Is it healthy to keep a relationship at a distance, or when it is close?

Studies have shown that long-distance couples tend to be equally or more satisfied with their relationship than geographically close ones, and even show a higher level of commitment to their relationship.

“It should not be forgotten that love is a dance for two. When you dance and love and passion are connected to each other, you are not affected by the change in music.”

How to run a long distance relationship?

There is nothing that you do not want. You know, they say “distance is not an obstacle”. Seriously! Who do you want and how much? Due to the situation, you are separated, but you love him very much and maybe you want to make him your partner. You are far away and you can’t touch it. Of course, there are two conditions; One of them is seen on the internet and never seen, which is a little different. How much you can keep it fresh is controversial. The other is; Couples who are satisfied with each other, know and love each other but are separated due to circumstances, their love and devotion can be completely different. Think; You can’t get enough of each other and your love and desire is always fresh. Distance is sometimes very good at prolonging the life of a relationship.

According to experts, a healthy tall Distance relationship The most important thing is “desire”.

Do both parties really want each other? If it is fleeting, if there is no desire or love, the distance is a big void. In fact, empty arguments, tiring events without any consequences, attitudes away from love are quite tiring for both parties.

Many now manage their relationships remotely. For this, it is not necessary for the city and the road to come between you. Even the daily rush is a distance. How we treat each other is important in this process. Does distance lead to violence? Are you completely confident? How do we show what we miss? Do we always communicate? The answer to many more such questions is hidden in you!

How can we be happy about one?

In long-distance relationships, the foundation of trust is more important than in other relationships. If this is a problem when one of you goes out on a limb, unfortunately there was no trust in that relationship. Surviving from afar without faith is tiring and meaningless. Methods such as being transparent, making your partner feel more valued, being honest, collaborating, avoiding arguments, and planning the times you communicate earlier in the day allow you to maintain long-distance relationships in a healthy way. Take some surprises, for example. Maybe a gift, maybe a specially prepared moment that you can show with a video. In today’s age of technology, things that can be done can be quite ambitious.

If you have a distant relationship, try not to be influenced by external factors!

The love life of your friends, the nights they spent together, their big day and the holidays can be frustrating. Relationships require hugs and physical contact after a while. Relationships seen in the environment can leave negative feelings on the partners. Partners should make efforts to negotiate by creating opportunities according to their suitability. Spending quality time in a relationship is important, not how long you have been standing next to each other.

Being away doesn’t mean you have to call all the time!

It’s helpful to know when other people are busy and available, so you can call or text them at a convenient time. You do not want to disturb your partner in the middle of his speech or business meeting. That’s why you need to know each other’s plans and respect them accordingly.

Give your partner detailed information about your day. Share the details of the meal with her instead of saying “I went to dinner tonight and had a great time”. Talk about who was there, what they talked about, what they ate and how it made you feel. That way, your partner will feel that he has spent time with you even though he is not there.

Distance sex

Sexual attraction is undoubtedly one of the most important events in couples. Use messages full of sexual references and provocative descriptions to keep your fire alive. This will make you more connected to each other. Otherwise, you may inadvertently turn to the sexuality of others though.

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