to the other person’s opinion. On March 18, a full moon occurs in your opposite financial home. You are ready for any kind of craze for work that relaxes you and emphasizes your personality.

On March 2nd, the new moon rises in your private home. Uranus has your contact home. On March 11, Mercury will transit to your private home. You will generate new ideas. On March 7, Mars will pass through your 12th house. You like to talk to intelligent people. You will be impressed by their different ideas. You are open to partnership. You want to integrate your thoughts with those around you. You will make the right decision in line with your desire to work with the right people. You can feel the other person’s emotions very quickly and you can handle them with your empathy skills. During this time you will never give up. You can try different tasks. Your thinking will be aggressive and bold. You will be an example for others. Staying together with the planetary community this month can make you tired. If you suffer from indigestion, you should eat light at night and pay attention to your sleep. You will go back to your inner world and want to be alone with your own problems. You should take care of yourself as much as possible.

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