A teacher from Afyankarhisar University of Health Sciences has been appointed

From the Rector of Afyankarhisar University of Health Sciences:

Academic staff will be recruited in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Central Examination Procedure and Policy and Entrance Examination Regulations for the recruitment of non-teaching faculty members of our University.

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General Conditions:

1. To meet the conditions specified in Section 48 of the Civil Service Act No. 657,

2. Achieving at least 70 points from the relevant ALES point type, (ALES scores are accepted as 70 at the initial and final assessment stage for those who request to benefit from the Central Exam Exemption.)

3. The equivalence of the 4th and 5th grade system used in the calculation of undergraduate and graduate grades at the initial assessment and final evaluation stages is determined by the decision of the Board of Higher Education.

Staff conditions:

1. To be able to apply for the position of Research Assistant, the examination must be completed thirty-five half from the first day of January of the year in which it was held.

To apply for the post of Research Assistant in a State Higher Education Institution, one must be a graduate or doctoral student with a thesis.

3. Candidates must meet the required service requirements for recruitment to the relevant staff degree.

4. Applicants for the post of Research Assistant will be recruited in accordance with Section 50 / d of Act No. 2547 and in accordance with Article 31 of Act No. 2547 for manufacturing workers.

5. Assignments of teaching staff in programs that provide education and training in a foreign language, candidates must be in the language of instruction of the program for recruitment; Teacher staff will be responsible for providing compulsory foreign language courses in accordance with sub-paragraph () and 2547 of the first paragraph of the 5th section of the Higher Education Act dated 4/11/1981. Foreign language staff will be recruited for science; In order to recruit teaching staff in the applied unit of higher education institutions related to International Relations and Foreign Languages, one must have at least 85 points from the Central Foreign Language Examination adopted by the Board of Higher Education. Have a language, or an equivalent score from a test of equal quality.

6. Candidates who will apply for teaching staff must have at least a postgraduate degree with a thesis or graduate from programs that offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Those who have completed a doctorate or specialization in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine or have skills in the industry, who will be employed in the skills prescribed by the board of higher education of vocational schools and who are working or currently working as teachers in higher education.

Documents requested in the application form:

1. Production Staff Application Form (to be taken from the website)

2. Zedship,

3. Two passport size photos.

4. Copy of undergraduate graduation certificate and transcript,

5. Bachelor’s / Doctorate (if any) Copy of Bachelor’s Certificate,

6. An original or certified copy of a document approved by the Ministry of Higher Education equivalent to a diploma from abroad must be attached with the application.

7. ALES last certificate,

8. Final Certificate of Foreign Language Examination,

9. Documents indicating the status of military service for male candidates,

10. Certificate of service (those who are currently working in a government organization and those who have left will bring it),

11. Copy of ID card,

12. Documents showing that there is no criminal record (to be obtained from e-government),

Hot notes:

Applications can be made in person or by post. Applications made by mail must reach the Ministry of Personnel within the stipulated time frame where the application will be made. Our university is not responsible for untimely application, loss of documents and delay in mail.

Preliminary assessment and final assessment results will be announced on the website http://www.afsu.edu.tr and no separate notification will be given to the candidates.

Candidates will apply for only one of the announced posts. Applications from multiple applicants will not be considered.

For those who have been found to have declared falsehood in the requested document, the test will be considered invalid and no appointment will be made. Even if they are hired they will be rejected and they will not be able to claim any rights.

Application Location:

Afyonkarahisar University of Health Sciences Recreal Personnel Department Ministry Jaffer Salak Klaisi Drutiol Mahalesi 2078 Sokak No: 3


Application and Evaluation Calendar:

The last date of the first application is the date of evaluation

21.12,2021 04.01.2022 14.01.2022 24.01.2022 31.01.2022

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