Health-Sen Chairman Durmus: “We want to end health violence”

Health-Sen chairman Semih Durmus said they wanted to end the violence in health. Says

Durmus said at an extended provincial council meeting held at a wedding hall of the union’s Elazig branch, they fully supported the bill, which was submitted to the presidency of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly, predicting an end to violence against health workers. .

Noting that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has shown great desire to eradicate health violence by announcing on March 14 Medicine Day that there will be violence in the catalog crime, Durmus said, “We want to eliminate violence in the field of health. Rule. , “We support it to the end. However, it is not enough to just include the crime in the catalog and increase the punishment. Because there are a lot of problems institutionally. Working accordingly. These also need to be controlled, “he said.

Dermus said a safety strip should be passed to prevent people from entering the hospital with sharp, piercing and stabbing equipment, and demanded that security guards be stepped up where violence is most prevalent and that health workers should handle crisis moments at this time. Communication training will be given to

“We argue that compensation should not be withdrawn from healthcare workers.”

Noting that misconduct poses a significant problem for healthcare workers and healthcare providers, Durmus reminded that if a citizen suffers from malpractice, he or she can sue the health ministry and receive compensation.

Dermus continues:

“The point we object to is that after this stage the healthcare professionals seek this compensation. If the healthcare professionals are not guilty of any crime or intent here, we feel that compensation should not be sought from the healthcare professionals for the misconduct. Millions of lira are penalized depending on the surgery performed.

Nurses and health workers make thousands and thousands of injections a day and, unfortunately, are condemned to compensate for the hints and complications that result. Therefore, we argue that these compensations should not be withdrawn from healthcare professionals unless there is a fault or intentional act in exchange for the services provided by healthcare professionals and if they are not involved in any act that intentionally harms a patient. It is a very appropriate intervention that our Honorable President has expressed at this moment a wish that he will not be subject to any compensation for the medical intervention he has made, unless there is an intentional element. “

Durmus noted that such a desire is a very important development in the field of healthcare.

Durmus explained that the matter was being worked out in the General Assembly of the Assembly and that they wanted the union representatives to participate in the formation of the committee. Used phrases.

Additional indicators and contracts

Durmus noted that Memur-Sen had held two meetings with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on 3600 additional indicators, and that a third meeting would be held on May 10.

Dermus said a regulation on teachers has been made here and a regulation on prospective other employees will be made and they want the regulation not to discriminate between institutions.

Dermus says:

“What is given in one organization is the same in another organization, which is more or less given. We think that no matter what kind of decision is taken, the unity of practice must be ensured among all government employees. Each has a different application. We want to ensure that almost everyone, all service classes are included in the scope of this additional index and that pensions and compensation are increased. “

Touching on contract workers, Durmus said that there are more than 200,000 contract workers in Turkey and that discussions with the ministry about their condition are ongoing.

Durmus ended his speech as follows:

“If there is to be a contract employment model, we want it to be identical, not with 39 different titles. Although one employee of an organization has the right to determine the status of wife, another organization does not. They do not exist. There are differences between them. We want them to be controlled and to have an identity worthy of 21st century Turkey.

Durmus, chairman of Health-Sen: We want to end violence in health

Durmus, chairman of Health-Sen: We want to end violence in health

Durmus, chairman of Health-Sen: We want to end violence in health

Durmus, chairman of Health-Sen: We want to end violence in health

Durmus, chairman of Health-Sen: We want to end violence in health

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