Call for vaccination for children: this time for Covid-19 …

Ankara – The Turkish Medical Association School Health Working Group, the Turkish Thoracic Society Pediatric Chest Disease Working Group, the Pediatric Rheumatology Society, the Pediatric Nephrology Society, the Turkish National Pediatric Association and the Turkish National Pediatric Association. .

The epidemic has entered a new phase with the emergence of the new form of Kovid-19 Omicron, and all countries are facing a large number of cases, experts said, adding that “although the number of patients has increased in countries with extensive vaccinations. With effective vaccines, hospital admissions and deaths have not increased, hospital capacity has not been stressed. In countries where immunizations are not adequate, the health care system is overloaded with increasing numbers of patients, and the number of serious illnesses and deaths is slowly increasing.

Answer to the question: Vaccinate the children

The Omicron variant, like other variants, has a much lower incidence of infant mortality or serious illness than the adult variant, the expert noted, adding, “However, we should not forget that hospitalization, MIS-C and mortality will increase.

Noting that the epidemic has had a negative impact on children and has also resulted in infant mortality due to Covid-19, experts said, So wide? How do we reduce the number of school days in schools, where children live? How can we overcome family fears and anxieties while sending their children to school? How do we get our children and families back to normal as soon as possible? Expressing that the best answer to his question was “vaccinating children”, he said:

Safe vaccines are possible: Today, there are vaccines for Kovid-19 that have been completed in pediatric clinical studies, are safe, effective, and approved by international organizations. Millions of children and young people around the world have been vaccinated. It has been observed that inflammation of the heart muscle, which is very rare after the mRNA vaccine between the ages of 12-17, was not evident in the biotech vaccine, which is also used in our country. For this reason, European countries widely vaccinate children and young people with biotech.
Children must usually be vaccinated: As physicians who work for the health of children, we do not want a child to be affected by a disease that we can protect with vaccines. We want children to be vaccinated as soon as possible with the Covid-19 vaccine, the effectiveness of which has been proven by clinical studies for their age, approved by international organizations, and shown to be safe and effective in millions of children. And young people around the world.

Recommendations for increasing the vaccination of children

Recalling Turkey’s right to vaccinate people over the age of 12 on September 5, 2021, but the immunization rate is lower in this age group, the experts listed their recommendations for increasing vaccination in this group as follows:
– A national campaign should be launched on the Covid-19 vaccine. Public service announcements, announcements through social media channels, etc. Provide information about the vaccine.
– Vaccination campaigns should be conducted in schools with mobile immunization units. In the case of school vaccinations, prior notice should be given and only parents who do not wish to be vaccinated should be asked to sign a document. If there is no such announcement, children should be vaccinated. School immunizations will enable many children to be vaccinated faster, as all children will be vaccinated at the same time as their peers, and there is no need for parents to make an appointment or take them to a health center to be vaccinated. In this case, our country has enough experience and capability.
– Effective communication activities should be conducted in the school during the campaign. Seminars should be organized for students and teachers on how Kovid-19 infection occurs, how to prevent it, how vaccines are discovered and effective, etc .; Parents, students and teachers must answer questions through face-to-face interviews. In this way, the worries of young people, parents and teachers can be removed. Our children are our most precious resource. So far, we have vaccinated them against the disease. Now we say, ‘Come on friends, this time bring the vaccine of Kovid-19’ to protect from Kovid-19. (Wall)

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