Health workers on strike in Turkey: ‘We are at a time when our professional dignity and labor are worthless’

Formula, TTB

Doctors went on strike on March 14 this year, which is celebrated every year as Medicine Day in Turkey. Professional organization; They will be on strike today and tomorrow to talk about their problems against health violence, low wages and heavy workload.

The Turkish Medical Association (TTB) said in a statement that “the health of society is deteriorating day by day, and access to health is becoming more difficult. Although the health system is not sustainable, we must work under the threat of violence.” “We are at a time when our labor has become the most worthless,” he said.

During the TTB’s two-day strike; The care of emergency patients, dialysis patients, emergency pregnant women, intensive care patients and cancer patients will not be disrupted.

The Turkish Dentists Association, Health and Social Services Workers Union, Dev Saglik-IS, All Radiology Technicians and Technicians Association, Union and Solidarity Union and General Saglik-ISO are participating in the strike.

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