Eskişehir Ormanspor’s 41-year-old playmaker has backed the team with his goals

Eskiেehir Orman plays in the men’s handball Super League The gameIts playmaker, Ramazan Donne, had a part in keeping his team at the top through his goals.

Handball at the age of 10, his own town Rise, Islampasa The game The 41-year-old athlete, who started at his club, later wore Ankara Kankaya Belediespor and Besiktas jerseys.

Donne, who continues his active sports career in Eskihir Ormanspore as a right playmaker, is also a physical education teacher at Ahmet Yenar Secondary School in Sultanbeli, Istanbul.

Döne, who with his experience guides athletes younger than him in the team, also carries the burden of team scores. Don has broadcast 134 times in the opponent’s net in 17 league matches in the 2021-2022 season. Eskişehir is fourth in the Ormanspor League with 476 goals and Antalspor is second only to Ali Emre Babacan, who scored 147 goals in the Ramadan Don.

Veteran handball player Ramzan Dawn told AA correspondent that he played handball, which he started in 1991, for more than 400 national teams of different ages.

Noting that he has not changed much clubs throughout his career, Donne said: “Apart from Islampasa, I have played 8 seasons for Ankara in Kankaya Belediespor and 15 seasons for Besiktas. In fact, we are moving step by step towards our goal. We are moving forward to realize our dream in both the league and the Turkish Cup. ” He said.

“I want to put handball in children”

Ramzan Dawn explained that the manager and students at Sultanbeili’s secondary school, where he worked as a physical education teacher, supported him.

Noting that his classmates and schoolmates watched the matches on screen, Don carried out the following:

“When I go to school after the match, they always comment on the encounter. It’s a nice feeling for me. When I started school, when I said my name, the students searched me on Google. The next week, when I go to class, They make a lot of sentences like ‘I saw your video, teacher’. “This kind of situation is very good for children to like it. I want to start a school team in the handball branch Istanbul. I want to teach handball to the children there. “

Noting that he contributed to the team’s scoring in support of his teammates, Don said: “My teammates have a lot of effort in this regard. Thanks to them, I can score a lot of goals. Let it flow. It will come out at the end of the season. ” Used phrases.

“I think too young”

Döne said he was constantly talking to Eskişehir Ormanspor’s young players.

Talking about his contact with them, Dawn said:

“I share my experiences with young people with examples from myself. There are talented and successful kids. I hope they can play in top leagues like us, abroad and in national teams. I really enjoy playing with young people and sharing their experiences. With them. I’m always behind young people. I’m 41, but I don’t feel that age. ” “I love handball because I think I’m too young. I play as much as I can. I don’t. I have no other plans in life because I still want to play. After I stop playing handball, I can coach and manage, but it’s still. Come on. I have another year or two. “

The veteran says that although the men’s handball Super League has quality teams and players, they have difficulty fighting opponents because they are on the international stage.

Emphasizing that clubs should invest more in handball, Dawn said, “In this way, we can achieve success in Europe. This will be achieved through the success of national team and league teams. I hope one day we will achieve this. With both national and club teams Success in the international arena. ” Evaluated her.

Eskişehir Ormanspor's 41-year-old playmaker has backed the team with his goals

Eskişehir Ormanspor's 41-year-old playmaker has backed the team with his goals

Eskişehir Ormanspor's 41-year-old playmaker has backed the team with his goals

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