Nuri Shahin: ‘I want to stay in Antalyaspore until I am sent’

Antalyaspore coach Nuri Shahin made a statement about his career goals and Antalyaspor.

Nuri Shahin, technical manager of Antalyspor, said that the five transfers they made at half-time contributed significantly to the team’s unbeaten run in eight matches.

Mentioning that he has a 5-year contract and wants to stay in Antalyaspore until he is sent, Shaheen said, “I hope Antalyaspor will be in a better place. Antalya will make a name for itself not only in Turkey but also in Europe. Expressing their full confidence in Nuri Shahin, Antalispor president Aziz Setin said, “If we had this squad and Nuri Shahin in mind when we started the league, we would be in the top two now.”

Aziz Setin, president of Antaliaspor Club, and Nuri Shahin, football manager, answered questions from journalists and guests at a meeting hosted by the Concierge Association. Talking about their short, medium and long term plans, Katin and Shaheen emphasized that no matter what match Antalaspor played, they would come to be partners in that match.

“Antalya will make a name for Europe”

Nuri Shahin, who has a five-year contract, also spoke of his long-term plans. Shaheen said, “When we signed a 5 year contract, I threw myself not to guarantee myself, but because I wanted to fulfill these 5 years. If we meet here after 5 years, I hope Antalyaspor will be in a better place. The city of Antalya will have a name not only in Turkey but also in Europe.

“Unless I’m sent …”

Expressing that he wanted to stay in Antalya at the time of the agreement, Shahin said: “If you don’t send me, I want to stay here. But I don’t want to talk big anymore. Football is an incredibly fast developing and changing sport. “Unless the president, the press, the fans send me, I’m glad to be here,” he said.

“If we play again we will win”

Expressing his appreciation for the respect, love and value shown to him as a family, Shaheen explained the conversation he had with his players after the Super Cup final with the words: “I want to give you and the Super Cup a gift. The city, but it was not possible. But in the dressing room that day I said something to my players, crying and sadly, I said, “If we play the final one day, I will win that cup for you.” I don’t like to talk big, but I hope I can work and bring something to Antalyaspor. ”

“5 transfers were effective”

Asked about his team’s success in not losing 8 matches, Shaheen gave the following answer: “I can answer very easily. We made 5 transfers. The relocation certainly affects my mind’s game plan. Thanks to our president and our administration, they did what we wanted at halftime. Whenever I have been successful in my career, that coach has always told me to be a man as a football player. I took care of that too. I always try to be humane towards the club staff, the restaurant staff, our clothes and our players. Because I’m sure that’s the way to reach them, and I think we need to work together to succeed. “

“I could not win 1 match from the side”

“I haven’t won a game from the sidelines,” said the young coach. I have a 30-game coaching career. The team could not win a single match. It’s team work. The most important work of this team is the players of that field. They know I’m working with them. I don’t use them. It’s ridiculous for a coach to use his football player and I’ve always been uncomfortable with the philosophy of ‘I am the boss, you do what I say’.

“You will criticize the teacher again”

Noting that there is no consistent attitude towards the coaching staff in Turkey, Shahin concludes by saying: “We started with three, they criticized us, now we are playing with four. This is a great change. It has nothing to do with strategy. I was watching the national game yesterday, for example, Turkey was playing a triple, it was 3-1. I said, ‘Alas, they will criticize the teacher again’. These are very simple things. The most important thing to me is that there is a person in front of me, this person has feelings and problems. Touching the thing to be happy I think we can make money from here. I think we should get the city behind us this way. There is no shortage of Antalya. More unity. It’s easy on a good day. Currently, Nuri Shahin seems to be the most beautiful person in the world. After losing 8 matches, I expect this unity and solidarity from everyone. If we show solidarity in those difficult times, then we have no shortage. I’m saying this for all coaches, not for myself. Because, unfortunately, we are not very stable in terms of coaching in our country. ”

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