Mother’s trial on Saturday: No more acquittal

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At the Mother’s 700th Week meeting on Saturday, the demands for the release of 46 people, relatives of the missing and human rights activists were again denied. The court will decide according to the report sent by the police about the accused.

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At a first-instance hearing in Istanbul’s 21st Criminal Court today, human rights activist Vulcan Weir, who was in prison for another crime, was given the right to speak first. Weir said he went there to show solidarity with relatives of the missing.We have faced unequal police brutality. They drag people to the ground. My ribs are also broken. All the allegations are baseless and there is no resistance from the police, but a police attack.Said

Then, the judge, Sait Emre Ozenak, reminded Weir of his claim that police had been injured and showed Weir a picture of him sitting in the 700th week of the meeting.

‘I have inherited the demand for justice from my mother

After Ware, the right to speak was granted to Hassan Karako, brother of Ridvan Karako, who went missing in custody on February 15, 1995. Highlights of Karakoz’s speech are as follows:

  • My mother, Asiye Karakoch, is one of the first Saturday mothers to go to Galatasaray Square. In the face of the injustice that my mother has faced, she has been able to get results from nowhere. He did not know what happened to the boy. He did not see that those who did this to his son were judged and punished. Because the state did not see or hear my mother and did not consider her a citizen.
  • My mother breathed her last in my brother’s name. My brother’s claim for justice was inherited from my mother. It is my duty as a child and as a human being to preserve this heritage.
  • There should be an effective investigation and a full explanation of what happened to my brother. We want those who tortured, killed and lost my brother to be brought to justice. Isn’t this already the responsibility of the state, prosecutors and courts?
  • We sat in Galatasaray for 699 weeks. We didn’t hurt anyone except the losers and the people with their mentality. There was no problem caused by us. Now my friends and I are being blamed for joining 700 weeks. How did something that was not a crime for 699 weeks suddenly become a crime?
  • In the 700th week, I was arrested for police brutality. I got hurt. I was handcuffed for more than eight hours. No action has been taken against those who did this to me, but I am on trial. I ask: Is the right to peaceful assembly not protected by the constitution? Can’t I exercise my constitutional rights as a citizen?
  • I wanted justice for my brother, all the loss. I wanted an independent and impartial judiciary. Is it a crime to ask for all this? If not, those who have been sued in this case should be released immediately. No, if I’m going to be punished for asking for these things, I still won’t stop seeking justice for our losses.

Police have sent reports about the suspects

Lawyer Öztürk Türkdogan said that the departments of the anti-terrorism branch of many cities had sent a report to the file stating that there was no investigation into the defendants for other crimes. Turkdogan said there was no terrorism trial in the case and requested that they be removed from the file.

Turkdogan reminded that he could be released immediately at any stage of the case. Judge Ozenak sought the prosecutor’s opinion on the request for immediate release. The prosecutor requested that the request be dismissed. Zgenç also refuses.

We take the court very seriously

Then comes the protection of human rights activists. Lezgin Ozalp, a defender, said:Everyone knows the years of my birth. I was born in Caesar, I grew up with these things. I think the court and the prosecutor’s office have no will. We take the court very seriously. I don’t even know why we take it so seriously“Judge Özgenç also says Özalp ‘His statement about the institution does not fall under the category of allegations‘He warned.

The court will decide whether the documents sent by the police regarding the accused will be examined and removed. Those who do not have their own defense will testify in the next hearing to be held on September 21 at 13:30.

What happened?

The 700th meeting of mothers / people on Saturday 25th August 2018 was banned by Beyoglu District Governorate. Many relatives of the missing were detained during the operation, where police intervened with tear gas. Home Minister Suleiman Soylu also commented on the police intervention:We did not allow it because we wanted an end to this abuse and deception. Should we turn a blind eye to the maternal exploitation and terrorism of terrorist organizations?“She said.

Following police intervention, the square in Galatasaray was surrounded by iron barriers and armored vehicles and banned for relatives of the missing. The square was closed to relatives of the missing in the 90’s. Relatives were allowed to make a press statement in the police cordon in front of the Human Rights Association.

The move comes after the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office’s Terrorist Crimes Investigation Bureau filed charges against 46 people, relatives of the missing and human rights activists for more than 699 weeks.UnauthorizedDefined ‘. Defendants Rallies were not allowed and they were detained because they did not disperse despite warnings that the protests were illegal.‘Claimed.

The lawsuit alleges that relatives were sentenced to six months to three years in prison for violating the Meeting and Demonstration Act.

In a previous hearing, Judge Sait Emre Ozgen started the hearing after the agreed time and gave no reason. Judge Özgenç denied the request to file criminal charges against the government officials due to the violence of the incident and also denied all the requests of the accused’s lawyers. For this reason, it was rejected by the defendants and their lawyers, but this request was also rejected.

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