He confessed to cheating in court: Although my mother did it, this man deserved it.

On October 17 last year, 58-year-old Swat C. His wife, who was in the process of getting divorced, attacked him with a knife. In a lawsuit heard today, the woman admitted that she had cheated on her husband, while the couple’s children said, “My mother did it, but this man deserved it.”

Bread attacked with a knife

The incident took place on October 17, 2021 at a cafe in Izmit Seka Park. According to the information received, Suat 7. (58) Divorced wife Ainur 7. (50) Went to work to talk. While the two were arguing, Sweet C attacked his wife with a bread knife. Ainur 6. The assailant stabbed him and he fell to the ground. Enterprise employees caught the assailant when they heard Ainu screaming in pain. Health and police teams were dispatched to the scene based on reports from workplace employees. Medical teams rushed to the spot and rushed the seriously injured woman to the hospital in an ambulance. On the other hand, the aggressive husband was taken into police custody, arrested in the court where he was brought and sent to jail.

“I learned by searching through application”

Suat Ç., Accused of “attempted murder”. The trial against him began in the Kokeli 3rd High Criminal Court. Suat C and his lawyer Ainur C were detained at the hearing. And the couple’s son Ugur 7. (33) participated. Suat Ç., The arrested accused whose defense was taken, said, “Between 2019-2020, my wife Ainur Ç. I found out that there were many phone calls between Uğur D. and Ugur D. asking questions through the application. Twenty-four hours they had hundreds of meetings, conversations. To someone from my wife’s phone; I saw him sending messages like ‘Where are you, what are you doing, I miss you, you didn’t come’. Ugur d on the other hand. He replied, ‘I will come, my wife.’ When I asked my wife about the letter, she said, ‘You don’t know, this man is threatening me.’ I wanted to believe my wife, I left it for a while, at the same time I was researching this. Later, I told my son Ugur about these incidents, but my son told me ‘you are slandering my mother’. The reason I didn’t get divorced was to look for evidence and prove it to my children. I called my wife’s hairdresser friend and said, ‘How many times have you been with my wife during our wedding?’ My wife’s friend told me that my wife has only been with him 1-2 times. However, my wife repeatedly left the house saying, ‘I am going to stay at my hairdresser’s house.’ At that moment, I realized that my wife was going to Ugur D’s house. “

AW569486_02 (1)

“They intervened, I don’t remember the following.”

“Before my son attacked me, I was stabbing myself. I had a suspension decision, but since we have been married for 35 years, I thought it would not be a problem,” said Suat C., his wife, who went to work to find out about the incident. Since I was out, I was carrying my keys and my belongings from home. When he approached my wife, she pretended to spit on me and said, ‘What are you doing here?’ I thought I’d hit him on the hands and feet with a few knives. The people there intervened and hit me with pots and pans. I don’t remember what happened next. The last time I made eye contact with my wife, I stopped stabbing. I want to kill my wife, I hit her on the part of the killer, “he said.

He confessed that he had cheated on his wife

Complainant Ainur C about the accused said, “Sut has never been my husband or the father of my children. Uğur D. We had an emotional relationship with a friend I met during a job interview. We also talked to him on the phone and met him at his house. It is true that my wife intercepted my messages and I lied with threats. If I didn’t say so, Suat would hurt me. On the day of the incident, he did not speak to us and entered and stabbed me. He raised the issue with Uğur D. for 2 years and wanted to kill my son. “

“Even if my mother did it, this man deserves it.”

The couple’s child, Ugur C., also complained about their father, “I am 33 years old, I do not want to call the accused father. Over the years, we have been beaten by this guy, we were always hungry, he was always unemployed. I don’t see my mother cheating on my dad, but this guy deserved it even though my mom did. There is no suffering that we have not suffered from the accused, “he said.
The court adjourned the hearing on the decision to continue the detention of the accused.

Source: UAV

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