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The fourth face-to-face meeting between the negotiating representatives of Russia and Ukraine began yesterday at the President’s Labor Office in Istanbul’s Dalmabah. The world media has seen the discussion, which is expected to last for two days.

In the morning, first a delegation from Ukraine and later from Russia came to the meeting. The meeting began with an introductory speech by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In the talks that began with the goal of ending the conflict, a name from the Ukrainian delegation drew attention to the days when US and NATO targets were declining: Ukrainian Deputy Rustem Umerov …

Umerov is a politician who is the spokesman and executive of the US plan in the region.

The Crimean platform took part in the trap

The name Umerov is not foreign to Aydınlık readers. Aydınlık drew attention to the “Crimean trap” set in Turkey on August 17, 2021. Rustam Umerov was in the lead role of the trap. Turkey was also invited to the “Crimean Platform”, which was held in Kiev on August 23, 2021. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together international processes that could put pressure on Russia. The long-term goal of the platform is to ensure the return of Crimea to Ukraine.

He and his brother are photo-supported

A local source in Ukraine, where Idinlik obtained the information, described Rustem Umerov, one of the organizers of the Crimean platform, as follows:

“It simply came to our notice then. He uses some of the funds received from foreign countries for his personal purposes. According to sources, he participated in the US State Department’s Future Leaders Exchange Program (Flex) in his youth. Rustem Umerov was educated at a Crimean boarding school opened for gifted children by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Crimea, which was supported by FETO during the Ukraine period. His brother Ruslan Umerov (according to his credentials Aslan Ömer Qırımlı) also attended the school and is associated with FETÖ. Both brothers are referred to in Kiev as the “Children of America.”

Legalization caution

Aydınlık made the following warnings in the news:

“The participation of FETO-affiliated individuals by Ukraine on the Crimean platform and through them the impact of FETO on the Crimean Tatar Milli Majlis is extremely dangerous. This will play a role in legitimizing the FETO and making them an equal participant in the international agenda. At the international level, FETO’s ideas can be considered as Turkey’s attitude. “

Rustam Umerov is also described in the Russian media as an “American spy.” This definition is based on an important source; Ivaz Umerov, head of the regional national cultural autonomy of the Crimean Tatars and representative of the Ukrainian side, a Crimean Tatar like Rustem Umerov. The Crimean politician told reporters March 10, “I have many reasons to see him as a gray cardinal associated with the US spy and fugitive Fethullah Gulen.” He added that Rustem Umerov was actively supported by Fethullah Gulen and was part of the Nurku education system.

According to Ivaz Umerov, Rustem Umerov’s main job is to prevent Russia and Ukraine from reaching a quick agreement, reporting everything to US special services. It is also known that Rustem Umerov is the main owner of the commercial assets of the extremist Crimean Tatar People’s Assembly leader Mustafa Zemilev.

Erdogan: Peace alone cannot be lost

In his speech at the beginning of the meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his delight at the hospitality of the delegates at such a critical time and their contribution to their efforts for peace.

Wishing that the meetings would be beneficial for Ukraine and Russia, for the region and for all humanity, Erdoানan said: And has excited the whole world. We wholeheartedly support the discussion in this context. “

As Turkey, they never hesitate to take responsibility for peace and stability in the region and beyond, Erdogan said: “We believe that no one will lose in a just peace. Prolonging the conflict is not in anyone’s interest. Everyone who dies, everyone “Buildings are destroyed, everything should be blown up or buried,” he said.

Erdogan said it was up to the parties to end the tragedy. “As soon as possible a ceasefire and peace will be achieved for all. We think we have entered a time where there should be definite results. From the negotiations. At this stage, you are the representative. You have taken on a historic responsibility as a member of the team. The whole world will benefit from you. And the good news is waiting. Under the guidance of your leaders, you are laying the foundation. Peace. We are ready for any contribution that will make your job easier. ” Shared his opinion.

‘If guaranteed, we will not join NATO’

Following the talks, a statement was issued by the Ukrainian delegation. The following statements were included in the statement:

“We will do our best to get the national guarantee. Crimea is very important. International security will not work in those areas, but we are giving official speeches. Several countries have already expressed interest in joining the list of guarantor countries. We want UNSC members, the United States, France, Germany, Turkey and Israel as guarantors.

“We are working for a deal that will ensure Ukraine’s sovereignty. We want a guarantee similar to Article 5 of NATO. If we are attacked, we will have the right to call an emergency summit within 3 days. If there is no solution within the framework of this summit, the countries will give us arms and aid. In this way, we can ensure the security of Ukraine. If we can add this clause, Ukraine will have a chance to fix its current situation.

“With this guarantee, there will be no foreign troops in our country and we will not join NATO. But nothing can change our EU goals. “

Crimea and Donbass

“Ukraine and Russia will continue to hold bilateral talks on the Crimea issue. We offer this in Russia today. Ukraine and Russia should not use force as long as negotiations continue. Because the Crimea problem needs to be solved. Donetsk and Lugansk are a slightly different matter, the presidents will settle it among themselves.

“We are actively talking about the referendum. Referendums can happen in some structures. Second, the international community must accept that a referendum is not a result of pressure. It should be done in areas where there are no weapons and where there is peace. No country should interfere in this process.

“This agreement has not been signed yet. We have only made one offer. We are waiting for their response. We have communicated our important policy to the other party. To date, we have already begun negotiations with the guarantor countries. We will invite these countries to a summit. We have made enough offers to Russia. If we can come to an agreement, we will have a multilateral conference, call the guarantor countries and run the process with them. “

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