Humorous face of Turkish cinema: Halit Akçatepe

Born in Istanbul on January 1, 1938, Ak সিনেমাatepe is the son of Sıtkı Akçatepe, who is best known for his role as “Pasha Nuri” in the movie “Hababam Class” and for Leman Akatepe, who successfully starred in “Yesilkam”.

Akatepe, who started acting in the movie “Nasreddin Hoka in the Wedding” when he was just 5 years old, then started the children’s section of the Istanbul City Theater and participated in about 40 productions until he was 15 years old.

Akçatepe, who studied at Yeşilköy Pension Primary School, Refik Halit Karay School and Saint Benoit French High School, joined the military after studying at the Sultanahmet Academy of Economy and Commerce for one year.

Performed at the University Youth Theater.

Akçatepe, who did his military service as a reserve officer, after studying law school for 2 years, instead of taking classes, he enrolled in the youth theater of the university student union and acted as an amateur actor in many plays.

Entering the cast of Muammar Karaka Theater, the actor started the Department of Social Anthropology in the Faculty of Literature the same year.

Akatepe began his professional acting career in 1960 with the play “Flood” at the Chamber Theater, and worked with Jackie Alasya, Matin Akpinar, and Kamal Sunal at Devecusu Cabaret.

He starred opposite Qadir Inani and Hulia Kosigit in the 1971 film “Three Friends” directed by Memduh Un. Akatepe, who crossed paths with Ertem Agilemez in the same years, won the admiration of the audience with his roles in “Beoglu Beauty”, “Three Lovers”, “Save Brothers”, “Sweet Delim”, “I Got From The Village To”. City “,” Mavi Bid “and” Ah Where “.

Ertem Eğilmez’s favorite face in the film, the artist became better known through the 1972 film “Tatlı Dillim”, in which he played the role of his daughter ITir and Ebru with Tülin Akçatepe, whom he married in 1962 and divorced in 1981.

In the Hababam class he played the character “Stump Nekmi”

Akatepe, who played the character “Stump Nekmi” in the 1975 film “Hababamklassi”, which was adapted from Rifat Ilgaz’s novel and wrote in Umur Bug, later left Arzu Films and started Genco Erkal’s Dostlar Theater.

Since the 1990s, the master actor has also starred in the television series “Saban Ascarde”, “Kaigiszler”, “Yazlikkiller” and “Bizimkiller”.

Akçatepe was awarded the Golden Orange Lifetime Honor in 2011 along with Mehmet Dinler, Tansel Kurtz, Peran Kutman and Engin Kagler.

The artist, who also appeared in the television series “My Father Left in the Class” and “Karaman’s Sheep”, wrote the scripts for “Shaban Pabuku Yarim”, “Expatriate Shaban” and “Driver Memet”.

He has acted in more than 60 movies

As a character in a passionate comedy, Akatepe has participated in more than 60 movies, many theatrical plays and commercials in his artistic career.

Akçatepe, who came to prominence through his successful performances in the most-watched television series as well as the films he starred in in Turkish cinema, established a throne in the hearts of Turkish audiences with his unforgettable characters.

The artist, who died of heart failure in Istanbul on March 31, 2017 at the age of 79, was buried in Karakahmet Cemetery.

Some of the productions starring Halit Akçatepe are as follows:

“Laila and Majnoon”, “Extended Family”, “Head of Family”, “Highlights”, “Living World”, “Help Your Right”, “Love Flower”, “Hababam Class Three and a Half”, “From Kamba to Rumbaya” “”, “Major” Our Love “,” Hababam Class Is In The Military “,” European Side “,” Yesilsam C “,” Hababam Class Hello “,” Fathers Hair Lastly “,” Reverse World “,” Soap And Shirin ” “,” Soap Is In The Soldier “,” Us “,” Half Of The Soap Shoes “,” Colorful Earth “,” Don’t Touch My Soap “,” Hababam Class Is On Vacation “,” Nightingale Family “,” Hababam Class Awake ” , “Milk Brothers”, “Luxury Life”, “Hababam Class Has Classes”, “Hababam Classes”, “Oh Where”, “From Village To Town”, “Blue Bead”, “Don’t Live Forever”, “Save” Brother “,” Once Upon a Time “,” Nasraddin Hodge at the Wedding “

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