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The old Jonguldak road, mining facilities and social amenities worked like a movie set.

Dozens of films have been shot in the city, and its road and mining facilities were set by film companies. There were even movie-film companies in town.

Shooting date, name and technical information of some familiar movie that was shot in Jongulda and we can reach. In addition to these, a few short scenes shot in Jongulda and movies featuring famous actors in their performances have also made their place in the memory of the town of Jonguldak.

1955, ‘Fear of death’
1955, ‘Black Valley’
1958, ‘Emerald’
1961, ‘Purple Love’
1962, ‘The Stranger in the City’
1968, ‘Women Never Forget’
1975, ‘The Çatalağzı Well’
1978, ‘Fight for Life’
1996, ‘Bread’
2009, ‘Jealous’
2013, ‘Butterfly Dream’

1955 – Fear of death
“Fear of Death”, starring Belgin Doruk and Muzaffar Tema, was shot in Jongulda in 1951 and released in 1955.
Producer: Semil Filmer
Director: Mehdi Ozgurel
Screenplay: Sejai Soleli
Type: melodrama
Year of construction: 1955
Specifications: 35mm, B&W
Country: Turkey
The language is Turkish
Cast: Muzaffar Tema, Belgin Doruk, Turan Cefiolu, Neriman Koksal, Kenan Pars, Narmin Ruhsever

1955-Black Valley
Released in 1955, filmed at the Jelic Mine in Jonguldak. Parts were told from the lives of working miners. Moving image …
Director: Nekati Kamal Kakus
Screenplay: Fikret Arit
Producer: Turgut Demirağ, Temel Karamahmut
Photographer Menasi Filmeridis
Genre: Drama
Specifications: 35mm, black and white
Cast: Kenan Artun, Neriman Koksal, Wa Sensev, Temel Karamahmut, Feridun Colgesen, Atif Kaptan, Gani Turanli, Laila Neil

It was shot in 1958 at Chatalaji and Jongulda.
Director Lutfi O. Akkadian
Black and white
Actors: Kolpan Ilhan Ferid, Fikret Hakan Dr. Selim, Sadri Alisik, Dr. Fuat, Ulvi Uraj, Kamuran Yus, Nejat, Atif Captain Zia, Osman Turkoglu Steward.

1961-Purple love
The 1961 movie was about the love story of a music teacher.
Genre: Adventure, Romantic
Director: Hussein Payada
Screenwriter: Hussein Payada
Cast: Hussein Paida, Renan Phosphoroglu, Nakedate Tosun, Daniel Toptan, Laila Altan

1962-Stroker in town
It is a Turkish film, representative of the realist movement, directed by Halit Refig and starring Nilufar Aidan, Goksel Ersay, Reha Yদrdakul and Errol Tas.
Nilufar Aydan, one of the leading actresses in cinema, whose story was written by Vedat Turkali, won the Diploma of Honor at the Moscow Film Festival. The film reappeared on May 9, 2008 as the opening film at the 11th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival.
In the film, Aydin, an engineer who returns to Jongulda from England, defends the rights of miners.

1968-Women will never forget
It is a love film directed by Orhan Akshay and starring Hulia Kosigit, Aedes Hoon, Selma Guneri and Ahmet Mekin, Jongulda.

1975-Catalogy Well
On September 26, 1969, the Jonguldak Chatalaji coal extraction well was flooded. This well was drilled by TKİ within the perimeter of the project.
Turkish Coal Enterprises commissioned a 25-minute film Behlul Dal as a documentary.
Behlül Dal, on the other hand, has acted as a heroic documentary by hiring actors like Erol Taş.

1978-Fight for life
It is a film directed and scripted by Holit Refig, starring Fatma Girik, Kan Gurjap and Ahmed Mekin, and shooting Jongulda.

Directed by Ahmet Akansi and starring Fikret Hakan, Kazim Kartal, Demir Karahan and Murat Soedan, Jonguldak is a story of transformation into the work of miners. Miners who oppose privatization give a “bread fight” as a result of a general resistance. Note: “Work-Bread-Freedom” is the second film in the trilogy.

The relationship between Halit and his beautiful wife Mukarrem, who had just moved to Jongulda for work, was damaged when they first entered society; The first step in an anonymous relationship between Mukarrem and the son of the richest family in the city is taken here. Mukarram’s fate will be taken in a tragic way by his brother-in-law, who is jealous of his beauty.
Director Jackie Demirkubuz, who dives into the depths of human psychology, has worked on one of the most dangerous aspects of human nature, the “instinct of jealousy”, as the name implies, with the movie Jealousy. Adapted from the novel of the same name by Nahid Siri Orik, the film takes place in the depressing environment of Jonguldak in the 1930s.
Director Jackie Demirkubuz
Cast: Nihal Coldas, Hatis Aslan, Bora Genghis

2013-Butterfly’s Dream
It is a film about the poetic life written and directed by Ilmaz Erdogan. The movie, starring Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ and Mert Fırat, tells the life story of young poets Rustu Onur and Muzaffar Tayyip Uslu, who lived in Jongulda during World War II. Ilmaz Erdogan played Beheset Nekatigil, who was a literature teacher at the Mehmet Chelikel High School of Poets at the time.
The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards in September 2013.

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