Who is Arif Daksh? Who is Müge Anlı, psychologist Arif Daksha? Why did Arif Daksh leave Müge Anlı? Arif has no right?

Muge Anli and Tatli shirt program psychiatrist Professor. Dr. Arif is skilledAnnounced that he had bid farewell to the program via his social media account Twitter. So who is Arif Daksh? Why did Arif Daksh leave Müge Anlı? Arif Hodge? Here are the details.

Why did Arif Verimli leave Mugh Anli?

Professor of Psychiatry. Dr. Arif Daksh, the first statement about separation is as follows:

“My boyfriend, my friends; on 12.02.2021, I left the program with Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert, with whom I have been consulting since 2008, of my own free will. First of all, Müge Anlı and Rahmi Özkan I always respect and love, and especially Taner Ercan. For example, I would like to thank Mavi Klaket Yapım. Knowing the limitations of my deontology and treatment is my lifestyle, my insurmountable line, my professional policy. And I do not want to lose my health in the end. I am not offended by anyone, I sincerely wish everyone success … Best wishes … “

Arif Daksh, who has been on screen for almost 13 years, shared the reason for the breakup based on his personal sensitivity in sharing. However, recently his associate programmer Professor. Dr. He had to explain the truth when social media users reminded him of his argument with Shevki Sozen. Skilled, from his followers, “Hodja, you broke on মুখevki teacher’s face, didn’t you? That’s the reason for your anger.” In the comments, “Yes, thanks.” He said.

Who is Arif Verimli?

Date of birth: June 1, 1954

How old are you: 66 years old

From where : Antalya

Arif Daksh, known as Arif Haq, whom we are accustomed to seeing on television screens, was born on June 1, 1954 in Antalya as the 4th child of a well known businessman. He grew up with interest and love as the youngest member of the family till the age of primary school.

He completed elementary school at Namik Kamal Primary School in Antalya and secondary and high school in Antalya.

From a young age, he thought about his future. When he was in high school, he dreamed of becoming a physics engineer. A physics teacher, a physics engineer, changed his outlook on life. In university entrance exams, he graduated from physics engineering, which was the dream of his youth.

Although he won, he was admitted to the Faculty of Medicine at the insistence of his family. Ever since he entered the Faculty of Medicine, he has not become a general practitioner. In those years, Bursa Medical Faculty (today’s Uludag University Faculty of Medicine)

He taught in Istanbul. At the decision of the university, the school was shifted to Bursa. After a while, the students return to Istanbul with the idea that studying in Bursa would not be good. Arif Daksh and his five friends did not return.

He decided that this year he would be in close contact with people who had been professionally influenced in his medical life.

At the beginning of these people, their very valuable teacher Professor. Dr. Bilgen and Suna Taneli are coming. Arif Daksh said in his mind about his decision to become a psychiatrist while studying in 4th class;

-Arif, why do you want to choose the psychiatric department? He gave the following answers to the Chairperson:

-Generally, physicians do not want to be away from patients, they want to be close to their patients. I want to get involved.

He has completed his specialized training with the right people. He devoted his whole brain to becoming a scientist.

He became a doctor of medicine in 1977. A few months later he became a psychiatric assistant. She married Aidan Haneem in 1978 and their first child Ural was born in 1980 and their second child Aras was born in 1984.

Daksh, who became a specialist in 1982, completed his military service at Adana Military Hospital between 1982-1983.

In 1983, he started as a main assistant in Bakırköy Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital with the appointment of compulsory services.

From this moment until the day we come, he has worked as a soldier on the modernization and scientific level of Bakırköy Psychiatric and Neurological Hospital.

Between 1994-2003, Bakırköy continued as the Chief Physician of the Psychiatric and Neurological Diseases Hospital, Professor. Dr. Arif Daksh continues his services as the head of the 5th Psychiatric Clinic of the same hospital.

His biggest dream was an organization in which he worked.

He has participated in many scientific congresses in his professional life as a speaker and general secretary.

The seminars he gave to protect young people from drugs and alcohol drew attention, especially in high schools across Istanbul.

Skilled, who has far more scientific articles and essays than he can remember, he also has a very large collection of hand-crafted model ships that he keeps an eye on.

The Marriage Counseling Center, UMATEM, 182 Light of Hope Line, and the Suicide Intervention Center, which he founded during his tenure as chief physician, still benefit society.

After being fired as chief physician in 2004, he was reinstated after winning a lawsuit against the health ministry. Which he could have done with adjustment, so he did not start the job and requested to retire.

Skilled, retired, he served as a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at Yeditap University Faculty of Medicine between 2005 and 2011. She is currently working on her practice as a freelance doctor.

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