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I want to talk to you about the “Republic of Antalya”, which is located in the Republic of Turkey. Antalya is the city of the famous “How You Don’t Know Me” event and its aftermath.

Antalya is the city where life goes dark at the behest of just a few. Why the “Republic of Antalya”, because here the game is played by the rules they set.

In fact, before I start the article, I have a request. If anyone knows, please save this article on behalf of humanity. To Mr. Suleiman Soylu Let them send. Because, at the heart of this article, is “Republic of Antalya!” There is an insult to Mr. Soylu.

There is no one in the police lodging who did not know about the incident, so I do not want to give details. A person who fails to tell a police officer “I am your manager, son” that he is confronted in the lodging and how the people around him can play with the future of a family, how and why the authorities will not write. Silent about this ruthless behavior. My dear father began to instill in me values ​​like respect, dignity and conscience as a child.

Despite all the time that has passed since the incident, injustice and emotional persecution continue against police officer Ugur Ergun, which unfortunately does not surprise us. Huge directors, chiefs have expanded the boundaries to tell a police officer on duty “why don’t you behave yourself”. (Don’t call Ugur unnecessarily, I’ve heard you say these words to someone else)

As if it was not enough that they destroyed the life of a person with an unreasonable and untrue allegation like deprivation of liberty, which was quashed by the court decision, Home Minister Mr. By Süleyman Soylu I am tired of mentioning these people, who do not even take his guidance seriously, to Allah.

Ugur Ergün’s warrior wife Şükran Ergün is a nightmare for everyone involved from A to Z from day one. But unfortunately, he could not find a sensitive and fearless officer who would understand his problem. And as a last resort, সফkran had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Suleiman Soylu during his visit to Antalya. May God be pleased with him, Mr. Soylu, who listens to the problems of a policewoman in his busy schedule, he is his. “Do what you need, don’t be a victim ‘He happily boarded his plane, thinking that he had solved a citizen’s problem. There may have been people who did not follow his instructions, but unfortunately nothing changed. The instruction went from one ear to the other.

Meanwhile, a notice has been sent to the families whose residency has expired, to vacate their accommodation. They wrote a petition to extend this period 3 times and explained the situation, but these petitions always come back with negative results. If the governor’s bodyguards can stay in the lodge for 8 years, they will have to explain why the stay of a police officer with financial and moral problems has not been extended for a few more months due to ridiculous allegations. Their instructions were from the minister. Or the governor should explain why he has not made an appointment with this citizen for 18 months. In fact, they have to explain why they did not follow the instructions of the Home Minister.

The eldest son of the family won the college with a scholarship. But a week later, will she be able to go to college because they don’t have a home to live in? Or empathize and imagine yourself in the frustration of this family. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

April 6 The calf’s tail will break. It is the last day to vacate their homes. This family with two children who could not get home due to extra rent will be hanged on the street, we are talking about the state police. Otherwise, I will invite local, national and international media to Antalya. I will reveal that the state, which embraces refugees, victimizes the police and their families in enforcing its own laws because no one wants it.

Let go of anger, rage, ego gratification. Find a solution to this family problem. The solution is to look at a phone. We do not want a residence whose porch is gleaming with government money. Even if you only extend the stay for a few months, you will find a solution to the problem.

You don’t have to deal with the rules to increase the peace of the police, if you listen to the problems of the police, it will be enough for them to have peace.

When you close your eyes and plug your ears, painful events that I don’t want to worry about are not solved.

Do not spread congratulatory message a few days before the start of Ramadan. You can deceive those who do not know the facts, but you cannot deceive my omniscient Lord. If you don’t want to in this world, you will surely ask for an account of these sufferings in the next world. If you don’t believe, ask your elders.

Mr. Suleiman Soylu, I know you are working at a very fast and tiring pace. But as an authority over these people, ”Why was the instruction I gave not implemented?I sincerely want to ask you. Ask everyone to know their place. We said what we said, let the thought of the flute I played end.

No matter who they are, no one has the authority to poison the lives of others by displaying power and strength without their own authority. No one has the authority to tell state police, “Why don’t you behave yourself?” If you say that we said this with a paternalistic attitude, then show your paternalistic attitude to solve this housing problem so that we believe in your sincerity.

I remember my elders, the martyrs of my heart, my father and my soul with love, respect and gratitude.

Behan Kozanoglu Bikin / [email protected]

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