Distance education for future doctors from the University of Health Sciences

University of Health Sciences (SBU) Students of the Faculty of Medicine in GulhanDue to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, it continues to run both remotely and face-to-face within the framework of our training system.

Gulhane Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Professor. Dr. Mehmet Ali Gulselik gave a statement to AA correspondent about the training given to medical students during the epidemic.

After the decision to suspend education across Turkey on 13 March, the rector of the University of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Dr. Led by Cevdet Erdöl, the Vice Rector in charge of education, Prof. Dr. Dr. Revealing that a study on online education has been started with the help of Yunus Karakok, Gulchelik said that all the lessons of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class were uploaded to the system by video / audio recording and made available to the students.

Professor Dr. Gulchelik said that as a medical faculty in Gulhan, they also conducted online exams in the academic year 2019-2020. There are some 5th term students left to practice. ” Says

“Practical training of interns is conducted in non-covid department”

Gülcelik provided the following information on how to conduct practical training for intern doctors:

“Some of our interns have some practice left. We have trained them less according to YÖK’s circular and epidemiological rules, without supervision, working with a teacher on certain days of the week, without contact. Working with patient and non-covid departments. . ”We gave a training as homework within the framework of the project. We have evaluated them. Thus, we have completed the spring 2020 term. “

Professor Dr. Gülcelik said that despite the epidemic continuing during the 2020-2021 education period, they did not disrupt their educational activities. “In August, we planned to train interns to work together with non-shift and non-covid faculty members. We had no problems training interns.” Says

The training of 4th and 5th semester has started in September. Dr. Gülcelik said: “We have 8 internships in Term 4 and 21 internships in Term 5 with our instructors. We have determined how our clinical practical internships and theoretical courses will be conducted at the Commission’s decision.” He said.

Gulchelik said students can give their theoretical lessons online, with pictures, words and slides of the lecturers, and the students give them practical training in pairs in non-covid areas with the lecturers one by one with suitable patients. , And sometimes in the operating room environment.

Noting that students in the medical faculty semesters 4 and 5 also give their exams online and in writing, Gülcelik said that they have started semesters 1, 2 and 3 from October 7.

1600 medical students benefit from online education “

Indicating that they have chosen a hybrid model in their training, Gülçelik continues as follows:

“Our lecture halls have a recording system where they can follow the lessons live. Our students can also follow their lessons from home with pictures and words of the teachers. We have divided our students into three groups. We have separated our tables according to the rules of being a student on the meter, disinfection.

Emphasizing on the 100-year teaching history of Gulhan Medical Faculty, Gulchelik said, “We have only 3 different groups of students in our medical faculty. There are civilian students, military students, friendly and allied military students. We have 1700 students. We plan education. To help everyone. We are working with our teachers. We provide these trainings one by one with our teachers. We have assigned one teacher for every two students and together we have established this system. ” Used phrases.

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