Covid is not the only threat at school … Beware of these symptoms in children!

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Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during childhood. While some of these diseases can be prevented with vaccines, the only thing that can be done for others is to take steps to reduce the risk of infection in children.

In addition to the Covid-19 case, which has recently begun to appear in children, experts have warned parents against norovirus, RSV and beta infections.

What symptoms should be observed for school sickness and what steps should be taken to protect children? Dr. Mostafa Burak Seven And child health and disease specialists Dr. Semra to Akkush We asked.

Attention to children’s vomiting, diarrhea, and sore throat!

Noting that there has been a very sharp increase in infectious diseases with the opening of schools compared to the pre-epidemic period, Dr. Semra Akkus briefly talks about pathogenic infections in children.

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Norovirus: One of the most common causes of norovirus in children is gastrointestinal infections. It is transmitted through feces and infected secretions. It usually starts with vomiting and continues with diarrhea, headache, abdominal pain, fever, muscle aches and cramps. Since it is a viral agent, only treatment for the complaint is applied. Children with fluid retention may need hospitalization and treatment.

RSV infection: RSV is known to be the most common cause of lower respiratory infections in children under 1 year of age. It is transmitted through droplets and during contact with infected discharge. It starts with flu symptoms like cold, cough and mild fever. Some children may develop bronchiolitis and pneumonia during RSV infection. Children with symptoms of respiratory failure are hospitalized and treated. For premature babies born before 29 weeks and children with severe heart and lung disease, monthly immunoglobulin administration for RSV may be required for protection between October and March.

Beta infections: It is known to be the most common cause of bacterial throat infections in school age. It is transmitted by droplets. Children with beta infections have sore throats, headaches, abdominal pain and high fever. Diagnosis is made by antigen testing on throat culture and throat swabs. It is treated with penicillin derivatives. If left untreated, there is a risk of abscesses around the tonsils and cardiac rheumatism.

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Non-covid-19 infections have increased compared to previous epidemics

Noting that with the opening of the school, the non-covid-19 infection increased faster than in September before the epidemic, Akkus said, “It is very effective that all our children, who were completely locked in their homes during the epidemic, did not. Any disease, after a safe life, comes in contact with viral factors, such as in children who have just started kindergarten. “

Increasing the incidence of norovirus and beta infections in children is linked to laziness of our immune system. Mustafa Seven said, “Normally, our immune system comes in contact with a very small amount of many microorganisms during the day. We can compare these very low levels of regular exercise exposure by our immune system. “The precautions we took during the shutdown, we can prevent our immune system from doing this exercise, which could cause it to lose its form,” he said.

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There are other viruses caused by epidemics

Noting that the viruses that cause epidemics in school-age children are not limited to norovirus, beta infections and RSV, Dr. “There are other viruses that cause similar complaints in children and we are exposed to epidemics over time,” Seven said. Examples of these viruses are adenovirus, rotavirus, rhinovirus, influenza virus and parainfluenza virus.

In that case everyone should wear a mask

So how can we protect children from this virus? Experts emphasize that other methods of protection against infection are similar to the Covid-19 system.

Dr. Seven emphasizes that, first of all, hand washing is very important and it is necessary to wash hands as often as possible with skin-friendly and anti-allergen soap.

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“When to wash your hands and use disinfectant and what is the difference between the two. It should be kept in mind that disinfectants will not clean the dirt we see on our hands and disinfectants will be ineffective unless these contaminants are removed by hand washing. The use of masks plays a great role in preventing such viral infections. Clothes and surgical masks do not protect us from infected people or microorganisms hanging in the air. The purpose of these masks is to prevent infection between us from long distance travel including our cough. For this, the use of masks is an effective method of protection if everyone in the environment is wearing a mask.

Covid is not the only threat in school ... Pay attention to these symptoms in children

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Dr. Akkus, on the other hand, explains to parents that the methods used to protect their children are as follows:

“To strengthen our children’s immunity, you should eat a balanced diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics, create outdoor activities and help them with regular vitamin D supplements. Regular ventilation in the classroom at school, keeping windows open as much as possible, the importance of masks, distance and hygiene monitoring reduce the rate of infection. ”

Children with chronic illness must be vaccinated against the flu

Even without Covid-19, it is important to be sensitive about not sending sick children to school. “Whether or not Kovid-19 has symptoms, it’s helpful to avoid contact with people who have symptoms of infection,” Seven said. It’s important that we show the same care in the people around us when we find similar discoveries in ourselves or in our children. “

Dr. Akkus, on the other hand, highlighted the importance of the vaccine in preventing the flu pandemic, saying, “Last year, we did not experience the pandemic because of closed schools and the use of masks. Since we can’t predict this year, especially our children with chronic diseases should get the flu vaccine. ” He used his words and added:

“Again, postponing childhood in the national immunization calendar due to epidemics, combined with opposition to vaccinations, could lead to epidemics related to diseases such as measles and diphtheria. Therefore, all vaccinations for our children should be completed in our national immunization calendar. ”

Dr. Noting that seven school-age viruses are most likely to cause self-limiting infections, he said, “Although their significant risks are not very high, we know that each of them progresses with a clinical course that unfortunately can lead to death in certain risk groups. The condition is due to fluids and prolonged course of the disease causing viruses that cause diarrhea, increased fever, cough and shortness of breath, which raises suspicions that the results have progressed to lung viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. Focus on daytime fever. ” Says

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