Basketball children have not been able to go to school for 3 months!

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According to 2018-2020 data from the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TUIK) SchoolOver 90%, Students In Van, where there are 16 students per primary school, 15 in secondary school and 13 in primary school. EducationObstacles continue unabated. In contrast to shared data, in cities where classes are 40-50 people in many places, education-TeachingDespite huge investments in Turkey, there are still many districts and villages where access to education is difficult. Many districts in Van, where there were problems due to lack of internet infrastructure during the epidemic, are currently facing school travel problems. OthersOf Deringeçit villageFamous students cannot go to school as there is no shuttle service. Even 3 months after the school started, all the students who could not go to school even for a day are being victimized and one after another phone calls are coming from their parents.

Speaking to Sehriwan on behalf of the villagers, the parents said the road was used as an excuse and the children were not taken, and they are waiting for a solution from the authorities that all the students could not go to school for 3 hours. The problem of month education, which is one of the areas most affected by the epidemic process, does not end there. Students who continue their education in the rural areas of Van in difficult conditions in school bus, hot etc. Problems continue to be encountered. Students who have not been able to go to school since the epidemic hit the village of Deringjit in Basque are now stuck in a service barrier. Students who have not been able to go to school for even one day even after 3 months of opening the school, are getting one phone call after another from their parents. Speaking to Shehirvan on behalf of the villagers, the parents of the students said that their students were in financial difficulties and called for help from an approved institution.

Students cannot go to school

In the village of Deringescit in the district, where the problem continues to be acute, students have not received any response despite appealing to many authorities for help. Ali and. “Since the school started, no service has been provided in our village. We have made requests to many organizations, but no positive response has been received. Since the school started, neither my brother, nor my cousin, nor the village students have been able to go to school. As there is no shuttle service in our village, our students are not able to go to the district or center. Most of the families are not able to send their students to the district or center due to poor financial condition. Our students cannot go to school because they cannot afford it. It is being said that this time criminal action will be taken by the school. ” Said.

The village way is not sent service as an excuse!

The parents also spoke about their efforts to send a student bus to the village and made the following statement: We were deeply disturbed that our requests were rejected before the authorities came and saw them. I hope the authorities will listen to us and our children will continue their schooling. Due to the epidemic, our children are not able to go to school. Now they can’t go to school as there is no service. The people living here do not have the financial means to provide services. That’s why we want to help students go to school. The roads in our village are good. Because cars come and go from here and it will not stop the students from going to school. ”

The children want to go to school but …

Another parent of students who could not attend school in Deringesit village said: “The financial situation of the people here is very low. That is why the bus service cannot afford to send their children to school. We do not want to ruin the lives of our children. But all we can do is call for help. Here I am calling for the help of the authorities. Our students need a bus to get to school. An unlimited number of activities are organized for the children to go to school. But the children here can’t go to school even if they want to. ”

“School is the future of children”

Noting that their children have not been able to go to school since the epidemic, another parent said, “Schools have also been closed due to the virus that has been running for almost two years. After the virus subsided, the school reopened, but our children could no longer go to school. We ask the authorities to help the children. The future of school children. So they have to find a solution to this problem. They also need to help us. The villagers can’t even talk about their own problems. Today, the biggest problem is that children can’t go to school, but everyone is silent about it. ” He said.

Call for help with videos of kids who can’t go to school!

Meanwhile, students who could not go to school in Deringesit village have shot a video to explain their problems and help. The children made the following calls in the video they wanted to broadcast through Shehirvan: “We want to study, we don’t want to work as children. We want to have a profession. These roads are blocking us, don’t stop us, help us. “

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Date updated: 29 November 2021, 09:26

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