Fenerbahce and Kukurova full support for foreign decisions in basketball

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Safiport and Kukurova, the two most ambitious teams in our league, made a statement on the matter before the Turkish Cup final in Fenerbahce.

‘It’s too late’

Kukurova Basketball captain Esra Ural Topuz, who took the Turkish Cup to his museum, said the decision was very positive and said, “Until next year, 3 foreigners will play in the Turkish League and I think it is a good but late decision for Turkish players. Our national team was a national team that watched 2 Olympics, played in the World Championships and won medals in Europe and our big sisters always played in their team and won them.

Due to foreign rule we can take less time and responsibility. This really drags down the performance. I think our national team will reach where they deserve next year. I am also waiting for the order in which the two Turks will take the field, “he said.

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‘There will be confusion’

Commenting on the criticism that the new rules will make it difficult for teams in Europe to succeed, the successful player said: “There must be a time of confusion if Turkish players do not play much. It’s real. However, I trust all my basketball player friends. We, as Turkish women, are confident in ourselves and know what we can achieve. By making this decision, our elders have given us a chance and we will fight to the end not to embarrass them and to show the strength of Turkish women. Last year’s Eurocup champions Valencia won with their own players, not with foreigners. When we play, we gain experience and get used to being on the field, we can take our team to a bigger place. ”

‘The cup will come to Mersin’

Finally, Esra, who also commented on the Euro Cup Final Four, said: “First of all, I would like to thank Serbia Evergen, the president of our club, for giving us all these opportunities. He does everything he can to keep an athlete focused on basketball. Sometimes it seems like that. Everything is prepared before we request. We hope to reward his efforts with a trophy. That’s why I want to win. Of course the matches are won on the field, it is not possible to say anything before going on the field, but we are aware of our staff and our strength. I hope we bring the trophy to Mersin, “he concluded.


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‘There was no time left in Europe’

Fenerbahce Safiport captain Tuğçe Canitez said he agreed with Esrar and said: “I think this rule is very good. This is a rule that will reflect the value of both Turkish players and, as Esra says, can take us far above the national team. When you look at it, there comes a time when we can’t show the performance we expect in the national team after a team that has done very important work in the international arena. So I agree with what they say; I say it’s a late decision. If this order had been passed earlier, we might have been able to run those tournaments better. I think it will be very good for us and we want all the clubs to support it. Everyone will see how good it will be for Turkey.
It turns out that so many foreigners that Turkish players do not have time in Europe. When we start playing there, instead of eliminating the team, I think there will be no problem in the performance of the Turkish players and we will promote the national team, “he said.

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‘Turkish workers are important’

“After all, there was a Turkish Cup,” Tuge said, adding that the Turkish players had performed their duties successfully. Turkish players inevitably take time in the league. We had friends who performed quite well. However, we needed such an arrangement to increase the number of these players and take more responsibility and take them to Europe. A good Turkish rotation has always been a big advantage for clubs, the clubs that contribute from Turkish players are easy to reach their goals. From now on, having a good Turkish squad will be a big advantage for teams. This will ensure that the Turkish players are ready. “

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‘It will be this year’

To express his views on the Eurolig Final Four organized by Sapphire in Fenerbahবাহe, Istanbul, the successful name used the following expressions: It has been our dream for years to lift this trophy. There were so many years that we came very close, but we couldn’t finish it. I believe we can achieve that this year. An organization that we will host. I think it would be nice. Hopefully, we’ll take that trophy to our museum. We really want it as a community and we feel we owe it to our supporters who always support us.

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