‘Don’t bother with your questions’ advice for kids just starting school

Manisa Cellular Bayer University (MCBU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr. Hassan Kandemi spoke with the Anadolu Agency (AA) about the impact of school opening on families and children, and the steps that can be taken to prevent children from having problems adapting to school.

Noting that this year, due to a new type of coronavirus situation, the schools started in a slightly different situation than before, Kandemir said that this situation could cause concern for some parents and emotional distress for the children.

Noting that it is normal for all children who have just started school to be anxious during the school adaptation process, Kandemi emphasized that a communication model can alleviate fears and anxieties in children by considering their personal characteristics.

“Mothers and fathers will say, ‘Will my child be able to adapt, will he have a problem?’ This process is difficult to perform when he is anxious and worried. Parents and teachers at school have a responsibility here. Each child needs to be shown a method according to his own individual and unique characteristics. Sometimes it is normal for this child to cry and have difficulty It won’t be a problem. We see rot approaches like ‘get comfortable, get used to it’. These are definitely not the right approach. ” He said.

“Don’t bother the child with school questions”

Insisting that children from families who have just started school occasionally share their children’s excitement, Kandemir said that when they return home, they ask the child many questions about school. Do you live This kind of question can make a child tired, even some of the things that he can express. When you try to understand, you will find healthier information. “

“School should be described as an exciting and enjoyable place”

Professor Dr. Kandemir said the school should primarily be explained to new students as a place for games, recreation, socialization and learning, and the following recommendations should be made:

“You keep asking the kid, ‘Did something happen today, did you have a problem, did you have a problem?’ If you ask the child, ‘I wonder if there is a problem, is the school a problem, is there a problem, or do I have to come home and share everything?’ There are such thoughts. However, for the school child, it is an environment where the child goes to play, have fun and have fun. Speaking of school, everyone thinks of a great expectation for success. Especially children from families who have just started school should tell their child, ‘You are going to have fun, have fun, play there. Friends, and learn something good during this time. ‘ For a novice child, school should be described as an exciting and enjoyable place. The positive image must be conveyed.

Noting that sending children to school in anticipation of academic success is a psychological burden, Kandemi continues as follows:

“When the child starts school, we push him into a great competition. We have a tremendous expectation of success. The system can tell us to produce olives, and if everyone follows olives no matter what their soil is suitable for, you may not be.” It is possible to get olives from that soil, but from that soil you will probably get the most beautiful walnuts or grapes. An appropriate method should be shown for this. “

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