Children of families abducted by PKK terrorists in Mussoorie continue their protest in front of HDP

Mothers in Diyarbakir support the initiative, which they hope will be reunited with their children, as families continue their activities on Wednesdays each week.

Families gathered in front of the HDP provincial building, “Public Enemy Party”, “You will leave our children”, “Ha HDP, Ha PKK”, “Turkish-Kurdish brothers, HDP traitors”, “The party that deceived the people” “” Give me my baby “,” Mothers are resisting “,” Now, think about it “and” Enough, leave our babies “.

Parents who did not leave pictures of their children called for their children to surrender and responded to the HDP.

Father Mehmet Jackie Budak told reporters that his son Yusuf Budak was abducted by HDP and taken to the mountains.

Revealing that she has been looking for her child for 8 years, Budak said:

“I’m calling my son from here. Joseph, wherever you are, come and surrender. I will continue my work until you come. I am calling HDP from here, let my son come now. What will you do then?” Did you take your children? You took my son for profit and money. I want my son from you. ” I won’t leave until I have a son. Son take refuge in your kingdom, we will come. You They are cheating you there, they are threatening you by saying ‘they will punish you. There is no such thing. Don’t be a servant to PKK and these tenants. Don’t waste your time there. Come to your home and surrender. “

“The state is the father of our children”

Mother Naciye Sönmez Yıldız says they continue their protest with 29 families for their children to be reunited. Says

Mother Gulbahar Tech has also revealed that they want their children from HDP and PKK.

Calling for the children’s surrender, Tech said, “Parents are crying and wailing here. HDP members send their children to study in Europe, they give our children weapons and send them to conflict. We want our children. Don’t be afraid, we are here. God is with us.” Be content with the state. The state is ours. Our father. ” Used phrases.

Support from NGOs and families of citizens

Education-Bir-Sen Deputy Chairman Muammar Karaman, who supported the move, said they had come to the city from Ankara to stay with the mothers.

Noting that all Turkish mothers are aware of the struggle, Karaman said:

“Every word of yours, every minute you spend here, finds its reward in the hearts of all the people of all the cities of Anatolia. Those who take these children to the mountains and those who help them will realize how wrong they are. We who are one and the same, the West, the Kurds and the Turks, have been in this geography for thousands of years. Those who live together. I hope no one breaks this brotherhood. You are giving the most important message. The weather in Mush is cold, but we can see how your heart is burning and how your heart is burning. “

Hussein Yদিldz, whose father’s son surrendered to security forces, said on social media that Ainulrabe (Kobani) had taken a number of initiatives after seeing his son injured in the leg.

Revealing that her son had surrendered as a result of the persuasion, Yildiz said:

“He is currently living happily at home. There is no such thing as ‘you come and rot in jail.’ The Republic of Turkey has a law of repentance. The terrorist organization PKK is sending Kurdish youth. There is no problem. No one should have the slightest belief that they are defending the rights of the Kurds. No one has the right to deceive the Kurdish people. Now. ”

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