Who is Aedes? How old is Aedes, where does he come from, what is his real name, what is his song? Who is Addis who attended Survivor 2022 Reunion Party? His life and biography!

Successful singer Aedes is one of the names on the agenda. The life and biography of Aedes, whose last song was highly acclaimed, is intriguing. So, who is Aedes, how old is he, where did he come from, what is his occupation, what is his date of birth, is he married or unmarried? What is the information about the life, career and biography of Aedes? Here are all the details …

Who is EDIS?

Edis Görgülü (born 28 November 1990) is a Turkish singer and songwriter. He was born in London, grew up in Izmir and grew up in Izmir. In addition to his schooling, he also received music education during his high school and university years. When he won the Faculty of Communication at the University of Galatasaray, he settled in Istanbul and immediately tried to contact different people to prepare an album, but failed. Then he started acting. She starred in the TV series Listen to Dear (2011-12) and Roll of My Life (2012). During these years as an actor, he received offers from his manager to become a musician.

  • Eddie’s date of birth: November 28, 1990
  • How old is Eddie? 31 years old
  • Where did Aedes come from? Of British descent
  • What is the job of Aedes? Singer, lyricist
  • What is the real name of Aedes? Aedes Gorgulu

He rose to fame with the singles he released before releasing his first studio album মার্চn in March 2018. She achieved critical success with her debut single “Benim Ol” in December 2014, and the song reached number two on the MusicTopTR official list as a hit in Turkey. The singles “Leap” (2016) and “Kok Kok” (2017), which he later released, similarly reached number two in Turkey, while “Roman” rose to number one. Aedes has won many awards so far, including three Radio Bogazisi Music Awards and two Golden Butterfly Awards.

1990-2013: Early years and beginning of career

Edis Görgülü was born on 28 November 1990 in London, England. Before he was born, his parents came to London to work and finish their education. Her father worked for BBC Radio while her mother ran a cafe. When Aedes was 1.5-2 years old, his family decided it would be best for him to grow up in Turkey, and the Gorgulu family settled in their hometown of Izmir. Aedes took piano lessons when he was 4 years old. He said that in his piano course, he was engaged in improvisational songs instead of playing the piano. He graduated from Izmir Private Tevfik Fikret High School. In 2007, while he was at the school, he took part in a campaign to promote Izmir, a candidate for Expo 2015. He performed solo music at the Izmir City Orchestra. When he wanted to be a musician, his family said he had to finish school first. After that, he won the University Faculty of Communication in Galatasaray and settled in Istanbul. While at the University of Galatasaray, he won the Istanbul University State Conservatory and started this department as well. However, he dropped out of Istanbul University because he had difficulty attending both schools at the same time. When he arrived in Istanbul, he immediately tried to connect to prepare an album, but failed. He then applied to acting companies. After reviving the character Barış in the TV series Dinle Dear, aired on FOX in 2011-12, he took on the role of Wigger in the 2012 TV series “The Roll of My Life” on Star TV. During these years as an actress, she went to a karaoke bar with her friends, and when she sang for fun, she drew the attention of the bars. Thus, he received an offer from his manager to become a musician. He met Kenan Dogulu for the first time through his manager Shebnam Ozbark and recorded various demos. He then met Ojan Kolakolu and Sonar Sarikabadai.

2014-present: first single and moment

Addis, who met Ozan Kolakoglu and Sonar Sarikabadai on the first day, signed an album deal with PDND Music. He played many songs prepared for Çolakoğlu and Sarıkabadayı. Of these songs, “Be My” was decided to be the first Aedes song. Written and composed by Aedes, “Be Mine” was released as a single on December 1, 2014 via PDND Music. Cemre Kemer, a member of Hepsi, was with Aedes in the clip of “Be My”. The song, based on data played on Turkish radio and television, has been ranked second on the MusicTopTR official list for three consecutive weeks. To promote “Be Mine”, Aedes was a guest on various programs, including 3 Guys, Guldur Guldur, and Here’s My Style, and was on stage at the 42nd Golden Butterfly Awards. During the week of March 30-April 6, 2015, it became one of the most searched names on Google in Turkey. Aedes’ debut, debut song and dance was successful by many. Ali Hurricane from Hurriyat called Coke Aedes “seeking fresh blood”.

Addis donated some of her personal belongings to support the Shopping Lives event organized by the Cancer-Free Life Association on March 31-April 1. Proceeds from the sale of these items are used to support the medical treatment of children with cancer. The singer gave her first concert on stage with Sonar Sarikabadai on May 2 at the Bostansi Show Center. He took to the stage in Sultangazi on 19 May, but the stage was in danger of collapsing when his fans, who wanted to see him more closely, attacked the stage. That’s why he interrupted the concert. He did his second single “What Did He Not Do?” Published July 10. In January 2016, he released the single “Wow” which he recorded for the movie “Everything Love” and “Leap”, which was number two in Turkey in August. In October, he appeared in an ad for clothing retailer Defecto. At the end of the year, he signed a recording agreement with DMC and subsequently, the owner of the company, Soner Sarıkabadayı, who stated that his agreement with PDND was still ongoing, filed a lawsuit seeking compensation of 30 30,000.

In June 2017, Addis released its fifth single “Very Much” with DMC and Felix labels. The song rose to number two in Turkey and was nominated for Best Clip and Song of the Year at the 44th Golden Butterfly Awards. She gave a live digital concert for the first time in December, accompanied by Fatma Turgut and Ozan Kolakolu.

The singer’s first studio album was released on the DMC label in March 2018. The main song of the album, “Roman”, became a chart success in Turkey and remained number one for four consecutive weeks. At the same time, the singer became the spokesperson for the UN Population Fund Turkey office and signed a contract worth ₺ 61 million, appearing in advertisements for beverage brand Yedigun. She also sang “Ice Kiragi” for Yıldız Tilbe’s honor album Yıldızlı sarkılar and released the single “Beauty”, a duet she sang with Emina. Addis became the third most played male singer on radio and television in 2018, according to data shared by Telefameter at the end of the year. In early 2019, it was announced that Aedes MasterCard was working on a promotional song for Turkey. The song “Start Something Priceless” was released in February 2019 with its music video. After signing a contract with Head & Shoulders, Edis wrote and composed the song “Efsan Sensin” with Onur. The song was released in May 2019 with a music video directed by Gülşen Aybaba. His manager, whom he left in October 2019, has filed a lawsuit against Aedes seeking 3.5 million in damages.

In April 2020, the pop and urban single “Perişanım” was published by Pam and DMC on the digital platform. He was with Gulsen in the song “Nirvana” in August.


Aedes can play guitar and piano, but says he can’t describe himself as a professional. According to Hurriyat’s Onur Baturk, his first song, “Be My”, has a western-style pop feel, but also features 1990s music. Addis wrote his first song, “probably to get attention,” at the age of 10. As he got older, he re-examined these words and decided that they were quite successful for a child. He said he was a fan of Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Cেনzanne Aksu and Tarkan. He spent his childhood listening to Baris Manco, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. For Manco, “he had a big impact on my childhood. I can’t forget him.” It also aims to combine Western and Eastern music, as Sting did in “Desert Rose”.


Studio album


  • “Be Mine” (2014)
  • “Isn’t that so?” (2015)
  • “Wow” (2016)
  • “Lips” (2016)
  • “So Much” (2017)
  • “To Your Beauty” (Fit. Emina Zhaovic) (2018)
  • “Start Something Precious” (2019)
  • “Are You A Legend” (2019)
  • “I’m Bored” (2020)
  • “Nirvana” (with Gulsen) (2020)
  • “Seagulls” (2021)
  • “The Universe” (with Anıl Piyancı and Ekin Beril) (2021)
  • “I’m looking for” (2021)


  • Starlight (original Netflix documentary) (2021)
  • Call my manager (2020)
  • Introduction to My Life (2012)
  • Listen Dear (2011-12)

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