Hair should be replaced at licensed locations.

Health tourism makes a huge contribution to the Turkish economy. However, hair replacement at the bottom of the stairs by unauthorized persons is negatively affecting progress. Hair replacement, which is a serious tissue replacement, should be done under the control of a doctor and in a licensed place.

In recent years, hair replacement by the wrong people has negatively affected health tourism. Emin Chakmak, founding president of the Health Tourism Development Council and interim chairman of Global World Health Tourism, answered questions.
In Turkish Health Tourism Within the scope of hair replacement How do you evaluate?
The acceleration of health tourism that our country has achieved in the last 15 years is actually the country which is in the first place in the world for hair replacement. Whether we are in the right place, whether we will get more, I will talk about that later. Although hair transplant surgery is an aesthetic operation, it is an application that should be performed under the supervision of a doctor, mostly in surgical and clinical centers. From a numerical point of view, we are sharing with you for the first time the numbers of 2021 hair transplants in our legal clinics and general hospitals. We publish annual statistics at the end of March. Before our interview today, all the numbers of our members came and we completed our statistics. Today I can share with you a very precise image. According to statistics, we hosted 1 million 286 thousand foreign patients in Turkey in 2021 and treated foreign patients from 168 countries. Therefore, part of the hair transplantation is 750 thousand people and this is a very good figure. In fact, our minimum expectation was about one and a half million, but these numbers are the result of official registration. Unfortunately, there are many or more, tax-free operations under the counter. Tax-free hair replacement performed by unlicensed and illegal persons is urgently needed for our country.

We are losing foreign exchange

Health in Turkey Hair transplant surgery in tourism Part of it is reduction Do you rely on it?
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The figure we can record is 750 thousand, but at least 2 of them can be seen below the stairs and unregistered. One of our board members, our beloved Minister of Health, visited the subject last week and brought the matter to the agenda. These arrangements need to be made as soon as possible so that we can move teams abroad. Clinically licensed parties pay taxes and taxes. So the cost goes up. However, the cost of hair surgery without a license and without a doctor is very low. These incompetent people are promoted as doctors especially with high money and uncontrolled advertisements and patients are deceived by showing unlicensed places. Unfortunately, this situation endangers the health and life of the patient and unjustly defames our country. Because our health workers who do this work with true professionalism are not to blame at all.

Uncontrolled hair surgery can lead to death

Those who do not do their work properly, Of underground operations Exceeded in number What is the reason for this?
Lack of law. Act of our Ministry of Health Can fill the gap. With a quick decree This is our elders They can make it work. This problem In the Turkish economy when it is solved Easy, hair 56 billion with transplant treatment Dollar turnover will be reflected. Lots of on-site exports We are talking about an important product. At home as soon as possible Supervision of the departing party Take it and those under the team Unfair competition in Turkey Destroys the environment Legal tax Given and do their job properly, Licensed and supervised We need to position it.
Secretary in Turkey Like an ambulance driver The hair of many unauthorized people What about yoga Do you want to say something?
In the Turkish economy Many contributions and Surgery is very important Hair replacement, which is a procedure The most important tissue in the world Is a replacement. Do it at the hairdresser It doesn’t feel like wearing a wig Necessary doctor Regulated, licensed and Planting in the right place This is necessary In the upbringing of the people Unfortunately, some healthcare professionals Share with our friends Big that stupid courage My graduate. Unruly hair Died as a result of surgery Even patients with disabilities. Due to that available Ministry visits and Increased punitive conditions Required

The incentive was effective

What about state health? His work on tourism What are they?
In particular, our Ministry of Commerce In health tourism Lots of incentives It was important to get this position For; Turkish Air International many ways There is an extensive flight network Has played an influential role. Yours বিল 10 billion in the national economy Dollar health and Tourism revenue generating tool Done. Of course, President Mr. Here We thank you. Because he has done it for 15-16 years Health reform In this case, the position of Turkey An important factor The vision is Mr. President And his team Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs We certainly don’t deserve it Required

In our country Last year Health Tourism With 1 million 268 thousand People come

Health tourism in our country Numerically, with its economic contribution In the world and in Turkey What’s the location?
At the beginning of our interview As I said, general health tourism It consists of 8 segments. These Medical tourism, dental tourism, thermal Tourism, spas, wellness tourism, health Tourism, barrier free tourism, healthy Life Colonial Tourism, III Older and active life tourism With 8 segments. All Health has gathered under the umbrella of tourism. All of this segment Through our country, 1 million 268 Thousands of foreign guests came. The end We have hosted people from 268 countries this year. And our statistical information from our members. We have recovered. This number Now through you We can declare this to Turkey. In this context Health tourism in our country .6 12.6 billion in economic contributions Near A great economic Contributed. Guess A health that comes to 10 thousand dollars In tourism, that is, 2 thousand in hair replacement. In the box but in a bone marrow transplant $ 150,000 for a kidney transplant 30 thousand dollars. The weight of the operation Changes, so When we take the average Average return on health tourism About 10 thousand dollars and we bought 12.6 billion in total The dollar is, in other words, the Turkish economy Direct contribution in 2021 We are in the situation. Don’t stop, keep going Keep working.

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