Why did Erbakan make the verse a slogan? – Ramadan Demir

He is the voice of Millie Gazette Erbakan and the man of the right hand. The headline of the magazine is, ‘Truth has come, lies have vanished’. Despite the warning, the source of the verse is “Quran, Surah Isra, verse 81 “ Is not written. It doesn’t matter if it’s written. Important words, authors or sources are written under the person belonging to them. The one who does not write the source uses the sentence as his own sentence, as a slogan; It’s called stealing, stealing. The servant steals what he steals from the servant. The verse of Allah in which extortion has taken place is now more than stealing, it is a matter of giving fatwa.

Every word, proof, miracle of Allah is called verse. Slogan is the verse of ideology; There is nothing wrong with analogy. Ideologies are opinions that do not accept expression and they express themselves quickly and interestingly with slogans. “Verses and Slogans” is an important book written by Russen Chaker. A person himself or verses (Islam); Or with a slogan (ideal). Those who do not know this difference will perish.

The source is not written for the rest of the verse in the newspaper; If you write, you will understand that the source of truth is Allah. Since the source is not written, it is only the representative of the rights and the source of that newspaper. This verse serves as a slogan on the wall and in the logo, as if it were a person’s own word. Interesting word slogan around the logo. For example, the slogan ‘One-sided revolution’ is clear. “Truth has come, falsehood has been destroyed”, however, does not serve the purpose of revelation because its source is not written; It is a slogan of relevant political perspective. Verses cannot be confined to one group. The verse has been brought down to the level of a word, not from Allah, but from the political group concerned. This is the real thing!

Let us come to the answer to the question why the verse was made a slogan.. Not by the ability of a person to direct himself, to pray, to say “I am a spiritualist”; “… this is a simple Arabic language …” (Nahl-103) The verse can be directed “through the commanded language”. The direction of Islamic thought is based on the “language of religion”. Culture, slogans, philosophy, God, etc. All the imported ideas like this are the language of Macron, Merkel and Trump. All four groups of ideas, slogans, trinity beliefs and trap information systems (philosophy groups, etc.); Those who cannot filter in the language of religion have no part in Islamic thought. This quadratic classification is a first. It is because of this ignorance that the verse has been used as a slogan. Call the verse a slogan and Islam has a provision of political Islam; Those who believe in Kalema-i Shahadah should also consider it. Steal verses and make a slogan; Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

The newspaper builds itself on the slogan ‘National Vision’. National opinion; It’s a slogan, it’s an ideal. The slogan is the makeup of ideology. In fact, it should have been an ‘Islamic perspective’. It takes prudence to be able to say ‘Islamic point of view’. Religion is based on the definition and classification. Your language reveals what your religion is. “Not necessarily the words of the Qur’an.” No one can get results on Islam by uttering the language of Trump or Merkel. Language is the language that commands Nahl-103.

Erbakan broke a record at the ITU, but the success was not enough to make the verse a slogan to call it an “Islamic perspective.” It is more difficult to form a sentence than to form a state.. Who came and went with the national newspaper and opinion? Those who say “culture is a matter of survival” are replacing Islam with culture, which c. Merrich called it a slippery idea; In fact, “Islam is our survival. ” The situation today is terrible again. Because in Turkey; In the name of Islam, there is no one to test the concept, slogan, trinity, trap information system. Don’t go for the national doctrine, which is an ideal, today divided into at least four sections and those with whom they have elbow contact. Because they will be more divided Change of ideology.

Parents take all kinds of personal lessons for their children to grow up. But they do not know the lesson of correct thinking, how it works. For a hundred years the test of right thinking has been negative. Because the words that the Qur’an calls ‘sad words’ make everyone sad. Everyone says in their written and oral statements, “We have no identity claim.” Without identity, everyone has become ‘ash-smoke’. If you read what I wrote on Afyonhaber’s page, you might as well rise from your ashes. “If you take your ideas from others, it is no longer your reality.” (Ibrahim Kalin) is destroying Turkey using only the concept of culture. There are a hundred more such ideas. Imagine a country that has destroyed its own reality hundreds of times over. Who has no part in thought; Let’s remember that. Those who can’t think fall vertically. Ideas, slogans, strong sentences, these are style, statements; “Declaring style, human at the same time. “

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