73 children in 53 families are protected in Trabzon

Trabzon (UAV) – AK Party Trabzon deputy Bahar Ivazolu has announced that 73 children from 53 families have benefited from foster family services in Trabzon and that insurance premiums and cash assistance have been provided to foster families.

Deputy Bahar Ivazolu visited the two foster families living in Aqaba with Seha Saglam, Provincial Director of Family and Social Policy Trabzon, and AKM Party Aqabat District President Ahmet Hussein Altantep.

Ivazolu, who is closely following the work performed by the Trabzon Provincial Department of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, met with the foster family. Ivajolu, who is a guest at the home of Pinar Ertunak, who lives in Axaba and recently became a foster family for 3 siblings with her decision, and Şöhret Özkurt, who was a foster mother of 3 children who were not 5 siblings years ago, said, “Our people share. Loves to take, hug and be a home. They said, “They did not carry it in their womb, but they nurtured it in their hearts. They have become a home for our children and future generations. Through this application, 73 children from 53 families in Trabzon benefit ৷ We will continue to formulate policies that will provide better opportunities for our children who have bright eyes and bright hearts, “he said.

Revealing that foster family practice fills a very important void, Deputy Ivazolu said, “Children who are unable to be cared for by their families for various reasons are placed under state protection. The appropriate family is responsible for the education, care and upbringing of children under state protection and ensures that children grow up in a family environment.

Care, love, compassion

Noting that children always need a family environment despite all the opportunities provided by the state, Deputy Ivazolu said, “Under state protection our children need a family environment where they can support each other and feel interest and love. It is very important for her development. Taking care of her in a safe, caring and supportive family environment cures her mental problems and prevents future events.

The state bears the cost of educating children in foster families, said Deputy Ivazolu, “Excluding single-parent foster families, the amount of optional insurance coverage per husband / wife in foster families is covered. 1.601.28 TL per month. Contributes to his retirement.” Said.

Financial support to the family

Underlining the fact that children in foster families are constantly regulated by the state and that the family is financially supported, Deputy Ivazolu shared the following information about the foster family program:

During the service process, Foster Family Unit provides guidance and counseling services to foster families and foster children, and provides monthly support from 1,209.01 to 2,647.11 TL depending on the age and disability of the children. Payments are usually made. Monthly payments are 3 times the fee received and 2 times the amount received, taking into account the cost of clothing in April and October. In addition, fees for these courses are covered by public and private. “If they are sent to school or nursery, they benefit from free quotas. Also, all our children in foster families can get free health care from the state hospital.” – Trabzon

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