How should children be fed on the way to school?

Dietitian Sila Ozdemir; He said the following about healthy and balanced nutrition of children; “The period we call the school period covers the age of 6-12 years. It is a time when children develop rapidly both mentally, socially and physically. At the same time, it is a time where they get a lot of habits. In other words, it is a The time when they get into the habit of eating and it will continue for a lifetime ৷ “this period this period We have 4 important food groups here These food groups are very important for our children Groups of milk, meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits. We need to teach these to our children first and then raise awareness among their parents. At the same time, breakfast is a must. Our most important problem is the problem of avoiding food. Kids also have to skip breakfast. So, kids must have breakfast. However, we must emphasize that food should not be omitted. “

“Feeding bags are important”

Sıla Özdemir says children must eat the food that comes to school; “When children are not fed adequately and healthily during this period, they may experience weight gain in terms of growth and developmental impediments, small size and weight, which is much higher or lower than normal. In both cases their nutrition is very important. School success and performance. In addition to nutrition, it is important for children to drink 1-1.5 liters of water a day. At the same time, children need to eat school meals at school. Another important thing they should stay away from. A lunch box can be made if you don’t like or don’t have food at school. Oilseeds such as cheese, eggs, nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, which are rich in protein, can be kept in this bag. Again, high protein drinks like milk and iron baby Can be kept in the lunch box with. R do not usually like vegetable food.We ask their children to pay attention to the cooking and presentation of vegetable food to like vegetable food

“Fast food habits become dangerous at an advanced age”

Dietitian Ozdemi notes that children who eat fast food, such as hamburgers and pizzas, may experience serious health problems in later years. Teaching and slowly trying to eat healthy foods by tasting them.To choose food or vegetables, you need to try at least 10 times.In other words, parents of children should not decide whether they will like a food.Try 10 times No, they must eat vegetarian food, even if it is small, with forks. Also, exercise is very important during this time. How can eating habits become a habit? Being physically fit or moving to a sport of their choice, both during the epidemic and in the weight loss of their continued life, is extremely important. Strong. Regardless of the age of the children, they do the same with adults. . Please note that you need inspiration. Only the children’s share is a little less, ”he said.

“Some symptoms show an unhealthy and unbalanced nutrition”

Dietitian Sila Ozdemir said, “The most important symptoms that children show in unbalanced nutrition are problems such as weakness, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, attention deficit disorder or chills in class.” Ozdemir added that children should be allowed to eat one type of snack once a week, adding: “If our clients want to reduce the amount of junk food their children eat, they may be allowed to eat only what they like best. One day. It’s a reward for continuing to eat healthy. You can say you did. “

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