He won a gold medal in the championship organized in his father’s memory.

Turkey Bodybuilding Fitness and Hand wrestling Federation coach died in October Army ArslanOrganized to commemorate the ‘2022 Army Arslan Turkey Arm Wrestling Championship and National Team Selection’. Eskisehir badger off The game On the third day of the championship held in the hall, many competitions and medal distribution ceremonies were held. No incidents occurred as a result of the exciting competition due to the increasing adrenaline from time to time. In all, 2,600 people took part in the championships, with more than 2,000 athletes from 67 different cities sweating. In addition to the championship, the successful athlete said Everlen Serhat Arslan Of particular importance was the fact that he and his teammates competed in a championship held in memory of his late father. Evren Serhat Arslan, who won the 80kg category, said the gold medal he received at an event organized by his father was more meaningful.

“It is our duty to protect your labor.”
Successful athlete Everen Serhat Arslan, who won the championship in his weight class by competing in the championship named after his father, said they were trying to defend Senna Arsenal’s efforts. “I want to keep my father’s name alive in the competitions that father and son have been preparing for year after year,” said Arslan. We want to give our best in the national team selection and Turkish championship organized in the name of father. Today is the third day of the tournament which started on Monday. As Eskişehir team, 66 people participated, we are doing very well. Our goal is not only in weight, but also as a team to become a champion. If we are champions here, we want to represent our country in the World Championships to be held in Antalya. Our teacher is dead, so it is difficult for us, but it is our duty to protect his work. We will take care of it in the best possible way. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. We both lost my teacher, my dad, and my friend. Over the years, we have prepared father and son together. He stood behind us year after year. May Allah have mercy on him, we are sorry. I said, we will keep his name alive from now on. He will win as we win. A record number of more than two thousand athletes have participated in the tournament. It has surpassed 2,600 people including administrators. The most impressive national team election so far. We have about 600 female athletes. Although it is known as a game performed only by men, the interest of women is intense and we are very successful among women. Eskişehir and as a national team we are very successful. We are well prepared, we are confident. The Army Arsenal tournament is very special to us, we want to get money for our efforts.

“This year’s championship has attracted a lot of interest”
Rabia Kayahan, a 23-year-old athlete who participated in Gümüşhane and competed against her competitors in her weight class and became the champion, drew attention to the intensity of the championship. Expressing his delight at winning Turkey’s most prestigious Arm Wrestling Championship and national team selection, Kayahan said, “Everyone got what they deserved and what they paid for here. Speaking for myself, people in my weight class were very successful. I congratulate them all one by one, but there was only one winner. That’s why I’m happy. This year’s tournament has attracted a lot of interest from participants and referees. People from different cities come here for a purpose. I think sports and athletes should be supported, ”he said.

“Have a friendly environment”
Emrah Oku, who represented Ardahan and won the championship in Eskiেehir, said the organization had a friendly atmosphere. Saying that he would proudly represent our country in Europe and the world, Oku used the following statements:
“The company was very nice and very successful. All my fellow athletes are very enjoyable. Here they both enjoy the competition and have a friendly atmosphere. A little tired, I just got out of the final game. I became the champion of Turkey again. Each year, I have won championships in 75 categories. This year, I hope I will be the champion in the 80 kg and represent our Turkish national team and Ardahan in Europe and the world. “

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