Blood-curd confession in the murder of Dursun Zehir, which is the subject of Mughe Anli’s program!

Ridge’s daughter was born on October 8 last year. Fatma single‘S Market Who left his home in his district and was never heard of again. Dursun poison(75) One of the 4 missing persons has been referred to court Yasin ShanalHas confessed to his murder.

He is the grandson of Zahir, Dursun, who committed suicide. Karim BakerThis was stated by the murder suspect Yasin Shanal.

The taxi driver mentioned in the incident Serkan Yogartku On the other hand, he said that he had nothing to do with the incident, he only helped Karim Baker in a different matter that he wanted to take a loan so that he could bet on a virtual website, the other defendant. Annes G. On the other hand, he said that he was not aware of the incident, but his friend Yassin Sanal could have killed Dursun Zahir.

Taxi driver Serkan Yoğurtcu, who was transferred to Pazar Courthouse after his approach to the police station, was released on court duty, while Anis GK was released on parole under judicial control.

Yassin Sanal, who confessed to killing Dursun Zahir, and Zahir’s grandson Karim Baker were also arrested and sent to prison.

On the other hand, the body of Dursun Zahir, whose search continues with the help of a construction machine on the beach, police divers at sea and a dead dog in Breakwater, has not been found yet.

“Karim told me, ‘Gather the money, we’ll share it.'”

Karim, the grandson of Dursun Zahir, told him to kill his grandfather and that he had money in his pocket, said Yasin Sanal, 24:

“- I saw Karim Baker in the morning of 04.10.2021 in internet cafe. Later, he came up to me while I was smoking outside. He owed me a lot and said, ‘I asked my family for money, but they did not give me money’. He asked me for money, and if I didn’t give it to him, he asked my father for 50 TL. Not my dad, but he ordered dinner. “I asked my grandfather for money, but he didn’t give it to me,” he said in front of an internet cafe.

– He said his grandfather asked, “What will you do with this money?” “I said I owe, let me repay the debt,” he said. He told me that we would move my grandfather to the internet cafe, my grandfather has money, we will share it. We even talked about these issues on the beach on Sunday. The next day, I went to Nasi Atabe Park to meet Dursun Zehir. Karim told me that Dursun Zehir would come here. He said, ‘Grandpa has money, take it, share.’ He said, ‘Take the money and remove the grandfather, do not keep any evidence’. For this reason, when he met Dursun Zahir, Karim asked Dursun Zahir, ‘Are you uncle?’ I asked. He said to me, ‘Karim, don’t you owe me money?’ Said I said, ‘Yes, he is indebted to me.

– If I think correctly, I said about 200 TL, my main goal was to buy 5,000 TL in it. Karim told me that Dursun Zahir has 5,000 TL on him.

Hit his head first, then cut into 5 pieces with a saw

Explaining how he killed Dursun Zahir, Sanal goes on to say:

“Come to Uncle Dursun, let’s go for a walk with you, I took him by the hand and walked towards the lighthouse together. He did not say “why we came here”. Karim always told me to ask for money. When I got to the lighthouse, I hit Dursun Zahir on the head with a stone bought from there, knocked him unconscious and dragged him to the well where the lighthouse was.

– I left him there and went to the airport construction site where I was working to get a saw. Then I went to where Dursun Zehir was. First I took off my shirt, only the pants were left. Later I took off Dursun Zehir’s jacket and took the phone from his right pocket with 5000 TL in his left front pocket. Then, with a saw in my hand, I cut off the left leg above the knee with the trousers. Then I cut off his right leg above the knee. I cut off his right hand just below his shoulder. I also cut the left shoulder just below his shoulder. I did not separate the body and the head. “

‘Karim left a garbage bag in the park before the event’

Sanal said Karim, Dursun Zahir’s grandson, had left a garbage bag in a bush in the park two days before the incident and he had dumped the body into the sea, which he had kept in that garbage bag. “I came back two days ago with the garbage bags left under the bushes in Karim Park. I left the body pieces in the form of 5 bags and threw them into the sea one by one. I watched the bags slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean for about 5-6 minutes. “ Used phrases.

He gave Keram half the money and his grandfather’s phone

Sanal added that Dursun Zehir gave half of the money taken from his pocket and his phone to his grandson Karim. “After the incident, I went home, took a bath and went to the lighthouse again to get Dursun Zehir’s jacket. After getting the jacket, I met Karim and got 2,500 L with his mobile phone and jacket. Karim asked me, ‘What did you do, do you have any evidence?’ When he asked, I told him everything that had happened and we left. “ Says

Sanal added that the reason he killed Dursun Zahir’s body was not where he left it, because Karim wanted to bury his grandfather somewhere else, “I killed Dursun Zahir at Karim’s persuasion. Dursun Zahir was smashed and thrown into the sea. Karim Baker told me, “Where is my grandfather? I will bury my grandfather in an oak tree near Talid’s tea plantation.” “I don’t have any information. I called Karim. After my mother died, I was treated for mental problems at the Ataco Psychiatric Hospital. I am currently on a heavy psychiatric medication. I also had hallucinations at the police station last night,” he said.

‘Yassin asked me to give him a loan, I told him I would give it to Park’

Karim Baker, the grandson of Dursun Zahir, who did not plead guilty to the charges of incitement to be fired, said that contrary to what Yassin Sanal said in his statement, Yassin Sanal asked him for money and said:

“On 04.10.2021, Yassin Shanal, whom I have known for 2 years in an internet cafe in Pazar district, asked me for 50 TL. I said I have no money, but I can pay if I get it from my grandfather, and when we meet at an internet cafe on Tuesday, I can pay. But I said if you can’t pay at the internet cafe, you can meet at the park and pay. He said, ‘Then we will meet.

– We left on the day of the incident, could not come to the park the next day due to grandfather’s hospital work. Anyway, I went to the internet cafe that evening. Since Yassin was not at the internet cafe and he did not call me, there was still money to be paid. I already asked my grandfather for 100 TL that day. I was going to give Yasin 50 TL. That evening we had another money issue. My grandfather was angry with me too. “

“My mother called me and said, ‘We can’t find your grandfather.'”

Baker added that this was the first time he had visited the police station in connection with the disappearance of his grandfather Dursun Zahir and continued as follows:

“I told my grandfather that I owed my friend Yassin that evening, so I would pay my debt at the park. He did not ask me about it. In the morning he left the house without telling me anything. So, when my grandfather left the house half an hour and 40 minutes later, I went to check on my grandfather at home after getting dressed. After I left home, I used to play games in internet cafes till 12.30.

– Mom called and said my grandfather is not at home, I looked at my grandfather’s friends shop. After wandering around the market for a while, I couldn’t find my grandfather, so I went back to the internet cafe. After playing games until 13.30, my mother called me again and said, ‘We can’t find your grandfather, call your grandfather’, so we left the internet cafe and looked at the same friends shop again.

-Then mother called again and said go to police. I went to the police station around 16.50. I left the police station when they asked me if there was anyone at the police station near 1st Creek. I told my mom about this condition and said they gave a statement that 24 hours have to pass, then you can come and post a missing person. When we couldn’t find my grandfather, we went to the police station the next day to report him missing. ”

“I learned that Yassin killed my grandfather on a TV program.”

News came on ATV television that Yasin Shanal had killed his grandfather. Sweet hard with Müge Anlı Revealing that he found out about it on the TV show, Baker said, “I found out that Yassin murdered my grandfather on the TV show that we went to look for. A friend of mine called me and said this. I have never met Yassin Sanal on the beach. We did not meet. We used to meet at the internet cafe in the evening. I did not accept Yassin’s demand. Yassin did not give me any money, phone or jacket of my grandfather. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Yassin aint for me either.

Torun Karim Baker did not agree with the criminal attack

Baker, who did not accept Yassin Sanal’s statement “he set me up” against her, said: “I remember 2 months after the incident, Yassin won 5,000 TL from an internet game and then she came to the internet cafe with him. And statements such as ‘I’m going to Istanbul.’ In addition, it appears that I spoke to Annes on the contact record. The reason I was able to take a taxi to the hotel after the incident was 10 thousand TL from my grandfather’s house in Arakli. But this incident has nothing to do with my grandfather’s murder. Yogurtchur has nothing to do with it. I do not accept the accusations against me.

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