How will these children go to school?

We first discussed whether we should send children to school. Now we are thinking ‘how to send’. The ‘service problem’ is increasing day by day. In a sector where no business has been done for 1.5 years, there are not enough vehicles or drivers anymore … some students were left out; Some are waiting in line for service. Parents are rebelling, they want solution …

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(Pinahirlar / Face-to-face education will begin With this news an exciting process has begun for families and children. Students reunited with their classmates, teachers and friends … Families who were worried about how their children would get used to school again in the first week of school faced an unexpected surprise: service problems. Others start waiting for their kids in the room ‘. Because there is no service or driver for employees who sold their vehicles or left the industry to pay off their debts during the epidemic … Drivers advise that a time limit be imposed for those who have service plates and do not use it to solve vehicle shortage ; Families want schools to take responsibility, schools need to control their entry and exit times …

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‘Students are picked up early, delivered late’
Serhat Burak Harsat, school principal

– Rumors that face-to-face training will be disrupted lead to difficulty finding vehicles, drivers and stewards.
– Parents could not get refund of fees paid to service providers. They approach companies with caution.
– The number of students who want to use the service is low. Students living in different districts are put in the same car. The students were picked up very early in the morning and released in the evening.
– To solve service problems, the number of vehicles can be increased by extending the standard of plate and road documents. It can be ensured that service vehicles only provide service to public and private schools with an interval of at least 1 hour between service hours.

‘My daughter will use 2 visits and walk 20 minutes’
YK, guardian

My daughter is enrolled in an Anatolian high school in Kadiko. On the first day, the service representative said that there is no space left in the vehicle, they are trying to arrange additional service. But there is still no progress. I was in a very difficult situation. I have another kid in primary school and their time overlaps. My daughter uses two vehicles and can then walk 20 minutes to her school in Kadiko in a total of 45 minutes.

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‘Piracy taxi proposed’
Hakan Turgut, parents

My son is in 4th grade in a private primary school in Osmanbei. This year the school tried several service organizations. Then they say they can’t do it and leave us on the street. The school’s communications department advised a parent like us to talk to a pirate taxi. The three of us are going to find a simple car, but it is also quite expensive.

‘I gave an interview as a joke’
Aslihan Eldemir, parents

I wanted to hire my child, they said, “now full”. The school says, “We can’t open a car for one of you (3-4 kids).” I had a fun conversation with the vice principal. “If you want to register at a nearby school, I will help you. Can I bring your child?” Even if we send our children to a school near our home, it is not possible to go there alone.

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‘We can’t contact anyone involved’
Tugba kar, guardian

Since the school opened we have not been able to reach anyone interested in the service. I still drop out and take the baby to school. I’m pregnant and I don’t know what the future holds. Not to mention the traffic on the way out of school … we get to school 8 minutes away in half an hour.

‘No driver, age limit increased from 65 to 68’
Mehmet Uzel, owner of the service company

Many of our friends left the profession during the epidemic. This year, we are having a hard time finding both the car and the driver. The age limit for commercial vehicle drivers has been reduced from 65 to 68 with the release of the weekly notification. Car prices have risen. Traffic density is also a big problem. A shuttle route that took 40 minutes with students two years ago now takes at least 1 hour 10 minutes.

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‘They must use the plate’
Yasar Esenkaya, shuttle driver

In the epidemic, employees were unemployed for 18 months, they kept plates to pay off debts, but sold their cars. The plate is also limited, hard to find new. Some employees who sell their vehicles have plates in their hands and do not start. Due to this there is a crisis of vehicles in the market. The municipality should set a deadline for the plates to remain inactive.

‘We will cry in blood when school closes’
Engine Coroglu, shuttle driver

Servicemen who have not worked for 1.5 years, have taken loans and provided insurance and inspections. At the beginning of the season the vehicles go into maintenance. But we have heard that the schools will be closed … If the schools are closed, the service workers will be bloody. Some schools have canceled shuttles because the company can’t find a car and can’t bring students to school. Some parents do not serve their children because the school will be closed.

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‘Percentage received by companies is too high’
Gülcay Yıldirım, former shuttle driver

We could not look forward to the epidemic; The cost of car traffic, insurance, inspection, tax and maintenance was much higher and I sold my car. The percentage obtained by tour companies is also very high. I have decided to quit this job. If the situation changes, if I see a situation that will make money, I may consider returning.

‘I’ve been doing this for 22 years, I can’t go back now’
Üzgür Tekeloğlu, former shuttle driver

I did my work for 22 seasons without a break. But I had to quit my job during the epidemic. Now I got the agency of a shipping company. There was overlapping time between school and staff, we couldn’t even do the third or second job. The required fees in schools were very high. The service sector has a difficult time coping with costs such as energy, insurance and maintenance. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

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