81 seminars in 81 schools of Afyonkarahisar City Council! … – Education

The motivational seminars, which started in December with the theme ‘It’s About Falling in Love with an Idea’, aimed at enhancing the quality and success of education of students and parents in schools included in Afyonkarahisar City Council’s 2022 Activity List. .

Emseddin Yasan, President of the City Council of Afyonkarahisar, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Education of Afyon Cockatoo University and Dr. President of the City Council Education Commission Association. Dr. He was accompanied by Igmir and Ramazan Yildiz, a member of the City Council Education Commission.

A total of 61 seminars were held across Afyonkarhisa.

A total of 81 seminars for 11th-12th class and 7th-8th-grade students of secondary schools were held in Afyonkarhisar Center and its districts in the scope of seminars which started in December. In the first and second rounds, two seminars were completed, 36 seminars were held in Afyonkarhisa Center in the first round, 28 seminars were held in Afyankarhisa Center in the second round and 17 seminars were held in the districts.

Chairman Yasan: “We have made this important issue our first priority.”

Emseddin Yassin, President of Afyonkarahisar City Council, emphasized that the purpose of the seminars was to provide support and encouragement to students and parents, and stated the following: And their parents. This is a very important and urgent issue for our city. First, the goal of our children was success and peace, that is, their spiritual relaxation. Of course, the peace of the parents was somehow dependent on the success of our students. We have made this very important issue our top priority and started our work accordingly. In this way we have created “Education Commission” to continue our work in a healthy way. We have been leading the way through our seminars on “Contributing to the Education Project” until 21:00 at night. Our goal as City Council is to build strength and morale for our students. ”

Mayor Yasan: “Our City Council has added a new dimension to its successful work.”

“During our seminar, many important issues for our students were discussed. These include working efficiently, taking advantage of time, self-knowledge and self-confidence, choosing according to one’s own wishes and conditions, not according to the wishes and suggestions of others, determining one’s future career well and choosing accordingly. Today’s situation is not based on profession and branch and choice accordingly. A lot of important information and advice has been explained with the example of students, such as being peaceful in the school of choice, which is not possible only with intelligence. , But work hard, but read with pleasure. We have been rewarded with frequent applause from our students. Our seminar programs were very good from start to finish. It has been quite productive. Thus, our City Council has added a new dimension to its successful work. We were very pleased with the presentation and explanation of our seminar work in the scope of this project. Effort is from us, praise is from Allah.

I would like to thank all our friends, school principals and students who have contributed to our seminar activities in the context of our “Contribution to Education Project”.

Erin Gokier: “Our goal is to touch our future youth. “

Professional student trainer Erin Gokier, who attended the seminar programs as a speaker, emphasized that Emseddan Yassin, president of Afyonkarahisar City Council and City Council, is an organization that cares about youth and education: it continued until 30:30. I have accumulated incredible experiences and memories.

Emseddin Yassan, president of our Afyonkarahisar City Council, is a retired teacher who is concerned about young people. He attended all the seminars without exception. He has given incredible strength with his presence and support. Good to know them. If you haven’t met him yet, I’d say go to the city council and have a cup of tea with my president. Children and youth will make the world beautiful. Every child has hope. As long as I can breathe, I will continue to touch the heart by spreading the light of knowledge. Our goal is to touch our future youth. In particular, City Council President Emseddin Yassan, Opium Mayor Mehmet Jebek, on behalf of the City Council Education Commission, Association. Dr. I would like to thank Arya Amir, Ramzan Ildiz teachers and commission members, Provincial National Education Branch Director Fatih Akil, our District National Education Department, our esteemed school administrators, teachers and my dear student brothers and sisters.

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