“If you touch a mountain, a bird, a soil or a man, you will hear an ‘ah’ sound.”

According to TEMA’s 2020 report, 59 percent of them are licensed. 65% of Mughal forest is licensed for mining.

In addition to mining projects, new regulations from the Ministry of Energy, which threaten thermal power plants, HEPP and RES, thermal, geological power plant projects, coal enterprises, ports and construction projects, and olive trees, threaten nature and human life in Mughals. .

The level of destruction, because, threatens future TİP deputies The best KadigilMUÇEP (Mughla Environment Platform) Marmaris representative Halima ShamanLawyer Arju Alpar And a resident of Topkam village Jeannepe coskun, Kandan IldizProvided comments.

“Miners shot my parents”

Explaining how village mining harms nature and the village, Janep Koskun said the following.

Our water, which is the 11th most important spring water in Turkey. They are blasting mines. During an explosion, water veins are displaced. We are losing our potable water resources due to displacement. We used to call the place of mine ‘Dark Forest’ when sunlight could not enter. Now sand dunes and trees have been cut down in the mining area.
They are secretly uprooting trees, pouring sand and burying it under the ground. It is a death, a genocide. Unfortunately I’m alone. Many of the villagers say that you are obstructing our work. If we leave our homes, the mines will spread to our villages. We are under pressure to sell our house. My mother and father were shot dead. In December, my mom and dad go out when they hear the noise. They get to see a scoop on our animal food. Mom and Dad say you can’t. A worker is shooting at my parents. They hide in haystacks. They can’t even pick up the phone in the dark. Because they live in fear that their position will be revealed when the light comes on. Half an hour later she calls Gendarme. She can’t reach gender. Even though the neighbors next door hear the gunshots, they don’t go out. ”

“They want to turn it into a mining desert.”

Halim Saman, MUÇEP Marmaris representative, also said the following:

Mughal is a place where people come to rest and gather strength after a year of exhaustion. We were a place that made people laugh. Now, wherever you touch, your birds, your soil, your people, your mountains, the place where you can hear the word ‘ah’.

They want to destroy the green and turn it into a mining desert. While protecting our habitat, we do it not only for ourselves, but for the world and our country. “

“EIA not required decision automatic”

Noting that the Mughal Governorate has stated that EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) is not required for 71 projects (100 per cent) from 2021, lawyer Arju Alpar said, “The decision “no EIA required” is automatic. We are suing. It takes 7-8 months to file a lawsuit. Projects are completed until a decision is made. Meanwhile, the courts ruled that the “EIA must be”. Institutions do not protect nature. At the moment, we are at a loss as to where we are going. Governance and other institutions first determine projects. After that, project-specific regulations are issued.‘He said.

“Cancer cases are starting to appear”

Type spokesman Sera Cadigil also said:

AKP and MHP work for the government company. In the Republic of Turkey today the unconditional sovereignty of companies. Parcel by parcel, they are handing over this country to foreign companies. They are trying to drive out the villagers for fear of guns. They brought German and Canadian companies underground for coal and gold. For this they destroy trees, forests, villages, people, animals and water. They are destroying our country. “

The best Kadigil, who criticizes the Ministry of Energy’s new regulations that open up olive groves in mines, “The Mughal governorship is openly in favor of the companies. Surveillance of the Akbalen forest has begun to show cancer among the people of Ikizko.Said

Halim Saman, who has been critical of the CHP municipality’s licensing, said the CHP should listen to grassroots voices.We really need this municipality. The municipality with which we should have the most solidarity‘He said.

Desire Alpher “We do not have the habit of looting and renting. We are not alone. They can kill us, but we will not die. “ He expressed his feelings in his words.

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