Who is my magic mother Tuğçe? Who is Damla Ersubasi, how old is he?

Who is my magic mother Tuğçe? Who is Damla Ersubasi, how old is he? The identity of Damla Ersubaşı, who has held an important place in the history of Turkish television and played the role of Tuğçe in the TV series Sihirli Mom, has been the subject of much research in recent times. Damla Ersubashi was often on the agenda with her marriage and personal life. Damla Ersubasi was married to her husband Mustafa Kan Kesar in 2016. Here is the life and biography of the young actor …

The name of the actress Damla Ersubashi, who played the role of Tuğçe in one of the most popular TV series of the Canal D screen, Sihirli Mom, is often in the world of magazines. Damla Ersubasi, who made an interesting statement about her marriage to her husband, declared that she had been a victim of violence through her first healing.

Damla Ersubasi, who is remembered for her tug-of-war character in the TV series “Sihirli Ann”, who left her mark on a period and who is often on the subject of her troubled marriage with her husband, admits broken moments in her life presented by Baris Muslu. In the program.

Who is Tuğçe in TV series Sihirli Mom?

Damla Ersubasi played the role of Tuge in the series “Sihirli Mom”, which was followed by Çovuks with curiosity. Damla has acted in many TV series and movies after her performance in Ersubasi series.

Who is Damla Ersubasi?

Damla Ersubaşı appeared in front of the camera at a young age. The actress, who played Tuğçe in the Sihirli Mom series, which began airing on Canal D Screen in 2003, has also appeared in a number of TV series and movies.

Damla Ersubasi, who made her name with My Magic Mom, starred in the first Snake Story series. Starring Damla in the Snake Story series, the actress has worked with names such as Meltem Kambul and Chetin Tekinder.

Damla Ersubasi, who made a quick start to her acting career, then starred in TV series like Selena, Sir Kapisi, Asli and Kerem, Doctors, Arka Sokaklar.

Despite her young age, Damla Ersubasi, who attracted attention with her talent, later took a break from the screen.

Damla played the role of Jelis in the Ersubasi comedy movie Sabit Kankata, which was released in 2014 and attracted a lot of attention from movie lovers.

Damla Ersubaşı entered the World House in 2016 with Mustafa Kan Kesar. Damla Ersubasi, who has two children from this marriage, has decided to end her marriage.

Damla Ersubasi Mustafa Kan decided to divorce Kesar when she was pregnant with her second child. Ersubasi, who showed that he had faced violence and had been deceived as a reason for divorce, quickly divorced.

In an interview she gave, Ersubasi expressed her biggest regret “if I hadn’t gotten married now at the age of 23”.

What is Magic Mom?

Sihirli Mum is a Turkish-made children’s and fantasy television series produced by Gamze Ozar, which aired between 2003 and 2012. The series, starring Inci Turke and Shahap Sailgan, is about the adventurous life of a fairy named Betus, who married Sadiq, a father of two, whose wife has died. The series began airing on Canal D on February 27, 2003. After the 119th episode, it aired on Star TV in 2006. It aired for 4 seasons and ended on April 11, 2006 with its 131st episode. Five years later, on April 29, 2011, it began airing again on Star TV. After 3 more seasons aired, it ended with its 240th episode, which was released on March 10, 2012 and said goodbye to the screen. It consists of a total of 7 seasons. It is being republished in 2021 on the digital platform Exxen, founded by Acun Ilıcalı, at the request of his daughter, Sihirli Mom, and with various actors.

In the first 2 seasons of its broadcast, the series broke the record 36 times by becoming 1st. It was published in 2004 by Dogan Egmont, the magazine in the series. Won “Most Creative Product-Brand Development” award. On November 30, 2011, the 200th episode of the series was released. According to the rate announced by Google Zeitgeist, it ranked in the top 10 among the most searched Turkish series on Google in 2011.


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