Mourning mother whose daughter was murdered: “I am very relieved” In the murder of Vildan Akkaya, the court sentenced the accused to life imprisonment. Nilda Baltalı: “This decision is an example of female homicide”

Aydin Ilmaz, 43, who shot and killed his wife, Vildan Akkaya, in Carabu on March 12, 2020, two days after their divorce, was sentenced to a more complex life sentence at a sentencing hearing. After the decision, the angry mother, in tears, said that her heart was somewhat relieved.
After 1.5 years of marriage to Karabou, her husband, whom she divorced, was sentenced to death on March 12, 2020, at the 7th hearing of the Vildan Akkaya case. Accused Aydin Ilmaz’s lawyer Qadir Ozturk and Akkaya family lawyer Nilda Baltali were present during the hearing of the accused Aydin Ilmaz in Karabuk High Criminal Court via Audio and Visual Information System (SEGBİS). Mother Fatma Akkaya and father Ramzan Akkaya also attended the hearing.
Akkaya family lawyer Nilda Baltali, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “It is clear that the defendant deliberately and intentionally killed his wife a day after the divorce. That good behavior and unjust provocation will not be tolerated, and we demand that he be given a harsher sentence for a murder committed by design. “

“I’m so sorry if I died.”
Defendant Aydin Ilmaz, who was connected to the court through SEGBIS from the prison where he was detained, said in his last defense, “I am very sorry for this. I think of Wildon every day. When I approached him he insulted me and tied my foresight. I am sorry, “he defended himself.
Defendant’s lawyer Qadir Ozturk, on the other hand, said that the message between the victim and the accused contained in the victim’s statement taken at the time of application to the police station, ‘I have informed the police. The accused will harm himself out of fear ‘. These messages are not that the accused will kill the victim, but that he will commit suicide. On the day of the incident, when he left his home to go to the victim to settle, he demanded the release of his client because he had provoked him because there was no reason to think about the action and statement against him, his past record was clear, his criminal record changed. Was and had a fixed abode.
The court board, after hearing the parties, evaluated Aydin Ilmaz and sentenced him to life imprisonment for the crime of intentional homicide.
“I hope her body will come out of there,” said Fatma Akkaya, a mother who came out of the court crying, holding a picture of her daughter in her hand. He deserves to be sentenced to life in prison. I was relieved. I miss my child. He bleeds, and he says I’m sorry. I’m so happy, so happy. He said.

“This decision is an example of homicide.”
Giving a statement to reporters after the hearing, lawyer Nilda Baltali said that in the Vildan Akkaya case, the verdict was handed down on the 2nd anniversary of her death and the accused was given more imprisonment for killing a woman by design. Baltali said, “This decision is an example of murder of women. Let us set an example in other cases of this precedent. Defendant’s statement seeks to justify why he killed her in an attempt to obtain an unjustified provocation, with very abstract statements such as the Hatice Kamaz murder, which was on the agenda the other day, the one he killed while delivering a separation speech, and the time on the phone Used to cut. Without showing any sign of remorse, 1 month before the murder, he said, ‘I will kill you, I will not keep you alive, I will kill your family. He said, “I’ll just go to jail, and you’ll go to the grave.” By declaring it a design, we argued that it was planned and the court made the right decision. Hopefully, we want to multiply the examples. We demand that the slightest abstract reason for the decline in homicides be shown. “

What happened?
The incident took place on March 12, 2020 at a pizza shop on Yonka Street in Yesil Mahal, Karabuk. Aydın Yılmaz, after being married for 1.5 years, entered the back door of the store and shot his wife Vildan Akkaya in the head, seriously injuring her, from whom he divorced, and Akkaya died at the end of the 6th day. Hospitalization on March 17, 2020, despite all interventions. Ilmaz, who tried to flee after shooting his wife, was arrested by a court after police arrested him.

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